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Study: Sewage Sludge Management and Treatment Worldwide
New Technologies and Markets in 2018 to 2030  
Edition 2019 Order Study or Speech or both
In this Study you find the relevantLaws and Regulation
                                         the technologies and processes to build and manage a Sewage Plant
                                         as a "Total Water Plant" using Energy, making Fertiliser, making "New     
                                         Water "( Drinking Water ) if you want. Furthermore:
                                         The Markets and Markets developments to 2030  by country worldwide
                                          in Euro, Quantity WWTP by sizes and Potentials
                                         The Technology Developments to 2030
                                         the Companies that can realize such a intelligent Project

Sewage Sludge Management 2018 to 2030 in Europe and worldwide. Technology - Marketstudy by New 2019
Sewage Sludge Disposal and economical phosphorus recycling.
Western Europe, Nafta, Asia, Middle East, North Africa, SA, Eastern Europe by leading countries.

Increasing concern worldwide , due to extended sewerage control and advanced wastewater treatments. Based on the development of municipal sewage plants, generation and treatment technologies in the last years and more to come in the future. Still many countries have no WWTPs for treating their sewage, indicating the potential growth of sewage treatment capability. Development in different countries  is rather different , as evidenced by the implementations of sewage infrastructures in major countries. The status and challenges of sludge management are documented in this study. The study also show detailed the recycling process to value Fertiliser and the benefits.
Here we give a overview, you can ask for a detailed table of content under email  ( )

Table of Contents

0. Mangement Summary: Technologies and Markets

1. Legislation for sewage sludge disposal

2. Composition of sewage sludge
-  Heavy metals, Organic compounds, Pharmaceutical residues, Nanomaterials, Plastics and more

3. Sludge treatment Technologies: Thickening, Hygienisation,
   Sewage sludge disintegration, Biological sludge stabilisation,
   Dewatering,  Sewage sludge drying, ( all different drying systems
   Installed drying systems 2018 and development to 2030 )

4. Thermal sewage sludge treatment Technologies
   Sewage sludge mono-incineration and  sludge co-incineration with different technologies and methods

5. Agricultural use of sewage sludge
   Nutrients in sewage sludge, Pollutants,  pro and contra use

6. Phosphorus recovery costs and business - The road to economical
   phosphorus recycling China, Germany, sample and comparison
   Phosphorus recovery potentials and processes - Utilisation of sewage sludge incineration ashes

7. Sewage sludge generation, disposal and utilisation - disposal quantities and pathways by country

8. Cost of sewage sludge disposal in several countries comparison
   Recover phosphorus at a wastewater treatment plant will play a major role in cost's and processes longterm.

9. Study : Order and buy:
   The technology - Market study cost 6.500.- Euro total, by region 4.500.- Euro and by country or technology  2.800.- Euro.
   The Management Summary 2.500.- Euro.  If you only want the technologies and Systems cost 1400.- Euro
   We also make prsentations and workshops. We have made that in Bangkok University and Singapore Environmental 
   Protection Agency, in China, Germany. New York, LA, SF, Paris, London  and many others.
   Ask for details.
   You can order by email with your invoice adress and after we received payment we send the study by email attachment.
   You can order to our bank account or paypal.

Please ask for detailed Table of contents
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