China business service provided by hkc22  is part of  the services provided by Helmut Kaiser Consultancy world wide since more than twenty years. In China, we offer basically four different business units.

In 10 to 15 years  china will be the biggest market in the world. With 1.5 billion peopel today and a growth
rate between 5 to 15 percent depending on the branch and technology. China is today one of the world`s
most flexible labour markets. Furthermore good infrastructur, political stability, undervalued currency,
undervalued A-shares and partly B and H shares, abundant land, skilled employees and low taxes.
New technologies and the financial sectors are the key to the developments in the next years and have the
highest growth rates. China is open for investors and technology supplier to discover the country and improve
productivity and quality of life.

You are invited to be part of this exciting development - of the real success in china !
First of all, you need your own business address. Address is necessary to open a business bank account . ( not for a personal bank account ) ...
research for your chances and risks and start the process of any  activities and establishing a company.

Open a personal bank account without  address in china
Now it is possible for any foreigner to open a personal bank account in China and use it virtrually if you need.. We work with the leading Chinese banks and provide this service within one week after receiving the documents and payments. For the set-up, following documentation required: copy of passport ( certified by local solicitor or original for one day), proof of address ( utility bills..), personaldata and address ( we send you a form ), reference options which are needed in the form we send you, letter of authority to enable us to set up the account for you in your name.
The costs for this service is 650 US Dollar and 50 US Dollar to open the account or any amount
you please to start with.

We also provide Trust Accounts for investments and any other assets administrated by a lawyer, bank
or any Trustee to discuss.

Yor address in China
We offer you an address in beijing or other cities from 150 US $ per month. Of course also any other things you need, our services include opening bank account, message and posting management, translation and personel management or your business. We will make you an offer after your inquiry of needs.

Your company or representative in China
We establish your company or representative from 3000 US $ depending on the need and the size
but also the branch and business-type. We make you a offer after your inquiry .

Your office and management in China
We offer offices and management partly or total from 200 US $ per month. We make you an offer
after your inquiry.

Your Portfolio of Chinese and Asian stocks /shares
We build your portfolio from 50 000 US $ with A, B, H shares on a legal basis . We manage this
and prepare all the important administrations and regulations . This Portfoliomanagement
we offer for single functions and as a total service. We make you an offer after your inquiry and /or
personal discussion.

Your Investments in China and Asia
For your investments we provide research, risk studies, market research and controls furthermore
excecutive search, partner search, M&A and the strategic planning.

Technology Management and Consulting
This service goes both ways from China and into China. New technologies and methods are the key to the success in the next years. Fundings and venture capital are enough there for technologies with high growth potentials. There are preferences for Nanotechnology, Nano-bio-cogno-info, molecular technologies, molecular science, life science industries, environmental technologies, water technologies, neural, stemcells and others......

Business Services
We offer other business services of any kind.

Contacts for you
please call or write to the following adress:
                                       Helmut Kaiser Consultancy
                                       Sigwartstr. 20
                                       72076  Tuebingen   Germany
                                       Tel: 0049-7071-67001
                                        Fax: 0049-7071-68086

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Your China Business
Your address in Beijing from 150 $ per month

Your company/repr. from 200 $ per month

We establish your company from 3000 $

Furrther services:
Market research
Legal service
Tax service
Recruitment service
Business service
China Stock-
market Service
We build your portfolio from 50,000 US$

We open your bank account with your address in Beijing

Further services:
Risk studies
Portfolio management
China Business Service
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