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Environmental Business International | Environmental Market Research
             The Markets for Sustainable and Environmental Technologies, Water and Renewable Energies 2018,19,20, to 2025, 2030    

       Market – Technology Study with the State 2018 and Development to 2025, 2030
Markets, Technologies, Applications, Systems, Companies and Countries. With Focus on 57 Countries in Detail and the markets worldwide

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1. Initial Position
Summary Regarding China's Growth Markets.
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The environmental business developed in the last 30 years in waves and changing priorities. Now climate change
and the implications are on the top. The overall market will grow with 8 percent the next years and increase the
growth rate. But there are many small sectors, technologies and markets which can grow, decline and grow again.There are chances but many risks too.
Therefore we monitore the environmetal business worldwide and update every year.

The total markets worldwide will grow from 1600 billion US Dollar in 2018 to 7400 billion US Dollar in 2025, in the whole value chain and all the main sectors and sub sectors you find in this study.

The international market for environmental technologies is fueled by several important policy and market drivers of demand: greater global focus on sustainable development; liberalization of environmental technologies trade via bilateral and multilateral efforts; growing industrialization and environmental awareness in key emerging markets; and broader application of environmental „best practices“ by multinationals. Meanwhile, key competitors aggressively penetrate the large environmental market through partnerships, acquisitions, and direct sales.

The global environmental market is vast and rapidly growing. Environmental technologies exports are an important part of a global trend of economic development combined with strong ecological concerns.  Given the strength of the  environmental industry,  environmental technologies‘ exports should continue to play a very significant role in the global market. More and more countries build their own environmental industry not to depend on imports.

The top markets by US $ for environmental technologies  are today China and Asia, USA, Japan, Germany and Europe,  Exports to China have increased dramatically in recent years, while many  markets have suffered declines.

Water and waste water treatments present the greatest opportunitites in the international market. The global water market has been growing rapidly over the last decade and accounts for almost more then 25 percent of the world‘s total environmental market. Renewable energies, clean energy,  is the fastest growing market with high future potential.
Further detailed figures you find in this comprehensive study, please see the following sample pages.

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