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August 2002. The new growth markets in China are promoted by the government with more than US$ 150 bn. The markets are booming with high growth rates and establishments of new companies and joint ventures from Europe and USA. China´ s goal is to become market leader in Asia in the fields of biotechnology, stem cells, genetic engineering and to take third place worldwide. In environment, regenerative energies and water will the home market be one of the biggest worldwide in a few years. China is closing up to world standard and important companies cannot afford not to be represented there.

Biotechnology is growing with more than 20% and 200 companies quoted on the stock exchange, enviornment and water is growing with more than 15% and 50 companies quoted on the stock exchange, 200 are on a waiting list. Regenerative energies are growing with 17,5% and 120 companies. The markets amount to sum exceeding US$ 40 bn and will rise to   US$ 75 bn in 2006. The total field of life science will be promoted with more US$ 50 bn and environmental industry with more than US$ 100 bn. Like in no other country, in China is presently a spirit of awakening prevailig and with "China first" the new government will launch further promotion measures for industry and stock market this autumn. Thus, leaps in technology shall be achieved, the "old" world shall not simply be taken over.

Helmut Kaiser Consultancy, Tuebingen, has prepared summaries regarding environmental technologies, biotechnology, water, drinking water, process & waste water, and regenerative energies with 100 pages each, including markets, technologies, competition, and prognosis. Each summary is available for 200 Euro plus V.A.T., if applicable. 50 Euro of this amount go directly to flood victims in China. These summaries are for investors, banks companies and orgainzations.
China Shows Booming New Markets:
Biotechnology, Environmental Technologies, Water and Waste Water, Regenerative Energies, Genetic Engineering and Stem Cells
- Chinese government promotes technologies and companies with more than US$ 150   bn up to 2010
- Entrepreneurs become partners of the Chinese government

- Helmut Kaiser Consultancy has prepared business summaries for Biotechnology,
  Environmental Technology, Regenerative Energies and Water/Waste Water
Summary Regarding China's Growth Markets.
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