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New June 2019 CO2 - Study worldwide

Carbon Dioxide Utilisation, Conversion Systems 2019 to 2030 worldwide Markets,
  Market developments, Technologies, Potentials, Companies and Service.

                North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East worldwide
                                           by leading Countries

Market and Systems Study and Conferences worldwide by
in Beijing, Berlin, New York, Moscow

I. Initial Situation in CO2 Utilisation

In the future there are sustainable, cost-efficient routes to transform CO2 to application and markets, that will benefit society and environment.
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is not economic today but a market for the recovered CO2, such as in the beverage industry or enhanced oil/gas recovery. The research community and industry are progressively converging to a conclusion that CO2 sequestration has severe limitations for the value proposition. Alternatively, creating diverse demand markets and revenue streams for the recovered almost-pure CO2 may prevail over CO2 sequestration option and improve the economic feasibility of this climate change mitigation approach. As such, research in the carbon capture and management field is seen to be shifting towards CO2 utilization, directly and indirectly, in energy and chemical industries. 
Carbon dioxide in solid and in liquid form is used for refrigeration and cooling. It is used as an inert gas in chemical processes, in the storage of carbon powder and in fire extinguishers. Metals Industry: Carbon dioxide is used in the manufacture of casting molds to enhance their hardness. Food and Food Processing Industry use CO2 and many more Industries.

II.Goal of the Study

The study provides a foundation to gain information about trends, opportunities and risks and to evaluate initial situation and further development as well as to identifiy and evaluate the growth and profit opportunities within the segments of technologies/markets, the industries and value chain. It will deal with the current state of Science, Technologies and  Management of Projects.
Further more
·the State of the Projects
·the planning
·the Law and Regulation
·Started and leading Companies
·Private Projects and Patents

III.Contents of the Study

I.Summary for  CO2 industries worldwide 2019 to 2030 and 2040
a.Life Industries and Environment Industries
b. CO2 Industries, Companies today and tomorrow
c.Demand of Process CO2
d.Aims and Uses of CO2 in the future
e.Definitions of Terms
f.Process CO2, Patents and Application
h.Market Sectors by Region, Country, Sectors in Quantitiy and Euro

II.Overview of CO2 Industry Worldwide, by country and application in Euro 2019 to 2030/40

III. Statistical data Country and Worldwide

IV. Laws and Rules Governing Environmental Protection

V. Project Finance and Approval, Project Approval, Relevant Government Bodies, Approval Process

VI. Markets and Developments in Euro, by Country, Application, Technologies, Companies, 2019 to 2040

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