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Herbal Medicine Conference

Business Conference in London 08.21, New York October, Beijing December
 on traditional herbal medicine and traditional chinese medicine TCM 
The market for traditional herbal medicine reached a $134 billion industry by 2015 with growth over 5 percent for the next years. Each is a one day conference with market datas and a business plan. Cost is 650 Euro or equivalent including papers.

Herbs are tremendously popular these days--from the smallest shop to the largest discount warehouse, you'll find medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, and herbal teas and more.

Developing a business plan to present to a bank or private cap investors for “Herbalpreneurship” in order to take it to the next level. We advise & guidance regarding the statistical & objective data & projected potential growth of this industry and the Marketing.
 Your customers can be wholesale distributors buying for health product manufacturers, Medical Professionals, Pharmacies, grocery chains and restaurants, or you can sell directly to these businesses yourself worldwide. 

1. the markets and developments by country and herbs in $
 2. the possible Business plans
 3. the Company alternatives 
 4. Company Vision and Goals
 5. Products, Competition, Place and Purchase
 6. Laws and regulations
 7. Market Details and Analysis
 8. Marketing plan
 9. Management and Operation 
 10. Conclusion
 11. Knowledge and studies

Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM Companies

Herbs and Nutrition

We supply Information for you.
 We have the world biggest Herbal Plants Database with over 8000 Herbal Plants for your information and business. 
 We offer market research, industry forecasts, and business, product and company analysis in the Herbal Markets Worldwide as well as other vertical industries. We sells reports, databases, newsletters and annual information services that provide the latest market data, such as industry forecasts, projections, trends, market shares, research and development, sales and marketing strategies, and competitive analysis and more.

This is a business database to find production quantities, price range, markets, market developents, companies and countries. You can use latin names, keywords, medical, edible and others.


Multi-Client Studies:

Traditional Chinese Medicine .html
Leading companies in china TCM
TCM with associated markets
The worldwide herbal markets 2011 to 2025
after your inquiry you get the price and table of contents
Research and Study Projects on Herbs for medical use worldwide
after your inquiry you get the price and table of contents

We also can make the same Research for Food, Chemical and other Applications Herbs used.

for special request and comments please send email

How to Order or send Inquiry

You can order or send a inquiry by email to

When you order we send you a invoice and bank transfer datas and after receiving the payment we send the study to you by email attachment. We can not take CC for security reason.
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Summary Regarding China's Growth Markets.
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