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Traditional Chinese Medicine 
and associated markets
Nutraceuticals, Functional Food, Dietary Supplement, Cosmeceuticals, Diabetes, Sport Nutrition Supplement
2010, 2011-2025

Regions, Countries, Applications, Produkts, Markets and Future Developments

1.Initial Situation

This Study is a market and technology study with the applications of all TCM and associated markets. The Study has more than 350 pages for the worldwide version. But new developments in China and technologies are updated in 2009 too. The Study is describing all segments of TCM and state the market in 2008 the developments in 2010 and the prognosis to 2015 and 2025.

Nanotechnology and converging markets nanotechnology –biotechnology – neuraltechnology-informationtechnology  will improve and reinvent TCM. The holistic function and individualized therapy of  TCM developed since more than 4000 years will find a scientific basis and validation through molecular  science and  technology. The research is concentrating on studying the molecular mechanism, analytical and diagnostic methods, quality control and assessment of the herbals and products used in TCM. 

China has set up a databases for 1200 diseases, 12 000 plants and 9.500 compounds in a TCM high tech zone in shanghai. Since 2003 experts develop standards for a global acceptance of TCM. Global interest is increasing and the market growth rate is over 12 percent per year reaching 42 billion euro in 2003. The market is expected to reach 79.5 billion euro in 2010. Lifestyle practices, health and aging and there interaction is seen as a holistic system with the brain functions to influence and direct the treatment in general. Life should be between Yin and Yang to protect human beings and preserve health. 

Nanotechnology and converging markets today provide the knowledge but also new theoretical background for the development to transform TCM into a modern medical science with the experience of several thousand years. 120 countries show interest in the research results and use already today herbal medicine. Combining TCM with the     design and shaping of molecule and atoms  is the aim and vision for the future. 

2.Goals of the Study

3.Summary of the Study

4.Contents of the Study
4.1.  Factors of Influence
4.2.Market  Representations and Potentials
4.3.Ingredients and their effects
4.4.1.Nutraceuticals  Defining the Nutraceuticals Market  World Market Overview  Countries and Regions  Market Segments by Product Groups
                                                                     - Vitamins
                                                                     -  Minerals
                                                                     -  Phytochemicals
                                                                     -  Dietetic Food
                                                                     -  Others  Market Segments by Branches
               -  Milk Products
              -  Bakery/Dough Products
               -  Alcohol Free Drinks
               -  Oil/Fat
               -  Sweet/Long Life Bakery
               -  Others  Applications and Indications

4.4.2.Functional Food  Defining Functional Food  World Market Overview  Countries and Regions  Market Segments by Product Groups
               -  Functional Drink
               -  Bread/ Cereals
              -  Yoghurt
               -  Milk/Cheese
               -  Meal Replacement
               -  Functional Candy
               -  Functional Snacks
               -  Baby Foods
               -  Women’s Products
               -  Spreads
               -  Others  Market Segments by Functions
               -  Energy/Sport Products
               -  Weight Loss
               -  Cardiovascular System
                                                                    -  Cholesterol Reduction
                                                                    -  Immune-boosting Products
                                                                    -  Vitamin-intake
                                                                    -  Calcium-intake
                                                                    -  Protein-intake 
                                                                    -  Memory/Concentration
                                                                    -  Vision
                                                                    -  Stress/Sleeplessness
                                                                    -  Others  Application and Indication

4.4.3.TCM  Defining the TCM Market  World Market Overview  Countries and Regions  Market Segment
   -  Physiotherapy
   -  Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements
   -  Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Minerals
   -  Pharmaceuticals/Drugs
   -  Medical-technical Equipment
   -  others  Basics of TCM Methods  Application and Indications

4.4.4.Diabetes  Defining the Diabetes Market  World Market Overview  Countries and Region  Diagnostics and Drugs  Diabetes Nutrition

4.4.5.Dietary Supplements  Defining the Market of Dietary Supplements  World Market Overview  Countries and Regions  Market Segments
-  Cardiovascular System
-  Cholesterin Reduction
-  Acid-Base Balance
-  Weight Loss
-  Brain Food
-  Others

4.4.6.Sport Nitration  Defining the Market of  Sport Nutrition  Market Overview

4.4.7.Cosmeceuticals  Defining the Cosmeceuticals Market  Market Overview

4.4.8.Smart Food  Defining Market of  Smart Food  Market Overview

4.5.Analysis of Sales and Distribution
4.6.Analysis of Competition
4.7.Factors of Success – Customer Requirements
4.8.Strategies of Suppliers and Leading Companies
4.9.Anticipated Results

5.Methods of Investigation
6.Time Schedule
7.About HKC22

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