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Welcome to Helmut Kaiser Consultancy

We are a Consulting and Research Company since 1980 worldwide. Based in Switzerland with offices in Germany, China, New York (USA). Some of our main knowledge is environment business since 1980, renewable energies since 1980 , green chemistry, traditional chinese medicine since 1980, molecular industries, nano technologies,fire protection, clean technologies, water and waste water, recycling rare earth materials, plastic and other, new technologies in general and a lot more.

Part of our business are multiclient studies and exclusive work, studies and exclusive consulting, M&A, feasibility studies, competition
analysis, strategy development and so on. Many of our clients are in multi-billion dollar business today with our consultancy. Many ministries arround the world request for free help and studies, as we are pioneers in this business. The first china environmental and renewable energy study was completed and published in 1998. The first nano technology study was completed and published in 1998, the first composite materials study was completed and published in 1981, including recycling and today we are specialists on rare earth recycling, urban mining and many more.

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Presentation Service: Let us make your presentations, management summary or strategies successful with our professional knowledge. We made several thousands. Send us your inquiry. and see Fast, reliable and cost effective.
Some of our knowhow you see here:

Helmut Kaiser has been in the board of several Investment companies and marketing  ceo of a muiltinational, for over 10 years external Professor  on a University of Applied Sciences.

Helmut Kaiser Consultancy is based in USA, Germany, China and worldwide

Beijing office is since 1996 active in Science and Technology Consultancy worldwide. With Helmut Kaiser Consultancy and three other divisions, we are the leading  Science and Consulting  Company.

Reseach and Consulting on:

Global Megatrends impact on all Markets

1. Globalization
2. Urbanization
3. Sustainability/Green Economy
4. Change in Demographics
5. Convergence in Science and Technologies
6. Scarcity of Water, Energy, Food,  Materials and more
7. Human Health Developments and Markets
8. Changing Countries' Leading Positions
9. Changing into the Green Economy


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