New November 2016

Gas detection, sensors, measurement and warning technology and systems,
equipment and service markets worldwide 2025
New Study from 2015 to 2025 and 2030

Gas detectors, flame detectors, protective systems
Technologies, applications, competition, markets, distribution and development

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1. Initial Position

Global gas detection market study show the total market from production, over distribution to enduser and the whole value chain, developments from 2015 to 2022 by year and further 2025 and 2030 Depending on the Value Chain and Contents the market definition differ between 3 and 8 bn US $. The developments of the markets too. The today's leading companies must not be the same in 5 or 10 years, this also show in this study. The distrubition channels and service offers will change. Innovations, new vendors, IoT, competition and forced to bigger companies are changing these markets in the coming year plus stringent Law and Regulation.

The contents of this study include results for

Gas Detection Equipment Market Size, Share and Forecast 2015 to 2025
Current and future market trends 2015 to 2025
Market innovators, market impediments, and their impact on the market growth, Competitive environment analysis
Value Chain Analysis and VC in US $, (Engineering, Installation and Maintenance), Segment-Region-Countries Analysis
Distributions Analysis - Sales path
Leading Companies worldwide by regions and the markets shares for 10 comp.
Market Driver and trends to smart systems
Technological state and developments
Evaluating Next-Generation Gas Detection
Internet of things ( IoT ) impact and potentials

There are many gas detection products on the market but who are the leading Companies?
Work with gas can be dangerous. Danger from explosive gases, toxic mud or aggressive chemicals lurk at every corner.

Employees must be protected not only from contaminations, but also from contact with substances involved and a variety of other hazardous substances. In the various process stages, flammable gases and vapors can form and explosive mixtures can be formed.

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2. Goals of the Market Study

Goal and task of the study is the definition, evaluation and prognosis of the products and services. Further, the competitive situation will be analyzed and market developments up to 2025 and 2030 will be examined.
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3. Table of Contents  ( The Study has over 250 pages )

Figures and data: The Markets and all data are in US $ , by year, the whole table
of contents or if otherwise stated

3.1 Gas Sensors Products and systems in US $ worldwide to 2030
      1. by target gas selection
      2. by equipments
      3. by technologies/systems
      4. by Industries
      5. by commercials, residential, public
      6. by applications
      7. by companies/competition
      8. by distribution channels
      9. by value chain
     10. by countries and regions
     11. by law and regulation and global standards
     12, by part of the total sensor markets

3.2 By Target Gas selected in US $

      1. Air contaminants
      2. Alcohol
      3. Ammonia
      4. Butane
      5  Carbon monoxide
      6. Halocarbons
      7. Hydrogen
      8. Methane
      9. Oxygen
     10. Propane
     11. Solvent vapors
     12. Others

3.3  Equipment Markets in US $

1,.Fixed Gas Detection Equipment
2. Handheld/Portable Gas Detection, Wearable, Non Wearable
3. Detector Tubes
4. Service and total Service
5. Automation Systems
6. Others

3.4 Technologies/Systems Markets in US $

1. Catalytic bead Sensors
2. Eplosimeter
3. Infrared point sensors
4. Infrared open path detector
5. Thermal Conductivity Detector
6. Electrochemical gas sensor
7. Semiconductor
8. Zirconia
9. Photo Ionization Detection (PID)
10. Paramagnetic
11. Laser
12. Photonics-based gas sensors ( State and Developments )
13. Others

3.5 Industries Markets in US $

1. Oil & Gas
2. Power
3. Chemicals, Food Processes
4. Mining & Metals
4. Water & Wastewater Treatment
5. Fire Protection and Emergency/Flame detection
6. Biogas Plants
7.Gas Supplier
8. Military
9. Health and Health Markets

3.6 Commercials and Private End-user Markets in US $

1. Commercials
2. Private End-user/Residential
3. Public Buildings

3.7 Application areas in US $

1. Occupational health and safety ( workplace )
2. Systems and operational safety ( Production Process Industries )
3. Fire fighting and Emergency
4. Alcohol and Drug Proof
5.Shutdown safety service
6. Others

3.8 Companies/Competition ( Profile and Marketshare Profit  )

1, Dräger
2. Honeywell Analytics
3. Industriel Scientific Corp
4. Mine Safety Appl
5. Oldham
6. Ambetronics Engineers
7. Calibration Technologies
9. Yokogawa
10 Scott Safety
11. Siemens
13. in total are 250 Companies

3.9 Distribution Channel  Analysis - Sales path in US $ and percentage
by country and US $ 2016 and expected 2025
1. direct
2. internet
3. Wholesaler
4. Service and maintenance Companies
5. OEM
6. Other

3.10 Value Chain Analysis and VC in US $, and % VC

1. Engineering,
2. Installation
3. Maintenance

3.11 Regions and leading Countries in US $

1. North America/NAFTA
2. U.S.
3. Europe
4. EU. Germany. UK, France, Italy, Spain, Benelux, NL, Scandinavia
5. Russian, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, 
   Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.
6. Rest of Europe
7. Asia Pacific
8. Japan
9. China
9. South Asia and India
10. Australasia
11. Rest of APAC
12. Middle East & Africa
13. GCC
14. South Africa
15. Rest of Middle East & Africa
16. Latin America
17. Brazil
18. Rest of Latin America
19. Rest of world Countries

3.12 Global Standards

Expanding the certification of a gas detector for global acceptance (including CSA, ATEX, IECEX, INMETRO, GOST-R, China Ex,
A & C Tick, Marine Directive - Ship’s Wheel/ABS and SIL 2 certified by a third party agency), plays a critical role in facilitating quick global adoption. The process of seeking global certifications can be further streamlined when a single gas detector is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of toxic and combustible gases.

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