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New April 2019

     Fire alarm equipment and systems worldwide 2017,18,19-2020-2025
     Smoke detection, fire, heat, CO detection and alarm
Technologies, Systems, Products, Markets, Market Developments and Companies
                                                                   including Wireless Systems
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I. Initial Position

The market for fire alarm equipment and  systems has shown high growth rates and will continue to grow in the future. There are various types of fire alarm equipment and systems available on the market, with different properties. Besides smoke, flame and heat detector systems, more complicated systems and intelligent systems are available. Newly developed technologies contribute to the effectiveness of the fire detectors and contribute to the market growth.

In 2025 the market for and fire alarm equipment and systems worldwide is estimated to be 29 bn. US$. But looking at the fire and security markets in fire protection products and service the total worldmarket is over 125 bn $ in 2019. Wireless systems will reach over 1 bn $ by 2025 The structure is a oligopol with some multinationals and thousends of regional active companies or service and product orientated. There is a convergence to smart houses and connectivity to other systems. This will increase the competition in the next years. The market is expected to grow by 4 % per annum. The market covers the industrial, communal and private sectors, with application in many areas, such as housing, schools, public facilities, museums, airports, train stations, power plants, offices health facilities, to name a few. The highest growth rate are expected to be in Asia, mainly China.

With more and more awareness for fire protection, there is a higher need for fire alarm systems. Newer buildings are already equipped with more modern fire detection systems. Whereas older building may not have a fire detection system equipped. Most of the buildings for housing and public facilities are now required by modern building codes to have a fire detection system installed. Still, lack of compliance and lack of control makes over 15% of the systems not work as they should.

The study will discuss the market structure for fire alarm systems, including installation, manufacturers, original equipment manufacturer, wholesale, retail and distributors. Smaller systems are primarily sold through wholesalers, dealers and retailers. Larger more complex systems are usually sold by distributors. Besides that, the installation and equipment markets will also be discussed. With the increasing awareness of the danger fire can pose, there will be more and more houses and buildings in general, which will be equipped with new fire alarm systems. This means also that there will be a growth in the installation market and equipment, primarily though maintenance and installation.

The technologies, which will be discussed in the study include, heat detectors, flame detectors and smoke detectors, and the different detector systems available on the market. New smart systems  with multible and total control of the home places. The market and the competition situation will also be analysed, to ensure an overview of the current market situation for fire alarms equipment and systems.

II. Goal of the Study

This study will discuss the different technologies available in this field, including their applications in privat, commercial, constructions, airport, and public facilitites. The markets are presented in different regions, by application and technologies, up to 2025. This market will show strong growth in the next 5 to 10 years. The role of nanotechnology will also be discussed.

III. Table of Contents

1.Executive Summary

-Market overview worldwide to 2025
-Fire Protection Markets worldwide, active and passive
-Fire alarm equipment and systems markets worldwide
-Market structure. Only a view companies lead the markets with a market share under 20 % .
-Technology overview and developmets to intelligent systems and learning systems
-Application overview by products, installation , service non recurring and service recurring
-Competition and leading companies  (400 Companies)

2.Definitions and Explanations

-Fire alarm equipment and systems definition
-Explanation of the market structure
-Building sizes and fire alarm equipments
-Market structure and share
              i.        Equipment manufacturers
              ii.       Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
              iii.      Service non recurring and service recurring
              iv.      Equipment distributors/Importers
              vi.      Installers
              vii.     Installation  and material suppliers

3.Technologies, Products and Markets, Market Developments to 2025

Market developments by year 2018 to 2020 and 2025

-Heat Detectors
             ii.Mechanical Heat Detectors
             iii.Electronic Heat Detectors
             iv.Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors
             v.Rate of rise Heat Detectors
             vi.Linear Heat Detectors

-Smoke Detectors
             ii.Ionization Smoke Detectors
             iii.Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
             iv.Duct Smoke Detectors
             v.Beam Smoke Detectors
             vi.Aspirated Smoke Detectors
             vii.Carbon monoxide Detectors

-Flame Detectors
             ii.UV Flame Detectors
             iii.UV/IR Flame Detectors
             iv.Dual IR Flame Detectors
             v.Triple IR Flame Detectors

             Heat Detectors
             CO Detectors
             combined systems, intelligent, learning and connectivity

4.Applications and market segmentation

-Market segmentation by target groups
             i.Private buildings
             ii.Public buildings
             iii.      Industrial buildings
             iv.      Commericial

These target groups will be depicted by countries, by years. The division is based on the classification of countries´ regulations, which differentiate the buildings of special sort and use from other buildings. This division is used in the study of the application fields such as:

- Apartments and houses privat
-Cultural monuments
-Office buildings
-Large-scale garage
-All kinds of ships
-Drilling platform
-Power plants
-Sewage plants
-Treatment facilities of chemical solvents
-Waste treatment facilities
-Heat treatment
-Packaging facilities
-Chemical factories
-Filling station of inflammable fluids and gases
-Pumping stations

5.Technology development Nanotechnology

-Technology development from low tech to high tech and networks of the systems to learning systems
-Introduction of nanotechnology
-Benefits of fire protection industry from nanotechnology
-Environment technology


-General Fire Protection markets
             i.Markets for fire protection worldwide
             ii.Markets for active fire protection worldwide
             iii.     Markets for passive fire protection worldwide
             iv.     Markets for fire and security worldwide

-Markets for fire alarm systems worldwide, by total, region and leading countries to 2025
-Value Chain for fire alarm equipment and systems worldwide to-2025
-Market structure and markets to 2025 for
             i.Equipment and products manufacturers
                    ii.a     Service non recurring
                    ii.b     Service recurring
             iii.Wholesale, Retail
             iv.Equipment distributors/Importer

Markets to 2025 for total world ,region and leading countries by year for
heat detector and alarm
smoke detector and alarm
flame detector and alarm
CO detector and alarm
Packages with the whole products and systems
learning systems with thermostat, heat, smoke, flame, co detector and alarm

Markets by price groups state  to 2025 in US $ and quantity - end user price products and systems
-up to 20, 50, 100, 200, over 200

Markets by leading companies and market share
in total world, region, leading countries and products and systems

Markets by innovations and new products and systems
in total world, region, leading countries

7.Laws and Regulations

-Country related
-Special for sensitive applications and functions

8.Analysis of Market and Competition

-Market analysis
-Keys to success on the market by products, application, systems, value chain
-Market demands and trends in building industry
-Market distribution
-Market pricing
-Market value chain
-Competition and competitors top  in each country
-Profit and key to success of the main market participants in the value chain

9.Competition in fire alarm equipment and systems

-Structure and development of competition in fire alarm equipment and systems.
-Leading companies
-Competitor profiles -Selected companies in fire protection industry
Fire Protection Companies in new study - some example

• Bosch Security Systems
- Nestlaps
• Gentex Corporation
• Hochiki Corporation
• Honeywell
• Johnson Controls
• London Security
• Mine Safety Appliances (MSA)
• Mircom Group Of Companies
• Protec Fire Detection
• Secom
• Siemens
• United Technologies Corporation (UTC)
and 5 leading by country

10. World and countries in the study

The study show Markets
worldwide, region, leading countries and others
regions eastern and western europe, asia, (China and japan separate ) nafta, SA, middle east, africa,
countries, USA, China, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Canada, Brazil,Aus, and more

IV. Structure of the Study/Time Schedule

The total study is divided by applications, technologies, branches or countries/regions into several segments which can be obtained separately.

All parts or segments include: Summary, state of technology and developments, markets and prospects to-2025 in turnover, market volume and potential, projects, companies, competition, regulations and market analysis.

V. Methods of Investigation

The study is based on the following methods: Desk and Field Research. Market potentials and prospects are gathered by the Delphi-Method. Here specialists in the market are questioned about their future expectations which are then narrowed through repeated coordination with the specialists.

VI. Qualification

Our company has been active in the field of water industry, environmental and energy technology for more than 25 years. We prepare exclusive international strategies, concepts and special studies for company groups, small and middle sized businesses and Western European government agencies. Until today we have completed more than 7000 studies.

VII. Costs and supply

The study has over 350 pages and will be supplied by email attachment or CD ROM

The cost for the summary with over 100 pages is        Euro 2.600.—
The cost for the total study with 300 pages is             Euro 4.900.—

You can order by email and will receive an invoice with transfer datas, as soon as the payment is on our account we supply the study.

Email to order or questions:
      Helmut Kaiser Consultancy, 72076 Tuebingen, Germany
      Tel. 0049 7071 67001

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