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Fire Protection Industry in GCC :UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain,(GCC Region)
2017 to 2030

1) Initial Position

The Total market in the GCC Region will be 4.5 Billion Euro for active and passiv fire protection and expected 11.0 bn Euro by 2025 Euro. The development per Country is very different and the compliance to. Although the fire protection systems market is currently dominated by the active fire protection systems, the passive fire protection systems market is expected to gain traction and grow at the highest rate during the forecast period. Stringent government regulations and infrastructural developments are driving the market for passive fire protection systems. High-rise buildings need fire protection systems. Thus, strict fire and safety codes are being implemented in order to mitigate risks and losses caused by fire. Major countries such as the U.S. and Canada in the North American region are developed economies. The same in Europe. These countries have high population growth rate as compared to the developing countries in the region.This has resulted in major infrastructural developments in Asian Countries specially China and bigger Cities in Asia and now also in MEA. Enterprises across the globe have increased their spending on installation of fire protection equipment to safeguard infrastructure and to reduce loss of human lives. Enterprises rely on equipment such as sensors & detectors, fire alarm systems, control panels, interfaces, and communication devices to install fire protection systems.

2) Table of Contents of the study Fire Protection Industry in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia 2017 to 2030

This study analyse the market for active and passive fire protection in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia from 2017 to 2030. With historical datas where possible. To compare the situation and developments in these countries the study show the worldmarket and development in total and by regions to compare. The mentioned countries developed only within the last years regulations and laws for passive.
   •The markets are small but with high potentials.
   •The markets are in Euro, per year from 2017 to 2020, then 2025, 2030
   • the size of the markets, each market and developments
   • market segmentation by application and construction industry segments
   • major players/competitors
   • historical growth trends,
   • major growth drivers,
   •projected growth for 5-10+ in the future
   •Fire-safety regulation and policies, particularly any changes recently or anticipated
   •fire protection. The active fire protection was part of the security markets.
   •The markets are small but with high potentials.

I. Management Summary
•Overview markets, market developments , market segments, technologies countries

2. The world markets for Active and Passive Fire Protection ( to compare )
   by regions, technologies, application, value chain.
2.1 Active fire protection by regions, technologies, application, value chain.
2.2 Passive Fire Protection by regions, technologies, application, value chain.

3. GCC Region active and passive
   by region, technologies, application, value chain.
3.1 Active fire protection by region, technologies, application, value chain
3.2 Passive fire protection by region, technologies, application, value chain.

4. Regulation and Laws by each country

5. commercial, residential, and infrastructure construction markets for active and passive separat

6. Fire Suppression markets each Country
6.1 Water with additive
6.2 Foam
6.3 Gas
6.4 Powder

7. Fire Suppression markets by application/technologies
• Water-based suppression systems
•Sprinkler systems
•Deluge systems
•Low pressure (LP) water-mist Systems
•Gas-based suppression Systems
• Inert gas systems
•Halocarbon systems
•Carbon dioxide systems
•Oxygen reduction systems (fire prevention)
•Server cabinet protection system
•Other suppression systems
•Foam-based suppression systems
•Powder-based suppression systems
•Kitchen-hood systems
•High pressure (HP) water-mist systems*
•Spark extinguishing Systems

8. Mobile fire suppression equipment (incl. hydrant systems)

9. Fixed Fire suppression equipment
9.1 Fire Pumps & Controllers

10. Fire doors markets by country

11. Fire Walls

12. Fire Curtains

13. Detection & control technologies related to the above mentioned suppression systems
•Smoke & heat venting Systems

14. Passive Fire Protection
14. 1 Paint
14.2 Coating

15. By Equipment and priority would focus on:
• Higher level overview of passive and active markets
•- Technologies most relevant for commercial, residential, and infrastructure construction

16. New Technologies and Applications with development to 2025

17. Competition and Competitors

Customer-oriented enhancements: You can complement your markets and technologies.

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