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click here for the Fire Protection Industry Worldwide Study

Fire Protection Markets worldwide Business Briefing Conference 2015

The markets for fire protection show high growth rates worldwide but mainly in china
since 2008 and it is expected to increase until 2025 with  6 to 15 percent per year depending on the segment. The fire protection markets are more and more global markets for the key application and technologies or materials. This market is developing to an important market to secure health, life, assets, create millions of new jobs and new value.
The market increase is driven through more damage of assets, more fire events around the world, climate change but also new technologies and companies. The market is global for key technologies and local for most of the service and installations. 

Helmut Kaiser, since 20 years a leading researcher and strategist for companies and ministries in fire protection markets worldwide will give a business briefing for 2015 to 2020 and 2025
Audience invited are all companies, ministries and media/press. 
The briefing presentation will take 6 hours from 10 am to 4 pm
There are limited places free for the media and ministries. The cost for the participation and briefing documents, about 200 pages,  is  895 Euro or equivalent currency in Dollar or RMB

Contents of the presentation and documents

1.The worldwide markets for fire protection 2015  expected in 2020 and development to 2025 by regions and countries ( passive and active fire protection)
2.The key technologies and materials 2015 and developments expected to 2025
3.The leading companies by technologies, sizes and brands
4.New technologies and materials, new jobs and implications
5.Statistic on damage and death
6.Impact of climate change and fire events to expect in the future
7.State of best practice for fire protection in hotels, private houses and structural buildings in 2015 and new developments to 2025
8.The standards and codes in fire protection worldwide and the compliance rates
9.The way ahead for fire protection and business “a road map 2025” how to be successful in this market globally and local             
10.The impact of Nanotechnology on Fire Protection markets and technologies and the expected development in the next years...  to 2025                      
11.Special focus on China and the developments in China from 2015..and to 2025       
12.Countries after demand ...see new study released in 2015
13.Licencing, Joint Venter, M&A, Partner and Distribution...

Table of contents for the latest study which is the basic: 

YOU CAN BUY THE CONFERENCE PAPER ....without coming to the conference also !!! ( 895 Euro, 1200 US$, 10,000 RMB)

How to register for this conference:
just send a email or fax with the number of people you want to attend.
the first person is 895 Euro or equivalent in Dollar or RMB and the second and all others 150 Euro, including conference documentation. You are free to place one page in the documents with your company. we will distribute this in all.
The participation can be prepayed with a discount of 10 percent or payed in cash ( only ) at the conference ..we will send you the bank-account and the locations..for the conference...
Responsible for this:
Helmut Kaiser consultancy,, 
Sigwartstr 20, 72076 Tuebingen, Germany;
fax: 0049 7071 68086 
Tel: 0049 7071 67001 

Conference Dates:

please ask for dates for 2015 and 2016

Los Angeles      
New York            
Hong Kong        
For further Information, please email

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