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click here for the Fire Protection Industry Worldwide Study New May 2019

Active and Passive Fire Protection Markets worldwide
The Future of Fire Protection Industry and Construction Industry 2019 to 2030
Opportunities and Risks due to Digitalisation
  Fire Protection Technology and Market Trends, Developments worldwide to 2030: Digitization. Security, Convergence, Disruptive Developments, New Materials.

The Active and Passive Fire Protection Markets will change the next years  through climate change, new materials, systems, but also through smart cities with the potential of disruptive technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in the context of city planning. We examine and predict the change in the markets for active and passive Fire Protection and for the security market that convergence.
We show in euros and product markets, as well as equipment and service. We show new markets, new products and new applications. And expected stricter laws and regulations due to the changes.
The markets develop to oligopoly. working worldwide.

All segments with a description of the development, changes, forecast of development in years and euros. The Basic of our new  Study is, plus


1. Digitization is the keyword in the construction industry, such as BIM, Blockchain and data-driven business models that will change the entire construction industry sustainably and thus the Fire protection market.

2. Benchmarking Leading countries and technologies: Developments in China, Germany, USA, UK, France, Swiss, Austria,  EMEA, Japan.  (you can call other countries)

3. Technical facilities in buildings grow more and more together (convergence)
This is guaranteed by fire alarm systems as well as alarm, evacuation, extinguishing, access, burglary protection, video and management systems. Passive and active fire protection.
4. Fire safety proof in the building is required in the future in every phase:
   design phase
   approval stage
   detailed design
   execution phase
   completion phase
   Permanent control and adjustment 

5. Sensors will be in the buildings of the future
   Following can be found in well-equipped devices e.g.:
   GPS receiver
   Rotation sensor
   Acceleration sensor
   Proximity sensor
   Brightness sensor
   Humidity sensor
   Fingerprint reader
   and more
Sensors will be omnipresent in the buildings of the future. They will record the condition of systems (e.g. the position of fire and smoke protection dampers, windows and doors), as well as comfort data (temperature, humidity, brightness) and the positions and movements of people. In combination with the increasing application of video technology, this offers numerous opportunities for optimising active and organisational fire prevention.

6. Big Data
The following data sources, as well as others, could be used for such computer-aided analyses and prediction processes for preventive fire protection and above all fire defence:
Fire statistics
Building data (data on the building stock)
Geographical information systems
Sensors in buildings, systems and products (see above)
Weather data
Fire service deployment statistics
Location analyses
Population statistics (e.g. location-based evaluations of population densities and age structures).

7. Installers of fire protection components and products
    AR and especially virtual reality (VR) will already play an increasingly important role in the training of     personnel.
8. Maintenance,, Service and remote inspections
Maintenance intervals must be constantly observed by the operator of a building. When do e.g. the pressure tanks for a gas extinguishing system need to be serviced? Is it after a set period of time defined by the manufacturer or as stated in applicable standards or as required? We will be able to identify differentiated responses to these and similar questions in the future because every element of a fire protection system can be fitted with sensors The (partial) systems will monitor themselves and report every relevant deviation from the previously defined set values to superordinate systems. 

9. Summary

Digitalisation is not only relevant for preventive fire protection as it will to some extent massively influence the everyday work of planners, installers, operators and other parties involved over the coming years. Huge improvements in efficiency can be expected in the process.

10. Markets and Solutions

Materials and Products in passive fire protection
Fire Detection, control, automation systems and connecting systems
Fire Suppression
Digital Solutions
Building Automation & Controls
Residential & Smart Home
Security and safety products
Service, support, maintenance

10.1. Application:

        Oil and Gas
        Smart City - Commnuity
        Wild fire

11. Participation

You can bring your own questions, products or service or extensions.
You can participate in parts or participate in the whole study, if you participate until May 17, 2019 you get a subscription discount of 20%. The Whole study cost 4.900.- Euro ( VAT where appl ), or a Management Summary 2.900.- Euro, a Summary with the change but not markets 1.400.- Euro
If you want only your products or service please send your inquiry, we will make you a offer.

Why should you participate?
Fire Protection markets today are truly global. For any company, they must have access to trends and development to develop short-term and long-term growth strategies. Developing Technology and Markets
and know potentially disruptive developments.
Helmut Kaiser Consultancy is the leader in fire protection research since 1986.
For example:
you can order by email.

Helmut Kaiser consultancy,, 
Sigwartstr 20, 72076 Tuebingen, Germany Beijing and new York

Tel: 0049 7071 67001 

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