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            The Future of "another world"
State of Science, technologies 2003,
expectations up to 2015 and prospects up to 2025.
Markets and Market development 2002- 2003-2006-2010-2015
and Prospects, Companies, Competition, Branches, Applications,
Regions, Countries, Worldwide Opportunities and Risks and Strategies.
1.Initial Position

We are on the way to "another world" in this century. Converging technologies like Nanotechnology - Biotechnology-
Neural technology ( cognitive science ) Infomatics - Information - Robotics - Atom technologies will lead into
Molecular technologies and Atom technologies. Atoms and molecules are the building blocks of everything. (nano
is only a measurement, bio only means life,  aso..) Shaping molecules and atoms will be the key process for
the production and design of products, processes and services. The impact will be in every industry and the whole
life and living. Today the state of science and processes are either unknown or underestimated in future-potentials
and time to market. The future has started yesterday. There are companies supplying molecules, shaping
molecules in life science, in water processes, energy, food, food processes..informatics and so on.....
Universities, companies and governments working on the new developments and technologies. 800 companies
arround the world,  2000 research institutes, and the governments are spending 24 billion US $  in 2003 with
a increase of about 8 percent per year for the next 10 years and further. Yes, the molecular manufacturing poses
new environmental and society questions and risks. For better or for worse is an open question - the world is
in transition faster than ever before. It will not be a new world it will be another world.
This report describes and analyzes the converging technologies, sciences, markets, industries and societal impacts,
the chances and risks and the future potentials. The report is made in moduls for any readers wanting the bottom line,
for investors wanting to know the future investmentpotentials , for companies wanting to know the future markets
and governments to act or react of this rapid and silent revolution. Only the spectrum of the mentioned technologies
and sciences that operate and manipulate molecules and atoms together create new applications, products,
services and value. These are the converging technologies.

2. Experiences of helmut kaiser consultancy/

Since 1980 hkc develops future oriented studies, books, guides and road maps in new technologies and sciences.
Environmental protection, water, microsystems are only some examples of work since then. Intelligent
peopel, companies, institutes, investors and governments arround the world are readers and clients or
partners and friends. Specialy complex themes and problems are challenge and provocation at the same time.

3. Structure of the study

the total study is divided into the following segments and parts:
                       - state of science 2003 and the developments 2006, 2010, 2015, 2025 and further
                       - technologies and converging technologies, their impact and deveolpments
                       - applications and projects, products and services and new creations
                       - markets, companies, regions, countries and developments 2003, 2006, 2010, 2015, 2025
                       - stockmarkets and listed companies today and to expect in the next years
                       - the challenge for a changing society and the risks for a "wait and see" society
                       - directories for investors and companies

4. Aims and benefits of the study

This study, book and concept is the first worldwide under benchmark. The study shows the science,
technologies, markets and companies worldwide with prognosis and details for investors and companies
and a road map for governments and R&D.

5. Contents of the study/studies

5.1 Management - Summary
5.2 State of technologies, R&D, research expenditures and investments
5.3 Relevant laws, regulations, standards, standards their barriers in countries and states
5.4 Fields of technology
                              - Nanotechnology 
                              - Biotechnology
                              - Neuraltechnology/Cognitive science
                              - Informatics
                              - Information
                              - Robotics
                              - Atomtechnologies

                      Value chain:
                              - Molecular manufacturing
                              - Components/Elements/Products/Applications/Systems
                              - Applications/Innovations/Substitutions
                              - The R&D Business
                              - Financing/Value Chain/Profit Potential
                              - Other fields of technology according to present and future products
                              - New and expected applications

5.5 Branches and fields

                              - Information: Computing technology/Artificial intelligence/Bioinformatics
                              - Communication: Ubiquitous networks/Virtual reality/Telebusiness
                              - Brain: Brain healthcare/Intelligence development/Knowledge and education
                              - Health: Pharma/Diagnostics/Therapy/Medicine Technique/Repair/Prevention
                              - Food: Basic food/Nutrition and nutraceuticals/Dietary/Brain food/Food safty&package
                              - Water: Drinking water/Waste water/Therapeutic water/Process water
                              - Environment: Hygienics/Waste management/Air cleaning/Nature restoration
                              - Energy: Clean energy/Efective energy use/Energy conservation/New energy
                              - Sustainablity: Zero-Emission/Materials design/Regenerative energy
                              - Space: Space shuttle/Space planting/Space colonisation
                              - Military and security
                              - Innovations and new developments
                              - Others

5.6. Components and products and services in the branches/fields
                     In this chapter, turnover and development of
                              - today's products 2003
                              - products expected up to 2006
                              - products expected up to 2010
                              - products expected up to 2015
                     are pointed out and evaluated, classified as belonging to branches and fields of technology.
                     The kinds of products and most important products from each branch are quoted and explained.

5.7 Countries and regions

                              - Main focus is on USA, Japan, China, Germany/Russia/UK/F/I
                              - Also CN/Singapore/Korea/Australia/Switzerland
                              - 80 More countries worldwide
                              - Worldwide representation and comparisons/Benchmarking

5.8. Companies and competition

                              - 800 companies and 2000 research institutes
                              - leading companies and listed companies
                              - new companies and developments

5.9 The societies worldwide and there potential and attitude to adapt and change

                              - the usa/canada
                              - the european
                              - the asians
                              - others

5.10 The Vision for 2025 and 2050
                               asking 500 scientists in a delphi study about there visions ....

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The Development from nanotechnology and Nano-Bio-Neural (Cogno)-Info to a Molecular Industry 2004 to 2015
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