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Study: Nanobased Products Inventory 2009 and Commercialization
      Nanotechnology-based Products and Applications Worldwide 2009 to 2030
Commercialization of nanotechnologies in real products and applications. State of Products ( 2580 in 2009 ),Science, Applications, Technologies 2009 and expectations up to 2030 .Prospects, Companies, Competition, Branches, Applications, Regions, Countries, Worldwide Opportunities and Risks and Strategies.

1. Initial Position

In 2009 there are over 2500 nanotechnology-based products and applications on the markets worldwide. This is the first inventory about products and applications with detailed information for companies, authorities and consumer. Nanotechnology is a billion market with market growth over 25 percent per year and converging in all industries, branches and applications. There are many critical discussions about the use and risks but a country not promoting nanotechnology is loosing there competitiveness within the next 30 years in many industries, in fact most industries. has made many studies about the markets and developments since 2001 and some of them are worldwide known as the first and leading.

This study is about real products and
applications on the market 2009 and
there prospects to 2030 or potentials.
In 2001 with our first nano study there
were 300 real products on the markets
and in 2009 over 2500 and we expect a
growth of 25 percent per year.

In 2003 USA, Germany and Japan were
leading the markets; in 2009 by real
products on the market(country of
origin) it is USA, China, Japan,
Germany and so on. In 5 to 10 years
China will be the leading country. But
this development varies by segments
and products. Developing a technology
and application is not enough; the
value comes from the real products
sold in the markets. This was one
reason to do this study and make
an inventory of the products on the
markets which will be updated every
3 month from 2010.

Anyone is invited to send there
products and applications or ideas and
we may will publish it. Anyone can buy the whole study or single parts and products or send a specific inquiry about there requirements. We also offer a quarterly newsletter with the updated study and products.

2. Structure of the study and Inventory

The total study is divided into several segments which can be obtained separately.
2.1. All parts or segments include: products, applications by name, category, company, and country, state 2009, prospects and potentials to 2030.
2.2 For all products and applications we offer special reports with the contents: Overview,
Business Description, Design, Manufacture, and Sale, Production, Financials, Investments, Market View and Developments, Key Strategies, Key Competitors, Business Strategy, SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats, Recommendations.

3. Contents of study and Inventory state 2009

3.1 By products and applications
In total we have listed 2580 products and applications state 2009:
                 188 Listed           - Pharma/Medicine/Biology/Health/Production of organs
                 480 Listed           - Food Products and Cosmetics
                   95 Listed          - Packaging and materials
                 368 Listed           - Textile and acess.....and toys…
                   36 Listed          - Pharma/Diagnostics
                   32 Listed           - Medicine Technique/Diagnostics
                 245 Listed           - Health-Food/Nutrition/Nutraceutical/Aging
                   18 Listed           - Diagnostics/Diagnosis
                   28 Listed           - Optical/Analytics/Precision mechanics
                   47 Listed           - Information Technology/Electronics
                   22 Listed           - Software/KI/AI/Others
                 120 Listed           - Instruments and Equipment for the Nanotech-Industries
                   36 Listed          - Environment technologies/Water/Air/Waste/Hazardous
                   12 Listed           - Zero-Emission-systems/Sustainable Development
                   36 Listed           - Energy/Renewable energies/Energy systems
                   49 Listed           - Chemical Industry and Applications
                   28 Listed           - Material management/Materials
                 256 Listed           - Automobile industries/Mobile systems
                   61 Listed           - Aviation and aeronautics/Space industries
                   19 Listed           - Mechanical engineering/Apparatus/Plant construction
                   49 Listed           - Measurement and control analysis/Automation/Process
                   56 Listed           - Safety engineering/Security
                   67 Listed           - Research industry/Services
                 102 Listed          - Military applications/Defence technology
                 130 Listed           - others
3.2 By Countries and regions
                                     - USA, JAPAN, CHINA, GERMANY/RUSSIA/UK/F/I/
                                     -  40 more countries worldwide
3.3. by Companies
                                  In the inventory there are currently 2580 products
                                  produced by 1200 companies, located in over 40 countries.

3.4 By Materials
                                  Products and applications listed by key materials
                                  - Silver
                                  - carbon
                                  - Zinc
                                  - Silicon-Silicea
                                  - Titanium
                                  - Gold
                                  - Others

3.5. Worldwide research in nanotechnology health and environmental implications
                                 - Research by projects, countries, materials, products,
                                   and implications

3.6. Overview of Market analysis from different source worldwide
                                 - Over 10 research companies and institutes published
                                   market figures and developments which is shown
                                   in comparison by year and developments

3.7. Summary of the study and inventory
                                 - Facts and figures about products in the inventory
                                   research projects and developments

4. Updating and Adjustment.....Order a Newsletter...!!

New products, developments, markets, companies, stocks, technologies, research and applications and all relevant data and information can be delivered every three months.
The study is also adjusted every three months and all parts and contents are extended.
Exclusive tasks and questions can be added.

5. Special studies

We offer special studies for nanofood, nanowater, nanomarkets, nano-bioplastics, nanopackaging and more.

6. Order alternatives

6.1. Order the wholes study Nanobased Products Inventory 2009 and Commercialization with all mentioned parts in the contents   and over 2500 product samples by picture, description, supplier , producer, country and chances and risks for 4.900.- Euro with over 400 pages
6.2. Order a single part or group of the contents for 3.500.- Euro ( for example summary )
6.3. Order a (one) product group under 3.1. for 600.- Euro
6.4. Order a special report for your products, technologies or application point 2.2 after your inquiry we make an offer to you
6.5. Order a newsletter with updated information of the whole study and inventory every 3 month for 800.- Euro per year

7. How to Order

You can order by email to or
with following datas and we send you an invoice for prepayment

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8. Our contact and address

Helmut Kaiser Consultancy
Telephone : 0049 ( 0 ) 7071 67001

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