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Drinking Water and Waste Water 2015
Worldwide by Regions (Bn. Euro)
Water markets are global and local.

Strong increase of the markets and profit potentials with an intelligent technology portfolio. Home land security and nanotechnology are new markets.

The new study of shows high growth  in the water markets worldwide but strong concentration on the number of companies. 2000 companies lead the world markets for water with 55 percent market share. The other 45 percent  represent  30 000 companies mostly local player and smaller companies. The competition is tough and it is expected that in 2010  less than 1000 companies hold  50 percent of the market and more. The profit potentials vary from 3 to 20 percent depending on the technology portfolio.

Asia and the Middle East show the highest growth rate. China is booming on water and can`t get  enough supplier and money. Europe and USA shift to more water quality technologies. The technology and market segments show very different results in the last 12 month on Portfolios: filter/membrane 44 percent, automation 29 percent, desalination 24 percent, global water 15 percent, nano water 14 percent and water utilities 6 percent. Water quantity and clean water is the focus, followed by bottled water and water for food industry.

The water markets worldwide reach 312 billion US $ in 2004 and 625.7 US $ in  2015 for investments and operation only. Distribution and utility turnover are excluded. In the last 2 years the markets are quiet but since several months merger and acquisition  and technology portfolio optimisazion  is the focus of the leading companies. Disinfection,  homeland security and desalination are the most profitable markets.

China is a very special place for the companies , the reasons are water quantity and water quality demand and the coming Olympics. But  the chinese markets are only profitable when companies adapt to their roles and conditions and this in every province.

A few companies understood that nanotechnology enters the water business today, and not tomorrow and invest in research or make joint ventures.

The total stock performance of the water companies is 15 percent  in 2004 but expects a performance for the global water stocks of more than 50 percent by the end of the year.
This study is released in August 2004 and is available for purchase.

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