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The Future of Nanotechnology in Food, Beverage/Drinks and Agriculture 2030

Markets, Developments, Technologies, Applications and Competition
New Study 2019

I  Initial Situation

In this summary we show figures for nanotechnology markets, application, products and technologies only. These figures only reflect the size and value for the nanotechnology in food and drinks industries and not the whole market values of associated markets and segments, such as "impacts", " incorporating", "enabling“, technologies and so on. The impact of nanotechnology worldwide on products and systems is expected to be over 4 Trillion US $ by 2025.

“Thanks to nanotechnology, tomorrow’s food will be designed by shaping molecules and atoms. Food will be wrapped in “smart” safety packaging that can detect spoilage or harmful contaminants. Future products will enhance and adjust their color, flavor, or nutrient content to accommodate each consumer’s taste or health needs. And in agriculture, nanotechnology promises to reduce pesticide use, improve plant and animal breeding, and create new nano-bioindustrial products”

Nanotechnology is a technology based on the understanding of what happens at the scale of 10-9 meters, the scale of atoms and molecules, and also the scale at which food, like everything else we see about us, acquires its recognisable properties of flavour, aroma, texture and so on.
There are several key areas where the food industry is particularly working on the development of new techniques, including the following:

      • Novelty (new textures, tastes and colours)
      • Processing (better and cleaner equipment and surfaces)
      • Safety (reducing the likelihood of contamination)
      • Healthier foods (adding and enabling the release of nutrients)
      • Sports foods and drinks
      • Smart packaging
      • Sensors to detect bacterias and other contaminants

There are four key focus areas for nanotechnology food research:
      • Nano-modification of seed and fertilisers/ pesticides
      • Food ‘fortification’ and modification
      • Interactive ‘smart’ food
      • ‘Smart’ packaging and food tracking is a leading research and consalting company in nanotechnology worldwide. For more detailed information please see the whole study or our marketing studies

II. Contents of the Study

Summary: Nanotechnology in Food, Beverage /Drinks and Agriculture 2030

Development of Nanotechnology Markets Worldwide by segments 2030
  - Materials
  - Electronics
  - Life Industries
  - Chemicals
  - Aerospace
  - Modeling Tools
  - Sustainability
Development of Nanotechnology Markets Worldwide by regions 2030
  - Europe
  - Asia
  - Others
Development of Nanotechnology Markets Worldwide in Food and Beverage by segments 2030
  - Food
  - Beverage/Drinks
  - Others
Development of Nanotechnology in Packaging  world markets total 2030

Market for Nanotechnology in Food Industries by segments 2030
  - Food-Basic
  - Nutrition
  - Dietary (Food Supplements)
  - Functional Food (NC)
  - Dietary (Food for health)
Market for Nanotechnology in food industries by regions 2030
  - Europe
  - Asia
  - South America
  - Others
Market for nanotechnology in food industries by applications 2030
  - Novelty
  - Processing
  - Safety
  - Sports and fooddrinks
  - Others
Market for nanotechnology in beverage industries by applications 2030
  - Novelty
  - Processing
  - Safety
  - Sports and fooddrinks
  - Others
Market for nanotechnology in beverage industries by regions  2030
  - Europe
  - Asia
  - South America
  - Others
The Future of Nanotechnology in Drinks and Drink Industry 2030

III Qualification of the author and publisher

Helmut Kaiser Consultancy - founded in 1980 - elaborates exclusive international strategies, schemes, technology/market studies, and special studies for concerns, small and midsized enterprises, and government agencies. It has a professional team of engineers, economists and scientists from various different fields (biology, physics, and chemistry).

HKC is one of the leading knowledge based companies in Life Science, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Technologies and the State of Science Worldwide and their Developments.

HKC has been active in the field of water industry, environmental and energy technology for more than 30 years. We prepare exclusive international strategies, concepts and special studies for company groups, small and midsized businesses and Western European government agencies. Until today we have prepared more than 700 studies.

IV How to Order

To order the study please send your order per e-mail to the following address

The summary is 90 pages and costs 250 Euro. The total study is more than 350 pages for 4,900 Euro.

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