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Nanotechnology 2015 and the Convergence with Biotechnology, Information technology and Neural technologies( Brain science, Cognoscience, Cognitive science)
Nanotechnology 2015. Converging nano-bio-neural-info-technologies 2008 to 2015
This study is updated in 2009, for the detailed table of contents please ask us.
Study: Nanotechnology2015

State of Science, technologies 2003 and expectations up to 2015 and prospects up to 2025. Markets and Market development 2008-2010-2015 and Prospects, Companies, Competition, Branches, Applications, Regions, Countries, Worldwide Opportunities and Risks and Strategies.
1. Initial Position
Each company worldwide will be changed by "Nanoconvergence". Nanotechnology is a cross-section technology and will change or re-define all known technologies and markets in the 21.century. It will create new applications and processes and change the branches. Up to now, the markets are defined differently according to country,  gathered market figures do not exist. The definitions are completely open. The study Nanotechnology 2015 is elaborated methodically and scientifically by interviews, questionnaires, secondary material, and completed by stock research. The prospects are elaborated by Delphi method. 
On a short-term basis, the nanotechnology will complement and change life science, pharma, diagnostic, medicine technology, food, environmental technology, water, energy, electroics, mechanical engineering and so on. The world markets for pure nanotech products only come to a few billions US$, markets and products using nanotech are already many times bigger. The global growth rates will, according to branch and application, amount to 8-21% p.a. in the next 15 years.
Worldwide more than 4000 companies and research institutes are dealing with nanotech, restricted to turnover and services, there are about 1900 companies and restricted to products 1020 companies.
Presently, 150 companies worldwide are quoted on the stock markets, 80 of them are relevant and 50 are very interesting with great potential. Market capitalisation amounts to only a few billions US$ (USA, JAPAN, CHINA, GERMANY, UK, F). Only a few companies and organisations worldwide are dealing with convergence(converging nano-bio-neural-info) now. However, a quick expansion from 85 today up to several thousand is expected.
Nanotechnology and microsystem technique have been converging for many years.
Nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and neural technologies (brainscience, cognoscience) have been converging for some years and will trigger off a "revolution" of innovations, new markets and applications in the 21. century. For many branches it will be of existential significance to master these new 'converging nano-bio-info-neural-technologies'.
The competitive ability of countries, regions and companies in the next 10-20 years will be influenced dramatically by the ability to realize these 'converging technologies'.

This technology compounds make a start, convergence combines heterogenous science, lines of business, branches, fields of technology and applications and increases and revolutionizes the innovation potential of next years.
Moreover, nano convergence is of strategic and political significance which can lead to a change of position of countries, regions and societies. The US are leading with regard to research expenditures, followed by Japan, China, Germany, Europe (remaining countries). China's expenditures and programs are showing special chances regarding convergence.

The new potentials of employment are spreading to all branches and are extremely great. However, the risk of losses is also great because many branches are changing and possible adaptations are neglected or realized too late. Now is the time for investments in nanotech, and, above all, in convergence. The stock market as a "Front-runner" for future developments will boom in the next years and anticipate the real developments.
2. Expierences and Development of hkc/HKU

In 1989,1990,1995 and the following years HKU published studies regarding microsystem technology and micro electronics.

Since 1980, life science, pharma, food, bioinformatic, information, enviornmental technology and enviornmental protection, energy and renewable energy, biotechnology and brain science, neural technologies, medicine technology and water, drinking water and waste water are central fields of work and competence. In February 2001, hkc22 and ( published the first study worldwide about convergence of nanotechnololgy-biotechnology-information-neural technology. (Converging nano-bio-info-neural-technologies 2015). The study is more comprehensive than the one restricted to cogno ( cognitive science ) published by US institutes in the summer of 2002.  The studies come to comparable results:

                          The converging nano-bio-neural (cogno) and information will be the overall revolution in the 21st century.
                          It will open new windows for human beings, new developments and inovations change the society and
                          human beings will live with smaller footprints and realize sustainable developments. Neural technologies
                          and the decoding of the brainfunction, DNA-based technologies and processes will determine the
                          "Molecular Future".

                           The DNA is the information and has the instructions for every cell. The cell is the basic and prototype for
                           nanotechnology. The RNA's are the components for the interactions. This opens a new understanding of
                           human being and functions, and the 'Molecular Nature'. A new window is opened.

For the first time, the study Nanotechnology 2015 scientifically examines, collects and evaluates all companies, markets, branches, aplications, developments, state of science and expected developments worldwide and provides a prognosis for the next 15 years.

3. Structure of the study / Time schedule

The total study is divided into several segments which which can be obtained seperately.
All parts or segments include: Summary, state of science and developments 2006,2008,2009,2010,2015 and prospects, companies, competition, branches, applications and products according to countries, regions, worldwide, in turnover, volume and potential.

                                                   A - Total-Study worldwide Nanotechnology 2015
                                                   B - Segment Biotechnology worldwide 2015
                                                   C - Segment Information/Bioinformatic worldwide 2015
                                                   D - Segment Neural Technology ( Cogno-Brain ) worldwide 2015
                                                   E - Segment Nanotechnology worldwide 2015

Markets and branches, applications and countries can also be obtained separately.
The study is available and can be purchased as a whole or in parts.

4. Aims and benefit of the study / studies

Aim of the study is the analysis of the global markets and developments, research and development, the companies, organizations, branches and products. The years 2006 and 2007 are the basis,  as well as the futher development in 2008, 2010 and 2015, and prospects for the following years.

The study shows turnover, volume, potentials, product fields and products, applications, competition, companies, countries, regions worldwide, profit potentials, value chains, reseach expenditures, investments, factors of success, stratagies and opportunities and risks. A seperate evaluation and representation is made for the stocks, including an evaluation of companies and prognosis for the stock markets in the US, Japan, China, Germany and Europe.

The strategies of countries are evaluated with expenditures, markets and potential of employment and  their opportunities and risks for the next years and decades.

The study is suitable to check the state of research and development, derive innovations, check and compare the state of competitors and adjust and define the owm strategies. This applies to companies, institutes, organizations, investors and countries or states, respectively.

5. Contents of study / studies

5.1 Management - Summary

5.2 State of technologies, R&D, research expenditures and investments

5.3 Relevant laws, regulations, standards their barriers in countries and states

5.4 Fields of technology

                                      - Materials/Stuff/Systems
                                      - Nanostructured material
                                      - Nanoparticles
                                      - Surface Technologies
                                      - Ceramics
                                      - Modelling Simulation
                                      - Instruments and Equipment
                                      - Processes/Production/Processing
                                      - Top-Down and Bottom-Up Manufacturing (Nano-Bio-Info)
                                      - Services/Information/Software
                                      - Components/Elements/Products/Applications/Systems
                                      - Applications/Innovations/Substitutions
                                      - The R & D Business
                                      - Financing/Value Chain/Profit Potential
                                      - Other fields of technology according to present and future products
                                      - New and expected Applications

                                      - and technologies
                                      - Nano-Biotech convergence
                                      - Nano-bio-info-convergence
                                      - Nano-bio-neural(cogno/cognitive-science)-info - convergence

5.5 Branches and fields

                                     -  Pharma/Medicine/Biology/Health/Production of organs
                                     -  Pharma/Diagnostics
                                     -  Medicine Technique/Diagnostics
                                     -  Health/Food/Nutrition/Nutraceutical/Aging
                                     -  Diagnostics/Diagnosis
                                     -  Optical/Analytics/Precision mechanics
                                     -  Information Technology/Electronics
                                     -  Software/KI/AI/Others
                                     -  Instruments and Equipment for the Nanotech-Industries
                                     -  Enviornment technologies/Water/Air/Waste/Hazardous waste/Earth
                                     -  Zero-Emission-systems/Sustainable Development
                                     -  Energy/Renewable energies/Energy systems
                                     -  Chemical Industry and Applications
                                     -  Material management/Materials
                                     -  Automobile industries/Mobile systems
                                     -  Aviation and aeronautics/Space industries
                                     -  Mechanical engineering/Apparatus/Plant construction
                                     -  Measurement and control analysis/Automation/Process technology
                                     -  Safety engineering/Security
                                     -  Research industry/Services
                                     -  Military applications/Defence technology
                                     -  Innovations
                                     -  others

5.6 Components and products and services in the branches/fields

     In this chapter, turnover and development of

                                     - today's products 2008
                                     - products expected up to 2009
                                     - products expected up to 2010
                                     - products expected up to 2015

     are pointed out and evaluated, classified as belonging to branches and fields of technology.
     The kinds of products and most important products from each branch are quoted and explained.

5.7 Countries and regions

                                     -  Main focus is on USA,JAPAN,CHINA,GERMANY/RUSSIA/UK/F/I/
                                     -  Also CN/Singapore/Korea/Australia/Switzerland/
                                     -  40 more countries worldwide
                                     -  Worldwide representation and comparisons/Benchmarking

5.8 Competition/Benchmarking

                                     Analysis of competition for
                                     Countries/Branches/Technologies/Research/Companies/Applications/Investments etc.,
                                     4000 Companies and organizations and profiles. ( 2000 Companies)

5.9  Market fields and criteria

                                     -  Turnover, volume, potentials, market growth, attractive market sectors,
                                         market participation/opportunities, profit potentials
                                     -  Country preferences and Substitutions
                                     -  Innovations and innovation potentials
                                     -  Life cycle and portfolios
                                     -  Structure of competitors/Competition and increase of intensity
                                     -  Demand on research/Companies/Branches/States
                                     -  Enviornmental protection/Occupational safety/Health protection
                                     -  Key factors and synergy/Convergences according to technologies/markets/application.

5.10   Leading Companies/States

                                     -  4000 Companies and organizations, 1100 of them in detail
                                     -  500 leading and fast growing companies
                                     -  Extension (by request)

5.11  Chances and risks
                                      This part includes a summary of chances and risks, seen in relation to all
                                      fields and sections.

7. Analysis and Evaluation/Report Forms/Languages

The study is available as download, hardbound book or other forms.

The study is available as follows:
                                      - Total study
                                      - Parts of the study
                                      - Study plus presentation
                                      - Lecture and workshops
                                      - Anaysis of competition and branch analysis
                                      - Innovation studies and exclusive studies and consulting/Innovation workshops
                                      - Diversification study and consulting
                                      - Investment guide
                                      - Update every 3 months according to standard criteria or criteria agreed upon
                                      - Consulting/Support/Marketing/Financing/Investment consulting

Languages : English/Chinese/German, other languages by request.

The prices of the study are listed under 11. For the other items, your request is welcome. For futher information and offers
please turn to us.

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8.  Updating and constant completion and adjustment/Converging Nanotech

new developments, markets, companies, stocks, technologies, research and applications and all relevant data and 
information can be delivered every three months.

The study is also adjusted every three months and all parts and contents are extended.
Exclusive tasks and questions can be added.
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6. Laws and Regulatory Policy in the Future Worldwide

Nanotechnology and convergence raise new questions and problems. Here, the worldwide development is recorded.
9. Exclusive questions and tasks raised by you!!

If you would like to bring own questions and tasks into the study, please write to us. We will make an offer.

If you need or wish a special study, please make an inquiry.
10. Time schedule

The study is available in the newly updated 2009 Edition.
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