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Water Markets Worldwide develop with Nanotechnologies and Molecular Science with high growth from 2009 to 2025. The new updated Studies by Helmut Kaiser Consultancy show
different Results for Countries and Companies and Profit Potentials.
Global Water Markets increase with Innovations, new Technologies and Applications- New Study 
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Water markets worldwide business briefing conference 2009
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New Innovations in the Water Markets as new driving force for the market development.
The water sector is one of the markets with the most potential, especially in new innovations and nanotechnology. The water market is estimated by Helmut Kaiser Consultancy to be 287 bn US$ in 2004 and will show strong growth to 412 bn US$ by 2010 (for the study please see

Water plays a crucial role in our life, in the future water pollution and water scarcity will be one of the major problem we have to face. On of the most important problem is the availability of clean water or drinking water. In about 80 countries 1 billion people do not have adequate water resources, around 2 billion people do not have adequate sanitary facilities, as a result approximately 5 billion people die yearly from diseases, which are related to water issues. It is necessary to find alternatives or more effective water treatment technologies

Innovations in Nanotechnology ( can help to increase the efficiency and reduce water treatment costs. There are already numerous innovations in water treatment using nanotechnology, such as nanofilters, nanomaterials or membranes to remove impurities or nanosensors to check and monitor the water quality. The rapid improvement and development can be seen in the growing amount of patents and publications in nanotechnology based water treatment processes, in particular in waste water treatment, such filtration and magnetic separation methods.

The market for water desalination (, especially in the field of nano- and ultrafiltration is currently estimated to be 3 bn US$ and this market will grow strongly to approximately 70 bn US$ by 2020. There will be strong growth in North Africa, Middle East and in Asia. New developments also in nucleardesalination (

Germany has high technological competence, in research and development, in particular membrane ( and nanofiltration, which serves as a good basis to tap into foreign markets. The current leader in nanotechnology and water management is the USA. The market for membrane technology, which plays a key role in water purification, desalination, drinking water treatment has a great potential. High technological competence will surely be one of the major elements to enter the global market and to secure a leading position in the global market.

The future will show a synergy and convergence of electronic, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and microsystem technique and this will open new opportunities, perspectives and application in the water markets.
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