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Study on the Future of
Nuclear Desalination Markets and Developements 2015 - 2020-  2025 - 2030
  Water Desalination with Nuclear Reactors

Worldwide State 2015 and Development up to 2020-2025-2030, Markets and over 200 Projects in over  50 countries worldwide,  Plants, Companies, Technologies, Operators/Users, Suppliers and R&D

I. Introduction

Drinking water is in short supply in many parts of the world and the shortage will increase. Water Desalination is one answer to solve water problems in many countries. The energy need and costs for desalination plants are very high. Most desalination today uses fossil fuels, and thus contributes to increased levels of greenhouse gases. Nuclear energy is already being used for desalination, and has the potential for much greater use worldwide and is generally cost-competitive with using fossil fuels. Small and medium sized nuclear reactors are suitable for desalination, often with cogeneration of electricity using low-pressure steam from the turbine and hot sea water feed from the final cooling system. The main opportunities for nuclear plants have been identified as the 80-100,000 m3/day and 200-500,000 m3/day ranges. The feasibility of integrated nuclear desalination plants has been proven in Kazakhstan, India and Japan and other countries. There are more then 30 new plants and over 200 projects in the planning or feasibility stage today and the potentials are much higher. Large-scale deployment of nuclear desalination will depend primarily on economic factors but security and safe handling too.
Potable water is in short supply in many parts of the world. Lack of it is set to
become a constraint on development in some areas.
•Nuclear energy is already being used for desalination, and has the potential for much greater use.
•Nuclear desalination is generally very cost-competitive with using fossil fuels. "Only nuclear reactors are capable of delivering the copious quantities of energy required for large-scale desalination projects" in the future (IAEA 2015).
•As well as desalination of brackish or sea water, treatment of urban waste water is increasingly undertaken.

Nuclear Desalination  Worldwide, developed by Helmut Kaiser Consultancy, is a study about the most recent market development, technological innovations, competition and related regulations & policies. Helmut Kaiser Consultancy has been tracking the development of the water desalination industry for over 10 years. The market figures in this study have been collected, examined and analyzed through precise and critical work.

Helmut Kaiser Consultancy is a leading consulting company in the fields of water industry and environment industry worldwide for more than 25 years. Over 7000 studies have been elaborated based on our knowledge and experience in the business. For a list of our most recent studies in water industry please see

II. Goals of the Study

The study provides an efficient, systematic and reliable way to know trends, opportunities and risks in water desalination industry and to evaluate present situation and further development as well, identifies and evaluates the growth and profit opportunities within the segments of technologies/markets and value chain.

The study is structured by sectors and can be obtained either completely or in sectors separately. The markets are presented by countries/regions and by technologies/processes, as well as by applications and branches.

The study provides an analysis and profiles, as well as presentation of the leading water desalination companies and their factors of success and technology portfolio, and an extensive collection of the ongoing and planned desalination projects worldwide.

III. Table of Contents

0. Management summary
The most important results and contents of the study are summarized. The summary can be acquired separately

1. Markets
   1.1 Overview of water desalination market worldwide
   1.2 Total market for water desalination by applications
   1.3 Total market for water desalination by technologies/processes
   1.4 Total market for water desalination by regions and 57 countries respectively
   1.5 Total water markets worldwide for drinking and waste water

2. Market segmentation by fields of application
   2.1 Municipal drinking water
   2.2 Industrial water
      a. Microelectronics
      b. Power generation
      c. Petrochemical/Refinery
      d. Chemical
      e. Pharmaceutical
      f. Automotive
      g. Pulp & Paper
      h. Steel
      i. Others
   2.3 Agricultural water
   2.4 Hotel & Resort drinking water
   2.5 Household drinking water
   2.6 Others

3. State of the Projects in Nuclear Desalination 2015
   Description and listing of all Nuclear Desalination Plants and their stage worldwide,
   Their concept, capacity and technology and location

4. New Plants in Nuclear Desalination to 2015, 2020, 2025, 2030
   Plants and Projects which are in the planing stage or design stage and realizations
   4.1. by country and location
   4.2. by technology and concept
   4.3. by capacity
   4.4. by engineering contractor, operator and owner
   4.5. by costs/investments

5. Research and Development
   State of R & D 2015 and expected developments to 2020 and 2030 worldwide

6. Markets and Development by year from 2015, 2020, 2025, 2030 in US Dollar
   6.1 by plants and plants value chain new plants
   6.2 by produced water
   6.3 by produced energy
   6.4 by each of 20 leading countries and further 52 countries
   6.5 by operation/existing plants and new plants

7. Competition in Nuclear Desalination
   7.1 Leading desalination companies: consultants, developers, EPC contractors, and equipment suppliers worldwide
   7.2 The most important competitors in water desalination by regions
   7.3 The most important competitors in water desalination by technologies
   7.4 Profiles of selected competitors

8. Comparison to other systems and technologies and there part of the market worldwide
   8.1 Electricity
   8.2 Diesel
   8.3 Nuclear Power
   8.4 Renewable energy
      a. Solar energy
      b. Wind energy
      c. Ocean wave energy
      d. Geothermal energy
      e. Biomass
   8.5 Others

9.Market segmentation by countries/regions
  Overview and statistical data in the fields of water treatment in the following countries:
Middle East               Asia-Pacific                     South and Middle America
Israel                         China                                Venezuela
UAE                          Japan                                Argentina
Saudi Arabia               South Korea                      Brazil
Iran                            Rest N/E Asia                   Columbia
Iraq                            India                                 Chile
Egypt                         Pakistan                           Antigua and Barbuda
Bahrain                      Singapore                          Bahamas
Oman                         Vietnam                            Bermuda
Qatar                         Thailand                            Cayman Islands
Yemen                       Rest South Asia                Chile
Palesatine                  Australia                           Dutch Antilles
Kuwait                       New Zealand                      Trinidad and Tobago
Rest Middle East        Rest Oceania                     Cuba
US Virgin Islands                                                Rest Latin America
Europe                      Central Asia                     
Italy                           Kazakhstan
Cyprus                       Turkmenistan                   Africa
Spain                         Kyrgyzstan                      South Africa
Greece                       Tajikistan                         Morocco
France                       Afghanistan                      Algeria
Germany                    Rest Central Asia             Tunisia
United Kingdom          North America                Libya
Turkey                       USA                                Rest Africa
Rest EU countries      Canada
East Europe               Mexico                  

10. Market analysis and strategies
     10.1 Value chain and value added points in water desalination industry
     10.2 Chances and risks for Nuclear Desalination
     10.3 Influencing factors for investment decisions and choices of technology in water desalination
     10.4 Summary: elements for a successful strategy orientation

11. Exclusive work for you
     We also work out exclusive studies on the basic of your inquiries

IV. Structure of the Study/Time Schedule

The total study is divided by applications, technologies, branches or countries/regions into several segments which can be obtained separately.

All parts or segments include: Summary, state of technology and developments, markets and prospects 2015, 2020, 2025, 2030 in turnover, market volume and potential, projects, companies, competition, regulations and market analysis.

V. Methods of Investigation

The study is based on the following methods: Desk and Field Research. Market potentials and prospects are gathered by the Delphi-Method. Here specialists in the market are questioned about their future expectations which are then narrowed through repeated coordination with the specialists.

VI. Qualification

Our company has been active in the field of water industry, environmental and energy technology for more than 25 years. We prepare exclusive international strategies, concepts and special studies for company groups, small and middle sized businesses and Western European government agencies. Until today we have completed more than 7000 studies.

VII. Costs and supply

The study has over 300 pages and will be supplied by email attachment
The cost for the summary with over 100 pages is        Euro 2.600.—
The cost for the total study with 300 pages is             Euro 4.900.—
The list of all plants build worldwide over 250 plants with technology and country and capacity 12.500 .- Euro
The list of future plants planed by country and organization over 200 new projects 18.500.- Euro

You can order by email and will receive an invoice with transfer datas, as soon as the payment is on our account we supply the study.

Email to order or questions:

           Helmut Kaiser Consultancy
            Germany China New York
           Tel. 0049 7071 67001

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Nuclear Technology Industry Worldwide 2015-2025-2030

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