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 Fire Sprinkler equipment and systems markets worldwide 
2014-2015-2020- 2025
Technologies, Markets, Companies, Developments
New May 2015

The competition is pretty tight, due to the market structure. A section in the study is also dedicated to the competition analysis with the leading companies

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II. Goal of the Study

This study will discuss the different technologies available in this field, including their applications in constructions, airport, and public facilitites. The markets are presented in different regions, by application and technologies, up to 2020. This market will show strong growth in the next 5 to 10 years. The role of nanotechnology will also be discussed.

III. Table of Contents

1.Summary/Market Overview
1.Market for sprinkler systems worldwide
2.Value Chain for sprinkler systems worldwide Engineering, Design, Installation, Project 
     Management, Service and Inspection, Building Retrofit, Recycling
3.Market for fire extinguisher systems worldwide
4.Market for Fire Protection worldwide
5.Market for active fire protection worldwide
6.Market for passive fire protection worldwide
7.Market for smoke detection systems worldwide
8.Competition Analysis.. Companies in details
    The leading Companies, Comanies in Contries
9.Technologies and Application

2.Technologies Markets
1.Stand alone sprinkler systems
2.Multipurpose residential fire sprinkler systems
3.Wet pipe systems
4.Dry pipe systems
5.Deluge systems
6.Pre-action systems
7.Foam water sprinkler systems
8.Water spray
9.Automatic fire sprinkler
10.Intelligent fire sprinkler systems

2.Industrial and commercials
These target groups will be depicted by countries, by years. The division is based on the classification of countries´ regulations, which differentiate the buildings of special sort and use from other buildings. This division is used in the study of the application fields such as:
-Residentials to two Family houses, four and over four
- Kitchen is a special section for residential, hotels, restaurants, commercials, municipal, industry
  as 3 of 4 fire start in kitchens  with 80 pages separat to buy or in total study too
-Cultural monuments
-Office buildings
-Large-scale garage
-All kinds of ships
-Drilling platform
-Power plants
-Sewage plants
-Treatment facilities of chemical solvents
-Waste treatment facilities
-Heat treatment
-Packaging facilities
-Chemical factories
-Filling station of inflammable fluids and gases
-Pumping stations

4.Laws and Regulation 
2.Country related
3.Special for sensitive applications
5.Markets worldwide for fire sprinkler systems 
1.Market structure
4.Equipment and parts manufacturers
5.Equipment and parts distributors
6.Equipment and parts retail
7.Installation and Maintenance
2.Worldwide markets
1.By technology
2.By applications
3.By leading countries
4.By regions
5.In municipal sector
6.In industrial sector
7.In residential sector
8.WW markets for installation/maintenance
9.WW markets for parts and equipment
3.Markets by regions
1.By technology
2.By applications
3.By types
4.Markets by selected countries
1.By technology
2.By application
3.By types

6.Nanotechnology in Fire Protection 
1.Technology developments
2.Benefits of fire protection from nanotechnology
3.Environment technology

7.Market analysis and competition 
1.Market analysis
2.Keys to success on the market by products, application, systems, value chain
3.Market demands and trends in building industry 
4.Market distribution
5.Market pricing
6.Market value chain
7.Competition and competitors top 20 in each country
8.Profit and key to success of the main market participants in the value chain

8.Exploration for the methods of action
1.Positioning options for XY
2.Strategy of the main competitors and own options
3.Benchmarking the 10 main competitors on their technical datas and criteria
4.Benchmarking the 10 main competitors on their brands and branding strategy
5.Necessary know-hows and potentials
6.Potential profitability

9.Development of business concept 
1.Several different strategies and options
2.Action and investments needed for each option
3.Developing business and action outline
4.Decision making

10.Competition in fire alarm equipment and systems 
1.Structure and development of competition in fire alarm equipment and systems.
2.Leading companies
3.Competitor profiles -Selected companies in fire protection industry

11. Countries  and Regions
11.1. Worldwide
11.2. Westen Europe
11.3. Eastern Europe
11.4. Nafta
11.5. Middl Eastern
11.6. Asian /Australia
11.7. South nd middle America
11.8. Africa
11.9. Others
The Detail countries is like on the Basic study  please see

IV. Structure of the Study/Time Schedule

The total study is divided by applications, technologies, branches or countries/regions into several segments which can be obtained separately. 
All parts or segments include: Summary, state of technology and developments, markets and prospects 2007-2015-2025 in turnover, market volume and potential, projects, companies, competition, regulations and market analysis.

V. Methods of Investigation

The study is based on the following methods: Desk and Field Research. Market potentials and prospects are gathered by the Delphi-Method. Here specialists in the market are questioned about their future expectations which are then narrowed through repeated coordination with the specialists.

VI. Qualification

Our company has been active in the field of water industry, environmental and energy technology for more than 25 years. We prepare exclusive international strategies, concepts and special studies for company groups, small and middle sized businesses and Western European government agencies. Until today we have completed more than 7000 studies.

VII. Costs and supply

The study has over 300 pages and will be supplied by email attachment
The cost for the summary with over 100 pages is        Euro 2.600.—
The cost for the total study with 300 pages is             Euro 4.900.—

You can order by email and will receive an invoice with transfer datas, as soon as the payment is on our account we supply the study.

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I. Initial Position

The markets for fire protection have gained importance in the last years. The death toll of fire accidents is approx. 12 000 in the USA, 7000 in Europe and more than 50 000 in Asia per year. The loss of  assets is about  70 billion Euro per year with an increasing tendency. The total worldmarkets show growth, but very different developments in different segments and countries.

Fire sprinkler systems play a major role in active fire protection. More buildings, in industrial, municipal and residential areas are more and more equipped with fire sprinkler systems, either as simple systems or more intelligent automatic systems.  Fire alarms and sprinkler systems have become more and more crucial in the field of fire protection. New buildings are required by various building codes to have fire sprinkler systems installed which could prevent further damages and help save lives, in case of a fire. 

The market for fire sprinklers are expected to grow in the next few years, the major growth could be seen in residential sector, followed by municipal and industrial. The market itself has a specific structure, with manufacturers, distributors and installers. The study will cover these areas, along with new development in this field due to nanotechnology. 
Specialists, Executives, Management