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I. Initial Situation

Nano China is a study about the state and the development of Nanotechnology in China.  This study will deal with the market for Nanotechnology and converging markets nano-bio-cogno-info in the different segments, industries and value chain.

Nanotechnology and converging technologies are becoming more and more of a race between regions and nations to win the future markets and society’s wealth and political stability. The development shows that five nations are leading the competition today. China as one of the five has the advantage of  a high flexibilty, low labour costs, no barriers for new technologies, young and vibrant society, venture capital, underestimated currency  (today about 40 percent to the US Dollar), low taxes,  goverment support and a home market with more than 1.5 billion people for applications.

China is now one of the world leaders in terms of its number of newly registered nanotechnology firms.  Over the past three years, the number of companies in the field of nanotechnology in China has grown and reached over 600.  This growth rate is very rapid and it has yet to show signs of slowing down.  The sales to date have been largely domestic, but with the increasing global interest on the development of nanotechnology and with the advantage of modern communication we can safely speculate that this could be a very profitable investment in the near future.

China has already led the world in establishing the first national standards of nanomaterials in the world. Meanwhile, without heavy restrictions in the area of environmental protection and bioethics, nanotechnology will find a free space to develop fast, not having to worry about the social controversy.

The current market situation worldwide is also looking very promising.  150 nanotechnology companies are listed on the stock market 2003 and about 2000 companies and organisations are working in this field worldwide. The leading countries are USA, Japan, China and Germany.And if you see the converging markets there are more companies importend from the stockmarket.

This study will focus on China and the state and the development of its nanotechnology, the different sectors and industry of nanotechnology in China in detail. On the same level, the development and research programs of nanotechnology will also be discussed.

Nano China
Nanotechnology in China   State 2008 and Development 2008-2010-2015
Inside China, 600 and more Companies, Products and Applications, Technology Developments, R+D Spending, Markets and Development, Research Institutes and Universities, Governmental Programs and Spendings, StockMarket Companies, Portfolio for Nano and Nano Convergence
II.Goal of Study

The study provides a foundation to gain information about trends, opportunities and risks and to evaluate initial situation and further development as well as to identifiy and evaluate the growth and profit opportunities within the segments of technologies/markets, the industries and value chain. It will deal with the current state of Nanotechnology in China and with the Development for the years 2008, 2010 and 2015.

III.Contents of the Study

Management Summary

I. State of Nanotechnology and Converging Technologies: Today, R&D Expenditure, Investment and Market
    State of science in nanotechnology – general overview
    Nanotechnology basic
    Nanotechnology impact in advanced technologies
    Nanotechnology impact on markets
    Nanotechnology and application timeline
    Nanotechnology research
    Worldwide R&D investment in nanotechnology in 2002 to 2006 by regions
    Global research and development in nanotechnology
    Value chain for nanotechnology
    Definition of nanotech-industries
    Development of nanotechnology markets worldwide by segments 2008-2015
    Development of nanotechnology markets worldwide by regions 2008-2015   
    Comparison of nanotechnology competitiveness between the major countries in the world 2005
    Future challenges of nanotechnology
    Development of converging technology markets worldwide 2008-2015
     Nanobiotechnology basic
     Molecular scale & impact on industries
     Potential applications and products 2008-2005
     Key development in Nano-Bio-Cogno-Info up to 2015
    The future impact of Nano-Bio-Cogno-Info convergence on selected markets up to 2025

II. State of the Nanotechnology Research and Development in China 2008
     General Introduction
     China´s National Nanotechnology Initiative
     Nanotechnology R&D Investment
     Focus Areas of Research
     Research Programs
     China´s Comparative Advantages and Disadvantages in Nanotechnology Research
     Comparision of Government Nanotech Funding Worldewide, 2008
     China´s Position in the World´s Nano R&D

III. Market Development of Nanotechnology Industries in China 2008-2010-2015
    China Nanotech Start-ups
    Nanotech Value Added Points in China
    Development of Nanotechnology Industry in China 2008-2010-2015 By Value Chain     
    Market Applications of Nanotechnology in China 2008-2015
    Development of Nanotechnology Industry in China 2008-2010-2015 By Market Application
     Three Major Areas of Commercialization in China 2008-2010
     Three Major Areas of Commercialization in China 2010-2015
     Nano Environment
     Nano Water
     Nano Energy
     Nano Catalysis
     Nano Military
     Nano Space
     Nano Machine
     Nano Medicine
     Nano Biotechnology
     Nano Food
     Nano Electronics
     Nano Car
     Nano Materials
     Comparison of Companies in Different Segments and Regions for Nanotechnology and Nano-Bio-Info

IV. Selected Company Profiles
V. Academic Institutions
VI. Goverment Agency
VII. National Standards
VIII. Patents

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Study: Nano China
Nanotechnology in China
State 2005 and Development 2006-2010-2015

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