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New market, application and product study  April 2019
  Helmut Kaiser Consultancy  

  Traditional Chinese PATENT Medicine ( TCM ) 2019 to 2030
Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) in China and worldwide 2030
Status, Developments, Markets, over 3000 Applications in 21 groups.

Initial Situation

This study shows the markets for 21 medical groups with over 3000 applications of Chinese patent medicine for medical use and nutrition.
Modern herbal formulas play a central role in the theory and practices of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Many formulas were invented and many have clinical studies or equivalent. They are tested, safe, under control of GMP and effective. Modern formulas only with herbs, or vitamin, minerals, other nutrition.
International attentions on traditional Chinese medicine increase fast since the Novel Prize for TCM 2015. All food and medical multinational companies are one or the other way involved in research and markets.
More and more companies outside of China, not Chinese companies, produce products based on TCM-Formulas, herbs not from China. At the moment China is loosing market shares and can not control the use the brand TCM in the worldwide markets.
In China allone the TCM market ist 120 bn $ US in all TCM segments and 35 % percent of the whole medicine/pharma market.

This study shows over 3000 formulas that address contemporary health issues, state, markets, developments, by formula and country produced and offered. Biomedical science is the basic for modern TCM formulas today. We supply the market figures, please contact us by

TCM can be sold in every country around the world in one or the other way and has the know how to consult and realize that. Send your inquiry.

傳統 的 中國 醫藥 市場 行銷
Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin-Marketing

For example :
Traditional Chinese Medicine: 3 products boom worldwide but show the dilemma for China Ginseng, Chinese wolfberry ,Gingko Biloba 9,9 bn $ marketvalue 2015.
Ginseng worldwide 3.2 bn $, China Export 8 percent only;
Chinese wolfberry 1.8 bn $, China Export 12 percent only;
Gingko Biloba 4.9 bn $, China Export 18 percent only
More and more products/herbs sold under TCM - herbs but the herbs are not from China. The worldmarket for TCM is worldwide booming but China is loosing marketshares and control over the brand TCM. See also our other study

TCM is a worldmarket and china has only part of this development.

There is no other consulting and research company in the world since 1980 in herbal medicine and since 1986 in TCM traditional chinese medicine working for multinationals, small companies, ministries and medical organisations.

Table of contents

1. TCM formulas definition for 21 groups and 3000 singel formulas ( you can buy the total study or singel application )

2. Global markets overview
     all by state, development 2025, turnover, ebit, 5 years per year.
2.1 TCM Formulas Markets worldwide 19 groups, 3000 formulas
2.2 TCM Formulas Markets by regions Asian, Europe, North America,
     South America, Africa, Middle East, Pacific
2.3 TCM Formulas Markets in leading countries : China, USA, Germany,
       UK, France, Others ( sales and production )
2.4 TCM Formulas Markets by application 19 groups, 3000 formulas
2.5 Companies and competition production and sales, import, export

3. Regions and countries ( sales, production, import, export )
3.1 Europe : Germany, UK, France, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, others
3.2 USA/Can : USA, Canada, Mexico
3.3. Asia. China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia,Vietnam,
3.4 Other countries : after request

4. Market segments and application (market, sales, country, competition)
4.1 Andrology
4.2 Dermatology
4.3 Gastrology
4.4 Gynecology/Obstetrics
4.5 Hematology
4.6 Hepatology
4.7 Cardiology/Angiolocy
4.8 Disease of musculoskeletal systems
4.9 Nerv system and psychiatric
4.10 Ophthalmology
4.11. Padiatrics
4.12 Pneumology and throught , nose, ears
4.13 Imunsystem and strengthening
4.14 Syndromes in TCM
4.15 Urology/Nephrology
4.16 TCM Skincare ( outside )
4.17 TCM Diabetes
4.18 TCM Women Problems
4.19 Dementia Group to Alzheimer
4.20 TCM others/ 20 singel application/most common diseas
4.21 Cannabis: Medical Cannabis all application, markets, countries, developments and laws
4.22 For each application we have and can supply several formulations in total 3000
       each application with formulation we sell for 500 US $, and each formulation for 150 US $ in an application. Tell us what
       you want on application and or formulation.
       we supply market, development, production, import, export, competition,law

5. 250 herbs used in applications and formulations
     state, markets, country, quantity, import, export, price range, producer, trader

6. China state and developments  ( Only china )
   The totel chinese market for all segments in TCM is 120 bn $ US, in 2015. 35 % of the total medicine market in
   china. Fastest increase TCM Herbals and  Patent
     please see

7. TCM companies in China and worldwide
7.1 in China
7.2 by region worldwide
7.3 by countries worldwide
7.4 by application worldwide
7.5 by turnover and profit

8. Research and research plants and products
8.1 by research institute
8.2 by company
8.3 by institution and governments
8.4 by key plant and application

9. Customized
  please send your inquiry also Distribution Analysis and tcm practitioners/doctors by country and worldwide

10. order - how to order
1. to order singel application and formulas plase see point 4.22 here that is extra

2. This market study is available for purchase. The newest version is 2015.
The total study cost 4900 Euro ..300 pages or a summary for 2.900.- Euro..120 pages
Please Order and contact us for further details.

3. The total study including all application and formulas all 21 application with all 3000 formulas

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