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Disinfection shop

         Advanced Products and Systems for Life and Health

The growing concern over easy  acquired infection; bacteria and viruses and fungus can be carried from person to person on the surface of any equipment and products unless it is decontaminated between use. Sterilisation and disinfection reduces the risks of cross infection, the process by which microbes are passed from one infected person, to cause infection in another.  Ultraviolet light has been used as a sufficient method of killing bacteria and sterlising equipment & surfaces for an array of medical and professional environments. It is a simple to use toxin free method.

Proven  to eliminate :
Escherichia coli (E-Coli)                                
B. Parathphosus
Corynebacterium diphtheriae
Eberthella typhosa
Dysentery bacili
Streptococcus hemolyticus
Asian Bird Flu
Eggs of mites, lice & fleas

Daily Prevention Uses:
Food Preparation
Kitchen Counters
Butcher Blocks
Beds & Mattresses
Pillows & Linens
Curtains & Upholstery
Public Restrooms
Shower Floors
Remote Controls
Hospitals & Clinics
Nurseries & Schools
Child Play Areas
Childrens Toys
Baby Pacifiers
Hotel Beds & Rooms
Contact Lens Solution
Shopping Cart Handles
Door knobs & pulls
Computer keyboards
Bus & subway poles

Nano-UV Disinfection Light for travel and  daily use   Prod-number 0098

Price US $ 85.00   plus shipping  (Discount from 50 pieces and over)

Nano UV Disinfecting Wand       Prod-Number  0099

Price  US $ 192.00  plus shipping  ( Discount  over 20 pieces )

More products: 

UV Wand ,UV Warrior, UV Box, UV Toothbrush

UV Handheld Water Purifier US $ 95.00

Nano UV Disinfection Travel Kit - Includes Nano UV Wand Scanner and UV Toothbrush Sanitizer US$ 195.00

Ultraviolet Guidance Manual with 500 pages  for download  200.00 Euro

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compact size disinfection light that uses Nano-UV light to sterilize surfaces, crockery and cutlery in seconds. Kills 99.99% of bacteria, virus and fungus with 10 seconds. Sterilizes in seconds to protect you and your family from unclean situations.

•  Uses multi-wavelength Nano-UV technology
•  Folding design for maximum portability in pocket or handbag
•  Uses 2 x AA batteries (not included) – 1.3W power consumption
•  Measures 9.8 x 4.4 x 3.1 cm – weight is 95g
Kitchen and bathroom surfaces, door handles and cupboards, mattresses and cribs – how about your family’s phone or computer keyboard? Once you begin killing germs (in just 10 seconds) with the Nano UV Wand, you could keep going and going.

Safely kills 99.99% of all surface bacteria and viruses within 10 seconds using the UV power of light. Also eliminates, lice, fleas and dust mites. Laboratory certified tested and FDA listed product.

The large 13” wide coverage is one of the largest on the market, enabling you to sweep large areas quickly and effortlessly!

• 13” of coverage lets you sweep large areas quickly and effectively
• Safely kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, eggs of dust mites, fleas and lice in seconds
• 10-second timer switch
• Kills germs associated with allergies, colds & flu
• Not for use on animals or humans
• Features a child-resistant lock for safety
• Comes with a rechargeable battery with AC adapter