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Nano Water Worldwide
Nanotechnologies in Water, Drinking Water and Waste Water worldwide 
Technologies, Applications, Companies, Markets,  Region and selected Countries, Trends, Competitions and Developments to 2025

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I. Initial Position

Nanotechnology in Water and Wastewater Worldwide reach 1.6 billion US Dollar  and expected  to reach 6.6 bn US Dollar in 2015. Nanotechnology is the key to improve costs, efficiency and offer new functionality, products and systems  as  a emerging technology in water and waste water.

Filtration is the dominating application  with about 43 percent but desalination and irrigation are the most revolutionizing results by 2015 and after. Nanotechnologies help to reduce the desalination process costs and reduce the water use in irrigation. In 2015 filtration count for 30 percent, desalination for 23 percent and irrigation for 6 percent from 6.6 billion us dollar. One of the fastest growing market segment is disinfection with broad applications and benefits.

Nanotechnologies  will produce huge environmental benefits in terms of  water management and treatment by improving filtering, decontamination, desalination, conservation, recycling, analysis and monitoring and sewerage systems.

In 2015 leading countries like USA , Germany and Japan will be on the same level with China which only counts for 2 percent  but 14 percent in 2015 from the total world market.This study states the world markets and describes the developments per year to 2015 and 2025 in regions, selected countries, technologies and applications and the leading companies.

II. Table of Contents

Nano water market worldwide 2011-2025

Part 1. Management Summary
  Market trends

Part 2. Overview of Water Markets Worldwide 2011-2015-2020-2025
  Influential Factors for the Development of Water Worldwide
  Water Markets Worldwide 2011-2015-2020-2025 Investment and Operation
  World Markets for Water and Waste Water Treatment
  World Markets for Waste Water Treatment
  World Markets for Drinking Water Treatment
  Value Chain of Water/Waste Water Market Worldwide
  Profitability ( based on best in class-2011)
  Multi-service, Cross-industry, Water industry company group
  State of Drinking Water Supply Worldwide
  TWM---Total Water Management
  Markets for Total Water Management 2025

Part 3. Overview of Nanotechnology and Converging Technologies Worldwide 2011-2015-2020-2025
  State of Science in Nanotechnology
  Nanotechnology Basic
  Nanotechnology Impact in Advanced Technologies
  Nanotechnology Impact on Markets
  Nanotechnology and Application Timeline
  Nanotechnology Research
  Worldwide R&D Investment in Nanotechnology in  by regions (in bn.US$)
  Global Research and Development in Nanotechnology
  Value Chain for Nanotechnology
  Definition of Nanotech – Industries
  Development of Nanotechnology Markets Worldwide by Segments
  Development of Nanotechnology Markets Worldwide by Regions
  Future Challenges of Nanotechnology
  Development of Converging Technology Markets Worldwide
  Nanobiotechnology Basic
  Molecular Scale & Impact on Industries
  Potential Applications and Products
  Key Development in Nano-Bio-Cogno-Info up to
  The Future Impact of Nano-Bio-Cogno-Info Convergence on Selected Markets up to 2025

Part 4. Nanotechnology in Water Treatment VS Conventional Water Treatment
  Introduction of Nanotechnology in water treatment
  Water and Waste Water Treatment Technology
  Traditional technologies and processes of water/waste water treatment
  UV Disinfection
  Aerobic treatment and anaerobic treatment
  Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis
  Microfiltration and Nanofiltration
  Developments in Membrane Systems
  Applications of Nanotechnology in Water Treatment
  Nano-Based Water treatment Technologies
     1, Carbon Nanotube-Based Technologies
     2, Other Nanofiltration Approaches
     3, Nanoporous Ceramics, Clays, and Other Adsorbents
     4, Zeolites
     5, Nanocatalyst-Based Technologies
     6, Magnetic Nanoparticles
  The Comparision of Conventional Water Teatment Technologies with Nano-Based Water Treatment Technologies

Part 5. State of Nano Water Market Woldwide 2011
  The Market of Nanotechnology in Water Treatment Worldwide 2011, by Selected Countries, in US$ Bn
  The Market of Nanotechnology in Water Treatment Worldwide 2011, by Technologies, in US$ Bn 
  The Market of Nanotechnology in Water Treatment Worldwide 2011, by Applications, in US$ Bn
  The Market of Nanotechnology in Water Treatment Worldwide 2011, by Segments, in US$ Bn

Part 6. The Development of Nano Water Market Woldwide 2011-2015-2020-2025
  The Development of Nanotechnology Market in Water Treatment Worldwide , by Selected Countries, in US$ Bn
  The Development of Nanotechnology Market in Water Treatment Worldwide 2011-2015-2020-2025, by Technologies, in US$ Bn
     -Carbon Nanotubes
     -Nano Ceramics / Clays / adsorbents
     -Magnetic Nanoparticles
     -Nano Sencors
  The Development of Nanotechnology Market in Water Treatment Worldwide 2011-2015-2020-2025, by Applications, in US$ Bn
     -Monotoring & Detection (Nanosensors)
  The Development of Nanotechnology Market in Water Treatment Worldwide  by Segments, in US$ Bn
     -Nano-Drinking Water
     -Nano-Waste Water Treatment

Part 7. The Leading Nano Water Companies Worldwide

III. Goal of the Study

The aim of this study is to analyse the nanotechnology in water, drinking water and waste water, markets and developments, research and development, companies, organizations, branches and products. The data in 2008 are the basis, as well as further development in 2011, 2015 and 2020-2025, and prospects for the following years.

This study shows turnover, volume, potentials, product fields and products, applications, competitions, companies, countries, regions worldwide, profit potentials, value chains, research expenditures, investments, factors of success, strategies, and opportunities and risks. 

The study is suitable for checking the state of research and development, getting innovations, checking and comparing the state of competitors, and for developing one’s own strategies. This applies to companies, institutes, organizations, investors and countries or states.

IV. Methods of Investigation
The study is based on the following methods: Desk and Field Research. Market potentials and prospects are gathered by the Delphi-Method. Here specialists in the market are questioned about their future expectations which are then narrowed through repeated coordination with the specialists.

V. Qualification
Our company has been active in the field of water industry, environmental and energy technology for over than 20 years. We prepare exclusive international strategies, concepts and special studies for company groups, small and midsized businesses and Western European government agencies. Until today we have prepared more than 700 studies

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