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Instruments and Tools for Nanotechnology
Market, Technology and Developments for Instruments, Tools, Automation, Information and Service

1. Initial Position
Instruments, tools and nanofacilities are the bottleneck for the industrialisation of  the nanotechnology. Companies in this field will be the most important part of the future nanoindustry.

The recent rapid advances in nanotechnology are due in large part to our newly acquired ability to measure and manipulate individual structures on the nanoscale. The scanning probes, optical tweezers and other new tools enable the research workers in science and technology to create new structures , measure new phenomena, and explore new applications. In the next years the development of the tools, instruments and services will further act as the main catalyst of  the nano-industries. At the same time, the broader applications of nanotechnology will reciprocally strengthen the surge of the tools, instruments and services.

The tools to control the nanoparticles are a family of different but interconnected instruments, which include analysing and sensing, synthesis and actuation, automation and fabrication, Information and services. Whereas the measurement and manipulation directly affect the nanoparticles, they require the corresponding sophisticated infrastructure and management, which mean billions of business by itself. The symmetrical development of these segments is necessary for the nanotechnology evolution. The advance of any part of the instruments stimulates meanwhile the innovation of the other parts. The prosperity of nanotechnology will be based on these four pillars of instruments.

The substantial development of instruments and tools will come from the R&D fields, the manufacturing of nanoindustry and the industrialisation of nanotechnology. The R&D field as the harbinger of all other applications demands ultimate precision, while the manufacturing field needs cost efficiency and the other applications emphasize adaptation and so on. Therefore the instruments and services should vary for different users from different fields. It is likely that the first two fields will grow more rapidly in the recent years and provide a firm base for the last field, whose potential is yet inestimable. However, each of these three fields builds a market of billion dollars, which will offer the forerunners lucrative reward.

In the year 2003, there are 450 companies specialized in instruments, tools, automation, information and services for nanotechnology. Both the number of the companies and the market volume in this field are expected to surge during the next years. By 2008 there will be 1500 to 2500 companies.

2. Experiences and Development of HKC
In 1989,1990,1995 and the following years HKU published studies regarding microsystem technology and micro electronics.

Since 1980, life science, pharma, food, bioinformatic, information, environmental technology and environmental protection, energy and renewable energy, biotechnology and brain science, neural technologies, medicine technology and water, drinking water and waste water are central fields of work and competence. In February 2001, hkc22 and ( published the first study worldwide about convergence of nanotechnololgy-biotechnology-information-neural technology. (Converging nano-bio-info-neural-technologies 2015). The study is more comprehensive than the one restricted to cogno ( cognitive science ) published by US institutes in the summer of 2002.  The studies come to comparable results:

The converging nano-bio-neural (cogno) and information will be the overall                                                       revolution in the 21st century. It will open new windows for human beings, new developments and innovations change the society and human beings will live with smaller footprints and realize sustainable developments. Neural technologies and the decoding of the brain-function, DNA-based technologies and processes will determine the Molecular Future".

The DNA is the information and has the instructions for every cell. The cell is the basic and prototype for nanotechnology. The RNA's are the components for the interactions. This opens a new understanding of human being and functions, and the 'Molecular Nature'. A new window is opened.

For the first time, the study Nanotechnology 2015 scientifically examines, collects and evaluates all companies, markets, branches, applications, developments, state of science and expected developments worldwide and provides a prognosis for the next 15 years.

This study has been finished. It will be updated annually and where it is necessary for research will be a constant update.

3. Structure of the Study/Time Schedule
The total study is divided into several segments which can be obtained separately.
All parts or segments include: Summary, state of science and developments 2006,2008,2010,2015 and prospects, companies, competition, branches, applications and products according to countries, regions, worldwide, in turnover, volume and potential.                                       
Markets and branches, applications and countries can also be obtained separately.
The study are already available and to be delivered on request.

4. Aims and Benefits of the Study
Aim of the study is the analysis of the global markets and developments, research and development, the companies, organizations, branches and products. The years 2006,2008 are the basis,  as well as the further development in 2010 and 2015, and prospects for the following years.

The study shows turnover, volume, potentials, product fields and products, applications, competition, companies, countries, regions worldwide, profit potentials, value chains, research expenditures, investments, factors of success, strategies and opportunities and risks. A separate evaluation and representation is made for the stocks, including an evaluation of companies and prognosis for the stock markets in the US, Japan, China, Germany and Europe.
The strategies of countries are evaluated with expenditures, markets and potential of employment and  their opportunities and risks for the next years and decades.

The study is suitable to check the state of research and development, derive innovations, check and compare the state of competitors and adjust and define the own strategies. This applies to companies, institutes, organizations, investors and countries or states, respectively.

5. Table of Contents
I. Management Summary
II. State of Technologies, R&D, Research Expenditures and Investments
III. Relevant Laws, Regulations, Standards and Barriers in different countries
IV. General Market Description of Nanoindustries and Nanoapplications
V. Fields of Technologies in Instruments, Tools, Automation, Information and Service
          (1) Analysing and Sensing Instruments
                   A. Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM)
                             a. Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
                             b. Near-field microscopes (NFM)
                             d. Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)
                             e. Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM)
                             f. Sample Preparation and Thin Film Growth
                             g. others and new products
                   B. Microscope of Focused Beams
                             a. Electrons (SEM, TEM)
                             b. Ions
                             c. Photons
                             d. others and new products
                    C. X-ray Spectroscopy
                    D. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy
                    E. Others and new Products
          (2) Synthesis and Actuation Instruments
                   A. Nanoscale Lithography
                             a. AFM Lithography
                             b. Deep-UV and Extreme-UV Lithography
                             c. Electron-beam Litrography
                             d. Interference Lithography
                             e. others and new products
                   B. Manipulators of Nanostructures
                             a. AFM Surface Modification
                             b. Nanomanipulator in SEM and TEM
                             c. Abstraction and Deposition Tools
                             d. Optical (laser) Tweezers
                             e. others and new products
                   C. Functional Ultrathin Layers
                   D. Imprint and Printing
                   E. Transportation of Nanoparticles
                   F. Synchrotron and Particle Sources (Atom, Ion, Neutron, Photon)
                   G. Others and new Products
          (3) Automation and Fabrication
                   A. MEMS and NEMS
                   B. Etching
                   C. Furnaces
                   D. Nanorobotics
                   E. Artificial Vision  
                   F. Others and new Products
          (4) Information and Services
                   A. In situ and Online Processing
                   B. Controlling Signals
                   C. Device Performance Analysis
                             a. Electrostatic
                             b. Mechanical
                             c. Magnetic
                             d. Piezo
                             e. Fluidic
                             f. Others
                   D. Computer Modeling and Simulating
                   E. Design Services
                   F. Building Database
                   G. Ultra Clean Room
                   H. Others and new Products
          (5) Key Factors in Nanotechnology-Industry
                   A. Precision
                   B. Efficiency
                   C. Facility
                   D. Advanced Automatising
                   E. Low Energy Consumption
                   F. Cost Factor
                   G. Others and new Products
VI. Dimensions of Technologies in Tools and Instruments
          (1) Tools and Instruments for Research and Development  at the Nanoscale
                   Today, a major part of research in nanotechnology takes place in the
                   laboratory. The rapid growing research activities build a large market
                   of nano-research tools, instrument, automation and information.
          (2) Tools and Instruments for Manufacturing and Fabrication in Nanoindustry
                   In the future, nanomaterials and nanodevices will be mass produced.
                   The new industry in nanomanufacturing and fabrication will require
                   instruments, tools and equipment which don´t exist yet or just emerge.
          (3) Tools and Instruments for Industrialisation/ Production  for Industrial Application
                   The application of nanotechnology in a large spectrum of industries will change
                   the basic production and manufacturing ways of these industries. A new
                   generation of production tools, instruments, controlling and services is required
                   for nano-applications.
VII. Branches and Markets of Nanotechnology Application
          (1)  Nanotechnology Industries
          (2)  Bulk Materials Producer/Manufacturer
          (3)  Service and Manufacturer for the Third Parties*
                   *Supply Chain of Nanomaterial
                   Bulk Material               Service & Manufacturing               Application
          (4)  Material Management/Coating
          (5)  Electronics
          (6)  Information Technology
          (7)  Software/KI/AI/Others
          (8)  Chemistry/Chemical industry
          (9)  Diagnostics
          (10) Pharmaceuticals and Medicine
          (11) Food/Food Industry/Food Processing
          (12) Environment Technologies/Water/Air/Waste/Hazardous Waste/Earth
          (13) Zero-Emission-Systems/Sustainable Development
          (14) Automobile Industries/Mobile Systems
          (15) Aviation and Aeronautics/Space Industries
          (16) Mechanical Engineering/Apparatus/Plant Construction
          (17) Safety Engineering/Security
          (18) Research Industry/Services
          (19) Military Applications/Defence Technology
          (20) Energy/Clean Energy/Renewable Energies/H2 Energy
          (21) Others
VIII. Analysis of Patents and Know-Hows
IX. Products and Services in the Branches/Fields
          (1) Turnover and Development of the Products in Tools, Instrumentation and Services
                   and their Applications (2003)
          (2) Turnover and Development of  the Products in Tools, Instrumentation and
                   Services and their Applications up to 2008
          (3) Turnover and Development of  the Products in Tools, Instrumentation and
                   Services and their Applications up to 2010
          (4) Turnover and Development of  the Products in Tools, Instrumentation and
                   Services and their Applications up to 2015
X. Countries and Regions
         USA, Japan, China, Germany, Russia, UK, France,Switzerland ,Netherland  Israel and
         all European Countries, all Asian Countries, all Nafta  and the rest of the World
XI. Competition/Benchmarking
XII. Market Fields and Criteria
XIII. Leading Companies/States
XIV. Chances and Risks

6. Laws and Regulatory Policy in the Future Worldwide
Nanotechnology and convergence raise new questions and problems. Here, the worldwide development is recorded

7. Analysis and Evaluation/Report Forms/Languages
The study is available as download, hardbound book or other forms.

The study is available as follows:
         - Total study
         - Parts of the study
         - Study plus presentation
         - Lecture and workshops
         - Analysis of competition and branch analysis
         - Innovation studies and exclusive studies and Consulting/Innovation workshops
         - Diversification study and consulting
         - Investment guide
         - Update every 3 months according to standard criteria or criteria agreed upon
         - Consulting/Support/Marketing/Financing/Investment consulting

Languages : English/Chinese/German, other languages by request.

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8. Updating and Constant Completion and Adjustment/Converging Nanotech
new developments, markets, companies, stocks, technologies, research and applications and all relevant data and  information can be delivered every three months.
The study is also adjusted every three months and all parts and contents are extended.
Exclusive tasks and questions can be added.
9. Exclusive Questions and Tasks Raised by You!
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' Instruments and Tools in Nanotechnology 2006-2015'

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