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Feasibility Study September 2011

Ionic Liquids Separation/Extraction of Oil Sands Mining  without Water usage and risks to Water Resources and reduce toxic Waste.

A new ecofriendly method for extracting oil and tar from sand is developing in several Research Institutes and Multinational Companies worldwide.

The Technology State 2011 and developments 2012,  2015 and 2025.
Feasibility, Cost, Economy, Leading Researcher, Companies adapting.

NEW  August 2011
Green Jobs
Specialists, Executives, Management

New Technology and Process.

Ionic Liquids (IL) to use in Mining Processes is a key research in China, Canada, USA , Australia and other Countries. Ionic Liquids processes promise to  uses very little energy and water, and all solvents are recycled and reused. No waste process water is generated since the separation takes place at room temperature. ILs have been widely studied in the last few years and there is now a vast knowhow  concerning the structure and properties of these materials in many industries and branches. The economization has started and the results are attractive.

The economic conditions are of interest due to the integration into excisting systems, plants and operations. Now is the time to gather information about the technology, state of developments opportunities and risks to participate in the developments
for a sustainable and ecofriendly mining. Only this will be accepted in the future.

II. Goal of the study

The present study offers a basis on which to inform oneself about one’s own opportunities and risks and to evaluate the initial situation and the further developments. Get all the information about the relevant research institutes and companies with benchmarking them. Costs, profits and outlook to 2025. The study is structured in a way that segments of it can be ordered, a summary, the total study and an update every 3 months.

We have many years of experience in the field of ionic liquids, pls see;

for further details.

III. Contents of the Study

This Managment summary can be ordered separately

2.Law, Regulations expected, Promotion Programm.
Law by relevant Country
Regulations and expected developments to 2025
Promotion programms for research and developments by country
Energy mix and developments by country to 2025
Environmental law and regulation by country

3.State and Developments of the Technologies
3.1.Present Technologies and Applications, Developments, Opportunities, risks, environmental impacts.
-Surface mining
-Cold flow
-Cyclic Steam Stimulation ( CSS )
-Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage ( SAGD )
-Vapor Extraction Process ( VAPEX )
-Toe to Hell Air Injection (THAI )
-Combastion Overhead Gravity Drainage ( COGD )
-Electro Thermal Dynamic Stripping Process (ET-DSP)
-In situ Combustion (ISC), Fire Flooding
-       Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand (CHOPS)
-       Progressive Cavity Pump
    3.2.   New Technologies, Processes, Applications, Development, State of Research and Developments to 2025
             - Ionic Liquids extraction process USA
             - Ionic Liquids extraction process China
             - Ionic Liquids extraction process Japan
             - Ionic Liquids extraction process in Australia
             - Ionic Liquids extraction process others

4. Countries and Country segmentation  (the production in tonnes and usage of water)
             -  Canada
             -  Venezuela
             - USA
             -  Russia
             -  China
             -  ME
             -  Africa
             - Japan
             - Australia
             - Others

5. Mining Companies and their today’s technologies
            -  25 leading Mining companies descriping their todays technologies , production in tonnes and usage of water

6. Mining Companies and their expected use of Ionic liquid process
             - 25 leading mining companies interviewing about their expection and usage of Ionic Liquid process

7. Research and Developments in the countries (point 4) for new technologies and Ionic Liquids Process
            - by Research Institute
            - by Company
            - by Country

8. The Oil sand Industry and business

With billions of dollars invested in the development and expansion of oil sands projects each year and the sheer size of the resource it would seem that the sky is the limit for the industry. Careful management of the environmental and social impacts as well as advancements in technology will ensure that its full potential is achieved. Ionic liquid is a key technology for
the future development and secure the business and company
   -expected production of oil sand to 2025 by countries mentioned in point 4
   -usage of ionic liquids by country, company , region

9. Conclusion
          - chances and risks
          -  recomandations

10. Further Mining Projects with Ionic Liquids Processes

IV. Time Schedule

The study is completed and can be delivered immediately.

V. Methods of Investigation

The study is based on the following methods: Desk and Field Research. Market potentials and prospects are gathered by the Delphi-Method. Here specialists in the market are questioned about their future expectations which are then narrowed through repeated coordination with the specialists.

VI. Qualification

Our company has been active in the field of chemical industry ,water industry, environmental and energy technology for over than 30 years. We prepare exclusive international stragies, concepts and special studies for multinational company groups, small and midsized businesses and government agencies. Until today we have prepared more than 7000 studies. We have made many feasibility studies and related work, pls see here

Our studies on ionic liquids

How to order and questions

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Total Study with over 350 pages     4.900.- Euro
Management Summary 120 pages   3.100.- Euro
Segment of the study                             2.500.- Euro

Not included in the total study:
Competition analysis                            24.000.- Euro

Exclusive feasibility study for your company ...please send your inquiry per e-mail

Presentation in your company inclusive study 12.000.- Euro

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Helmut Kaiser Consultancy Unternehmensberatung

There is now a new technology for oil sand extraction without or little water and recycling. Many Countries around the world have very large deposits of oil sands including, USA, Canada, China, SA, Australia, ME, EE and more but many countries do not explorer because of environmental concerns or lack of water.  However oil sand industry will have a strong grow in the next 20 years specially when environmental problems can be reduced or solved. Key problems are water and toxic waste and waste water.

Oil sands mining operations impact water resources directly and indirectly, as a result of muskeg and overburden drainage, aquifer dewatering.  Similarly, in situ operations can impact the quantity and quality of both groundwater and surface water bodies (including wetlands). From lowering the levels of groundwater aquifers to the production of large volumes of waste associated with water treatment, in situ operations pose a number of risks to water resources.

Oil sands surface mining operations need extrem quantities  for use in the extraction process. Between two to five barrels of water are withdrawn  for each barrel of bitumen extracted.

Oil sands mining operations can impact freshwater aquifers by lowering their levels and creating a similar decrease in water levels in streams, ponds, lakes and wetlands that are connected to groundwater. Once the mine pit is excavated, groundwater levels are often lowered in the area to prevent flooding of the pits. Because multiple mines may be pumping water from an aquifer, the removal of groundwater from a large area of the landscape can lower the groundwater level in adjacent areas. This can result in reduced groundwater flows to peatlands, wetlands and other surface water bodies. These problems are known to rare earth mining and others too.
I. Initial Situation
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