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With Focus on 57 Countries in Detail and Driving Technologies.

    Markets, Technologies, Branches, Companies, Countries, Developments 2012 to 2030
     Market -Technology - Study 2012

I. Initial Position

Decentralised water systems are re-emerging as long term solutions to water scarcity and constraints of the centralised approach.  But also new Technologies open new chances and markets.

As cities move from delivering sanitary to sustainable water – small water systems present an opportunity to utilise ‘new’ sources, to move and treat water efficiently and to avoid the problems of large infrastructure.

Most intensive resource recovery projects have taken place in Europe, Israel, Singapore. The degree to which these technologies can be implemented world wide will depend on factors like , operating costs, potential revenues, the value of the resources and public acceptance levels for wastewater resources, reused, recycled and treaded. This study show the technologies, value chain. Markets, developments, and the future of decentralised small water systems to 2030.

Every country and city will need to make  a master plan for water and waste water. has over 25  years of experience working in the field of sustainable water management and has assisted water utilities across the world  to develop sustainable water management strategies and demand management programs. Also worked with local to develop decision-making frameworks and policies for total water cycle management.

Why decentralized wastewater treatment ?
Decentralized wastewater treatment was used in the past most commonly to serve limited populated communities, farms, houses, companies, hotels, that were too far from larger areas to have sewers extended to them. As cities grew and overtook these communities, they were brought into centralized systems for reasons of health and cost. Recently, however, decentralized treatment has seen a resurgence. Sewer pipeline construction can be costly in established neighbourhoods and membrane-based technology has dropped in cost and become more available, allowing for smaller, more locally based treatment plants, using waste water, rain water, and others. Advantages:
a smaller footprint, which allows them to blend into existing communities,
excellent odour-removing abilities,
an ability to produce  non-potable water supply close by that can ease the strain on local water supplies,
in total water reuse and recycle the water in to drinking water too.

Reclaimed water from wastewater is a technology which is being implemented in wastewater treatment plants around the world. Using membrane technology, water can be purified and used in grey water applications, in irrigation or as a supplement to existing ground and surface water sources.

II. Goals of the Study

The study provides a foundation to gain information about trends, opportunities and risks and to evaluate initial situation and further development as well, identifies and evaluates the growth and profit opportunities within the segments of technologies/markets and value chain. It deals with the following technology sectors:

In small systems, small sewer plants,  rain water systems
- Treatment of waste water
-  Drinking water, water desalination
-  Water treatment/water purification
-  Energy in water and wastwater
-  Automation, E-Technique and Services
-  Emerging membrane technology
-  Emerging desalination

The study is arranged by sectors and can be obtained either completely, or each sector separately. The markets are presented by countries and regions, as well as by market segments.
The study provides an analysis and profiles, as well as presentation of the leading water companies in this field and their factores of success and technology portfolio. This part of the study can also be obtained extra.

III. Contents of the Study

All datas, markets are in US$ and 2011-12-13-14-2015-2020-2025-2030

Part 1.  Water Technology Worldwide
1.1.Total Drinking water and waste water markets worldwide, by regions, countries
1.2. Total Drinking water markets worldwide, by regions, countries
1.3. Total waste water markets worldwide, by regions, countries
1.4. Water markets by branches and sectors, total, regions, countries
1.5. Water markets by process-, reuse-recycling-, reclamation-, water
1.6. Water markets by technologies and systems, total, regions, countries,
1.7. Value Chain of water/waste water market worldwide
1.8. Value Chain by business segments for wter and wastewater worldwide
1.9. Competition of leading companies
1.10 Profitability by technology and systems
1.11 Market drivers, and Influences of the developments

Part 2. Small Sewer Plants for Waste Water Treatment Worldwide
2.1. State of technologies and systems 2012 and developments

Part 3. Rainwater Harvesting and Systems Worldwide
3.1 State of technologies and systems 2012 and developments

Part 4. Small Systems for Drinking Water Treatment Worldwide
4.1State of technologies and systems 2012 and developments

Part 5 . Small Systems for Waste Water Treatment Worldwide
5.1State of technologies and systems 2012 and developments

Part 6. Residential Water Systems Worldwide
           Pumpsystems for rainwater, grey water, ….( Hauswasserwerke)
           Stand alone Toilets and systems
           Stand alone Showers (with and without grey water)
           Grey water use in house systems
           Disinfection and Purification
           Water recycling-, reuse and reclamation-,  whole house systems

6.1State of technologies and systems 2012 and developments

Part 7. Process Water Systems (small Systems) Worldwide
7.1State of technologies and systems 2012 and developments

Part 8. Water Disinfection and Sanitation small systems Worldwide
8.1State of technologies and systems 2012 and developments

Part 9. Water Recycling and Reuse Worldwide
9.1State of technologies and systems 2012 and developments

Part 10 . Water Dispenser and Water Cooler worldwide
10.1 Dispenser, Cooler, Bottled Water, Water Trading Bulk Water

Part 11.  Countries, Regions , World

Western Europe                                  NAFTA                                                   Middle East
Germany                                               USA                                                        Israel
France                                                  Canada                                                    UAE
Italy                                                      Mexico                                                    Saudi Arabia
Great Britain                                                                                                         Iran
Ireland                                                   South and Middle America                    Iraq
Spain                                                    Venezuela                                               Egypt
Portugal                                                Argentina                                                 Rest Middle East
Netherlands                                           Brazil
Norway                                                 Columbia                                                  Africa
Sweden                                                 Chile                                                       South Africa
Finland                                                  Rest S/M America                                    Morocco
Denmark                                                                                                              Algeria
Austria                                                  Asia / Australia                                      Tunisia
Switzerland                                            Japan                                                      Libya
Turkey                                                   China                                                      Rest Africa
Rest WE                                                Korea
                                                           Rest N/E Asia                                         Worldwide Summary
Eastern Europe / CIS                              India
Czech Republic                                      Pakistan
Poland                                                   Singapore
Hungary                                                 Vietnam
Rest OEU / MEU                                    Thailand
Russia                                                   Rest South Asia
Turk-Countries                                        Australia
Rest CIS                                                New Zealand  

IV.  Cost of the Study and How to Order

The Study can be bought  as total study for 4.900.- Euro or parts/segments for 2.900.- Euro

We also work out exclusive research or strategies for specific companies and specific requirements.
Since 1980 we have been making research and strategies for worldwide  leading companies and research institutes and more.
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