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Cementitious Markets in Fire Protection Worldwide
2017,18,19, 2020 to 2025

Markets, Developments, Technologies, Materials, Applications and Competition
New Study 2019
Initial Position

Cementitious Passive Fire Protection is part of the fast increasing passive fire protection markets worldwide.  

Cementitious Systems is a fast growing market worldwide,with today a wide range of applications it is a fast and efficient method of providing up to 4 hours and more fire protection. Used in most markets, cementitious fire sprays withstand impact and abrasion, yet remain flexible to accept design changes without incurring major cost and time delays.

Cementitious lightweight products – aggregates such as vermiculite, perlite, and diatomite – show a good fire
resistance and generally less spalling than dense concrete. The more porous structure of lightweight
cementitious fireproofing materials better enables water to escape. On the other hand, lightweight
cementitious fireproofing materials are less durable than concrete, with lower resistance to physical
abuse and a greater tendency for water absorption.

This study show the state of the markets, technologies, materials, competition, application and developments to 2025. The competition is increasing mainly from Asian countries, where the markets are growing fast.
This study can be customized if you require specific data or information. is the leading research and consulting company in fire protection worldwide.

1. Summary
1.1 Initial Position
1.2 Qualification
1.3 Methods of investigation
1.4 Study Summary

2. Markets for cementitious in fire protection  to 2025 by years
2.1 worldwide by US $ and tons
2.2 Asian/Pacific markets by US $ and tons
2.3 West European markets by US $ and tons
2.4 East European markets by US $ and tons
2.5 NAFTA markets by US $ and tons
2.6 Middle East markets by US $ and tons
2.7 South America by US $ and tons
2.8 Africa by US $ and tons
2.9 Others by US $ and tons

3. Markets for cementitious in fire protection by Application, Regions, US $ and tons -2025
3.1 Commercial construction
3.2  Residential construction
3.3 Industrial construction
3.3 Marine (ships)
3.5 Offshore construction oil and gas
3.6 Aerodynamics
3.7 Tunnel concrete walls and ceilings or linings
3.8 Under and above ground mining operations
3.9 Others

    Market for cementitious in fire protection worldwide by applications and regions in US$ and tons -2025
West Europe
East Europe
Middle East
South America

4. Applications by US and tons
4.1 Structural steel
4.2 Electrical circuits
4.3 Liquefied petroleum gas containers
4.4 Vessel skirts and pipe bridges
4.5 Concrete linings of traffic tunnels
4.6 Others

5. Technologies and Materials
5.1 Overview
5.2 Technologies - cementitious in fire protection
5.3 Materials - cementitious in fire protection ( vermiculite, perlite, and diatomite )

6. Leading companies and competitors
6.1 overview of 15 companies and their market shares
6.2 companies list over 150 companies

7. Leading Countries
USA, China, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Japan, UAE, Russia.

8. All countries

Western Europe                                NAFTA                                                     Middle East
Germany                                               USA                                                        Israel
France                                                  Canada                                                    UAE
Italy                                                      Mexico                                                    Saudi Arabia
Great Britain                                                                                                         Iran
Ireland                                                   South and Middle America                   Iraq
Spain                                                    Venezuela                                               Egypt
Portugal                                                Argentina                                                 Rest Middle East
Netherlands                                           Brazil
Norway                                                 Columbia                                                  Africa
Sweden                                                 Chile                                                       South Africa
Finland                                                  Rest S/M America                                    Morocco
Denmark                                                                                                              Algeria
Austria                                                  Asia / Australia                                     Tunisia
Switzerland                                            Japan                                                      Libya
Turkey                                                   China                                                      Rest Africa
Rest WE                                                Korea
                                                            Rest N/E Asia                                        Worldwide Summary
Eastern Europe / CIS                            India
Czech Republic                                      Pakistan
Poland                                                   Singapore
Hungary                                                 Vietnam
Rest OEU / MEU                                    Thailand
Russia                                                   Rest South Asia
Turk-Countries                                        Australia
Rest CIS                                                New Zealand

IV Qualification of the author and publisher

Helmut Kaiser Consultancy - founded in 1980 - elaborates exclusive international strategies, schemes, technology/market studies, and special studies for concerns, small and midsized enterprises, and government agencies. It has a professional team of engineers, economists and scientists from various different fields (biology, physics, and chemistry).

HKC is one of the leading knowledge based companies in Life Science, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Technologies and the State of Science Worldwide and their Developments.

HKC has been active in the field of water industry, environmental and energy technology for more than 30 years. We prepare exclusive international strategies, concepts and special studies for company groups, small and midsized businesses and Western European government agencies. Until today we have prepared more than 700 studies.

V How to Order

To order the study please send your order per e-mail to the following address
The Study costs 4,900 Euro for the total Study.
A summary is available for 2,900 Euro and Segments such as Countries are also available for 1,500 Euro.

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