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Nanostructured Materials
including two focuses on:
1. diversified applications of nanomaterials from today to tomorrow
2. the benchmark of leading companies

Market, Applications, Technology and Developments

1. Initial Position
Materials industry is set to be fundamentally influenced by Nanotechnology. Companies are exploiting the small size, high surface area and unique properties of nanoparticles. Meanwhile the nanostructured materials will further impact a wide spectrum of industries and applications. Through nanoscale processing, the molecules of raw materials can be changed and desirable attributes will be endowed. Not only the old materials will be substituted with lighter, stronger and more durable materials, but also the new materials are programmable for different demands. The new materials will not only ameliorate the performance of traditional products, but also engender many new production methods and new applications.

The main trends of nano-material development include
-Nanoparticles for reinforcing certain functions of old materials
-Nanofilms for catalysis, filtering, displaying and superconducting
-High purity materials
-Programmable materials
-Self-assembled and self-replicated materials
-Special materials for space flight, supercomputing and biotechnology etc.

Beyond the stage of molecular processing, nanotechnology will further explore the inner structure of atoms. Directly manipulating the electrodes and protons will lead the materials industries to a new dimension. The functions will not be restrained by raw materials, on the contrary, the „raw“ materials should totally serve the functions.

In the year 2004, there are over 2000 companies specialized in nano-structured materials. Such materials, but only a few, have been already applied in the market and promptly replaced the traditional materials. Both the number of the companies and the market volume in this field are expected to surge during the next years. By 2010 there will be 15,000 to 20,000 companies. Today the leaders in this field come from USA and Japan, Yet, the newcomer from South Korea and China are interesting and active.

2. Experiences and Development of HKC
In 1989, 1990, 1995 and the following years HKC published studies regarding microsystem technology and micro electronics.

Since 1980, life science, pharma, food, bioinformatic, information, environmental technology and environmental protection, energy and renewable energy, biotechnology and brain science, neural technologies, medicine technology and water, drinking water and waste water are central fields of our work and competence. In February 2001, and ( published the first study worldwide about convergence of nanotechnololgy-biotechnology-information-neural technology. (Converging nano-bio-info-neural-technologies 2015). The study is more comprehensive than the one restricted to cogno (cognitive science) published by US institutes in the summer of 2002.  The studies come to comparable results:

The converging nano-bio-neural (cogno) and information will be the overall  revolution in the 21st century. It will open new windows for human beings, new developments and innovations change the society and human beings will live with smaller footprints and realize sustainable developments. Neural technologies and the decoding of the brain-function, DNA-based technologies and processes will determine the Molecular Future.

From that general study, we choose some most promising segments and elaborate studies such as "Instruments and Tools for Nanotechnology 2008-2010-2015", "Nanotechnology in Life Science Industries 2008-2010-2015" and now "Nanotechnology in Food and Food Processing Industry 2008-2010-2015". They focus on the impacts and applications of nanotechnology in the different fields, scientifically examine, collect and evaluate all companies, markets, branches, applications, developments, state of science and expected developments worldwide, and provide prognoses for the next 15 years.

This study is finished. It will be updated annually and where it is necessary for research will be a constant update.

3. Structure of the Study/Time Schedule
The total study is divided into several segments which can be obtained separately.
All parts or segments include: Summary, state of science and developments 2007,2008,2009,2010, 2015 and prospects, companies, competition, branches, applications and products according to countries, regions, worldwide, in turnover, volume and potential.                                       
Markets and branches, applications and countries can also be obtained separately.

4. Aims and Benefits of the Study
Aim of the study is the analysis of the global markets and developments, research and development, the companies, organizations, branches and products. The years 2007 and 2008 are the basis,  as well as the further development in 2008, 2010 and 2015, and prospects for the following years.

The study shows turnover, volume, potentials, product fields and products, applications, competition, companies, countries, regions worldwide, profit potentials, value chains, research expenditures, investments, factors of success, strategies, and opportunities & risks. A separate evaluation and representation is made for the stocks, including an evaluation of companies and prognosis for the stock markets in the US, Japan, China, Germany and Europe.

The strategies of countries are evaluated with expenditures, markets and potential of employment and  their opportunities and risks for the next years and decades.

The study is suitable to check the state of research and development, derive innovations, check and compare the state of competitors, and develop own strategies. This applies to companies, institutes, organizations, investors and countries or states respectively.

5. Table of Contents

I. Management Summary
II. State of Technologies, R&D, Research Expenditures and Investments
III.Relevant Laws, Regulations, Standards and Barriers in different countries
IV.General Market Description of Nanoindustries and Nanoapplications
V. Fields of Technologies in Nanostructured Materials
          (1) Nanoparticles
                   A. Particle Production
                   B. Dispersion
                   C. Coating
                   D. Self-assembly
           (2) Nanofilms
           (3) Nanocatalyst
           (4) Programmable Materials
           (5) High-purity Materials
VII. Branches and Markets of Nanostructured Materials Application
          (1)  Electronics
          (2)  Information Technology
          (3)  Chemistry/Chemical industry
          (4)  Diagnostics
          (5)  Pharmaceuticals and Medicine
          (6)  Food/Food Industry/Food Processing
          (7)  Environment Technologies/Water/Air/Waste/Hazardous Waste/Earth
          (8)  Zero-Emission-Systems/Sustainable Development
          (9)  Automobile Industries/Mobile Systems
          (10) Aviation and Aeronautics/Space Industries
          (11) Mechanical Engineering/Apparatus/Plant Construction
          (12) Safety Engineering/Security
          (13) Research Industry/Services
          (14) Military Applications/Defence Technology
          (15) Energy/Clean Energy/Renewable Energies/H2 Energy
          (16) Others
VIII. Analysis of Patents and Know-Hows
IX. Products and Services in the Branches/Fields
          (1) Turnover and Development of the Products in Nanostructured Materials
               and their Applications  (2008)
          (2) Turnover and Development of the Products in Nanostructured Materials
               and their Applications up to 2009
          (3) Turnover and Development of the Products in Nanostructured Materials
               and their Applications up to 2010
          (4) Turnover and Development of the Products in Nanostructured Materials
               and their Applications up to 2015
X. Countries and Regions
         USA, Japan, China, Germany, Russia, UK, France,Switzerland ,Netherland  Israel and
         all European Countries, all Asian Countries, all NAFTA  and the rest of the World
XI. Competition/Benchmarking
XII. Market Fields and Criteria
XIII. Leading Companies/States
XIV. Chances and Risks

6.  Diversified Applications of Nanomaterials from Today to  Tomorrow
The nanostructured materials can be applied in numerous varied fields, from electronics to food and medicine, from energy to transportation. Theses applications are collected and analysed in this section, so that a general prospect of the market development and trends could be clearly obtained. 

7. Benchmark of Leading Companies in Nanomaterials
Here the  leading players in the field of nanomaterials will be depicted and compared with regards to market position, turnover, innovation, potentials, stock performance etc. Not only will it provide an insight of the state of the whole industry, but also an indispensable guide for the investment in this field.

8. Analysis and Evaluation/Report Forms/Languages
The study is available as download, hardbound book or other forms.

The study is available as follows:
              - Total study
              - Parts of the study
              - Study plus presentation
              - Lecture and workshops
              - Analysis of competition and branch analysis
              - Innovation studies and exclusive studies and Consulting/Innovation workshops
              - Diversification study and consulting
              - Investment guide
              - Update every 3 months according to standard criteria or criteria agreed upon
              - Consulting/Support/Marketing/Financing/Investment consulting
- Special Service: Fast online service based on specific questions and requirements
Languages : English/Chinese/German, other languages by request.

The prices of the study are listed in the reply form attached. For the other items, your request is welcome. For further information and offers, please contact us.
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9. Updating and Adjustment
New developments, markets, companies, stocks, technologies, research and applications and all relevant data and  information can be delivered every three months.
The study is also adjusted every three months and all parts and contents are extended.
Exclusive tasks and questions can be added.

10. Exclusive Questions and Tasks Raised by You!
If you would like to bring own questions and tasks into the study, please write us. We will make an offer.
If you need or wish a special study, please make an inquiry.

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