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* Every book contains:
State of Science, technologies, expectations up to 2015 and prospects up to 2025. Markets and market development 2004-2006-2010-2015 and Prospects, Companies, Competition, Branches, Applications, Regions, Countries, Worldwide Opportunities and Risks and Strategies

Each book contains over 250 pages and costs 89 Euro as Hardcover or 109 Euro as a CD-ROM

Book    CD-ROM
1.Another world*
From Nanotechnology to Molecular Industries and the Convergence of Nano-Bio-Cogno-Info 2015 focusing on the markets of Informatics, Communication, Health, Food, Energy, Water, Environment, Sustainability, Neural/Brain, Space (Edition: 2004)

2.Nanotechnology 2015*        
The development of Nanotechnology 2005-2015 and 2025 and Converging Markets Nano-Bio-Cogno-Info. Markets worldwide, science, technologies, applications, companies, and country competition. (Edition: 2005)

3.Water Markets Worldwide 2015*                         □
Water Technology Worldwide, Water and Waste Water, Drinking Water, Membrane Technology, Desalination/Drinking Water, Automation, E-Technique and Services, Water Treatment, Disinfection, Water Energy Converge, Hydrogen, Multi-Utility Markets, Information (IT) in Water Market, Water in Life Science. (Edition: 2005)

4.Fire Protection Worldwide 2015*                       □
For passive and active Fire Protection, Technologies, Application, Competition,  Markets and Development. (Edition: 2005)

5.Nanofood 2015*                            □
Application, Key Technologies, Market and Developments of Nanotechnology in Food Production, Processing, Preservation, Safety, and Packaging. (Edition: 2005)

6.Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Worldwide*        □
Traditinal Chinese Medicine and associated markets, Neutraceuticals, Functional Food, Dietary Supplements, Cosmeceuticals, Diabetes, Sport Nutrition Supplements. (Edition: 2005)

7.Environmental Technology Markets Worldwide*
Water, Waste Water, Waste, Hazardous Waste, Recycling, and Zero Emission Technologies.
(Edition: 2005)

8.Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal System*            □
Science and Formula Guide, Basic Principles, Medicinal Herbs, 500 Formulas for Herbal Medicine, Food, Nutrition, Supplements, Tee and Tincture Formulas, Vitamin and Mineral Formulas.  (Edition: 2005)

9.Life Science Markets Worldwide*         □
Food, Water, Energy, Environmental Protection, Biotechnology, Neural Industry, Sustainable Development and Zero Emission Technology.

10.Investment Concepts in New and Disruptive Technologies*     □
Description of 14 portfolios with over 450 companies with chances and risks from 2004 to 2010 and 2015.

Applications of biotechnology in food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, environment and energy.

State of Science and Applications of 70 Automobile Manufacturers, Key Technologies, Market Developments, Global Competitive Advantages, and Strategical Implications of Nanotechnology and Converging Technologie (Nano-Bio-Cogno-Info) in Automotive and Related Industries. (Edition: 2005)

13.Stemcells*     □
Applications of stemcells in transplantation, biotissue engineering, neural disorders & diseases, genetic defect, ischemic & vascular diseases, cancer/fibrosis senescence/immuno-deficiencies and others.

14.Clean Energy*      □
Solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric power, hydrogen energy, ocean energy/wave power, zero-emissions, CO2 free power stations, fuel cells, photovoltaic, micro turbine etc.

15.China Business*     □
Less than 40% of the foreign companies are successful in China.  Understanding of the business culture and business behaviour in China, with the right strategy and partner, your China business can be successful and profitable.

16.Digital Technologies*   □        □
M2M (Machine to machine/mobile to machine), telematics, pervasive computing, ubiquitous networking (4G, IPv6, Bluetooth, wireless LAN), virtual reality, cyper space etc.

17. Copyright and Know-How Protection in China*
- 9 Key Elements and Strategies to be successful in China –
Methods to secure know-how and elements to prevent from problems with copyrights and piracy of technologies and processes.

18. Nano-Bio-Info*      □
Corvergence of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Information Technology. (Edition: 2005)

Each book contains over 250 pages and costs 89 Euro as Hardcover or 109 Euro as a CD-ROM

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The Books are:
Another World, Nanotechnology 2015, Water Markets Worldwide 2015, Fire Protection Worldwide 2015, Nanofood 2015, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Worldwide, Environmental Technology Markets Worldwide, Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal System, Life Science Markets Worldwide, Investment Concepts in New and Disruptive Technologies, Biotechnology, Nanocar, Stemcells, Clean Energy, China Business, Digital Technologies, Copyright and Know-How Protection in China, Nano-Bio-Info
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