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Fire Protection Market in China up to 1.2 Billion Euro in 2004. Olympics 2008 with relevant Investments of 65 Billion Euro is the engine for the Markets.

China will decrease import from 40 percent to 25 percent until 2008. R&D funding for new materials and technologies reach 450 million Euro.

China has reached 4 percent of the world markets for fire protection. This is one of the results according to a new study fireprotection by All the world leading companies prepare to be in china or are already there. The increase of the market in china within the next 10 years is higher than anywhere in the world, with 12 to 15 percent per year. 7000 to 9000  key projects in infrastructure and key constructions show a potential of about 6 billion Euro for the fire protection market within 5 years alone. Several hundred chinese companies search for new technologies and partners. The market is attractive with high profit potential and low company tax and regulations.

The Chinese government is active to solve the problems in fire protection. 250 000
fire in about one year with several thousands injuries and a damage of more than
200 million Euro per year are counted. There is a strong concentration in the big cities and the economic strong  regions. They count for 60 percent of the market potentials today.

New technologies like nanotechnology and new materials are state of the art and the R&D budgets concentrate on these developments. Best practice guide for the industry in development and standards.

Fire protection have gained  worldwide more importance in the last years due to increasing damage and death. Passive and active fire protection find the right balance with services and information technologies. Through the whole value chain find more than 1 million people intelligent jobs in 2004 and 2 million in 2015expected. The world markets increase from 30 billion euro in 2004 to 54 billion Euro in 2015 without service and consulting.

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