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The Profiting and Branding in the Fire Protection Industry Conference
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Current issue:                  June 2006
Articles in this issue:                22
Total articles in archive:                               650
Total case studies and projects:       by request

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Boom in China's Fire Protection Market
China's fire protection market had an 18% increase in 2005. An analysis of the chinese market and companies, over 20 pages.

Global Legislation and Regulations
Developments in 2006 and expected developments 2010-2015. Expert Interviews (5 pages) more>>

Toxins in Flame retardants. The future is halogen-free retardants.
Interviews with Experts (5 pages) more>>

The chinese fire protection market.
Structure of enquiry and order processing (5 pages) more>>

Fire Protection for industrials
Report about an ongoing study in:
Industry, Airports, buildings, powerplants, museums, hotels (2 pages) more>>

Case Study: Hotel
A case study about the fire protection systems and process in a leading hotel in Berlin, Germany.  (5 pages) more>>

Fire Protection manual for powerplant, incineration and garbage dump.
In case study, an overview about the problems and developments. (10 pages) more>>

Chinese legislation and Regulations 2006 for fire protection.
Description, and report about the  Compliance in China.  more>>

Acquisition of Minimax for more than 500 Euro
payed by Industry Capital, Sweden (12% profit in industry and power plant)... report more>>  (3 pages)

UTC, USA one of the global leaders in fire portection....
Strategy, technology and development report. more>>     (3 pages)

Investors interested in investing in fire protection companies
List of investment companies and fund companies. more>>

Jobs in Fire Protection Industry
Report about the problems to find qualified employees in this upcoming hi-tech industry. more>>

Nanotechnology in Fire Protection
Report about the latest innovations and developments with nanotechnology. Nanotechnology enables the work on moleculár and atomic levels. more>>

Fire Protection Market Development 2005 and 2006,
Report about the latest market and technology developments in 2005 and expectation in 2006. free for subscribers.more>>

Building statistics worldwide
Report about the development of buildings worldwide.  more>>

Innovations in Fireprotection
Report about everal innovations with great influence on existing technologies and the development of the market.  more>>
Fire Prevention Education as a marketing tool
Fire Prevention Education is a sucessful maketing tool and branding instrument for companies in active and passive fire protection. more>>

Robots as fire fighter and fire guards
Summary of a study of the developments to 2025
There is a high increase of using robots for service and extinguishing fire. more>>

Fire Protection clothing and security materials
Innovations new products and markets in fire protection clothing. more>>

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