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The world market for fire protection and prevention is increasing by more than 6 percent per year, as an answer to vast increasing problems. More than 80,000 deaths per year, mostly children and elderly and a loss of assets with 1-3% of the GNP, depending on the country. The costs for fire protection are between 2 and 12% of the building costs.

The market in fire protection worldwide will grow to 54 bn. Euro by 2015, from 35 bn. Euro today. This is only active and passive fire protection. The whole value chain counts for more than 150 billion Euro. The standards and regulations are off compliance, depending on countries. There are more than 5000 relevant companies in the Industry and about 200 leading companies, over 15000 in total worldwide.

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Fire Prevention Education as a marketing tool

Fire Prevention Education is a sucessful maketing tool and branding instrument for companies in active and passive fire protection. more>>

Boom in China's Fire Protection Market

China's fire protection market had an 18% increase in 2005. An analysis of the chinese market and companies, over 50 pages. more>>

New Standards and Codes, a comparison with 20 pages. more>>

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