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Smoke and heat exhaust systems worldwide.....(.conference and study below )

According to the latest market research, the world market for smoke and heat exhaust systems 2004 reached $4,7 billions and is increasing to an average annual rate of 6-10% in the next years. Helmut Kaiser Consultancy estimates the total market to be $6,5 billions by the year 2010 and be $8 billions by the year 2015.

Because of stable economic structure and demographical changes, the west Europe, the USA/NAFTA and Japan are relatively mature markets and show no signifcant growth. But due to strict laws and construction regulations, requirements of Insurance Companies and strong consciousness of life and property, these markets are still in steady deveopment and leading in technologies and innovations of the smoke and heat exhaust systems. The total turnover in this market in west Europe was roughly $1,8 billions in 2004 and shows an annual rate of 3% in growth. It is estimated to increase to $1,9 billions by 2006 and reaches $2,1 by 2010, $2,4 billions by 2015. The USA/NAFTA market shows a growth structure  similar to the west Europe markets. The market totaled $1,5 billions in 2004 and is expected to reach $1,9 billions by 2010 and $2,2 billions by 2015. In comparison, Japan shows somewhat faster growth because of new regulations and laws in construction. The market of Japan, which was estimated at $0,4 billions in 2004, is expected to double in 10 years and reaches $0,8 billions.

The highest growth rates are traced to the booming economies in Asia like China and India, which are engines for the whole world economy. Fire protections including smoke and heat exhaust systems certainly find their strongest development there, where the rural citizens are flooding into the cities which are always under construction and expanding higher and larger. Alone in the Olympic Games 2008, Beijinig, is China ready to invest $100 millions. The most part flow to all the constructions of infrastructure, public buildings and communications, and to the renevation of public facilities according to the international safety guidelines and requirements. Among that the fire protection, both passive and active, is the big theme and demands a large portion of the bugdet. It is again a motor and a example for other big cities to launch projects to protect against fire accidents. The Southeast Asia market as a whole (incl. China & India) made a turnover of about $0,5 billions in 2004. It shows an average annual growth rate of 20-30% in the following years with China as the leading market, and will get a double turnover in 5 years. The modest estimation says the market will increase to $1,1billion by 2010 and to $1,4 billions by 2015.

The East Europe is also experiencing relatively fast development in market of smoke and heat exhaust systems, which will increase steadily in the following years with an average growth rate of more than 10%. The market of 2004, which was about $0,1billion, is to double by the year 2010. Because in the long-term the EU-harmonisation is demanding her East Europe menmbers to converge to their guidelines and regulations, the construction market will see a dramatic growth in fire protections. The market of smoke and heat exhaust systems will more than double from 2010 by 2015 to about $0,5 billions. It is not a big sum compared to other regions. It is but  the growth in the East Europe that the market players can not afford to ignore.

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