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conference invitation:
Berlin 1.March.2007, London 7.March.2007, New York 14.March.2007

Fire Protection Materials Business Briefing Conference 2007

Fire Barrier Materials, Flame Retardants, Halogen free Flame Retardants with high demand and increase worldwide. Plastic and Rubber more fire safe with Ceram Polymerik.

Ceram Polymerik Scientist to present the world-first technology that transforms plastic and rubbers in to a fireproof ceramic during a fire up to more than 1000° C
Advantages of materials which integrate Ceram Polymerik Technology include, Halogen free formulations, lower smoke development, potentially lower toxicity and are moisture and corrosion resistant.

There is a race around the world for new materials in flame retardants, halogen free flame retardants and fire barriers.

Ceram Polymerik is positioned to become the world leader in supply of Ceramifiable® plastic & rubber technology for the passive fire protection market. The material will provide customers unique technology that will enable them to sell a superior product which the fire protection market accepts as the new benchmark.

Ceram Polymerik’s patented compounds and Ceramifiable® filler systems can be used in a wide range of building products, such as sheet and panels, foams and solid profiles for gap sealing, sealants, putties, mastics, coatings etc.

The Ceramifiable® compounds will also find application in:
• Fire Door and window components.
• Gap seals for concrete or masonry wall panels.
• Ducting & conduit
• Building penetrations.
• Structural steel protection.
• Flooring.
• Partitions, ceilings and wall linings.
• Equipment security.
• Fire barriers for material storage.
• Protection from incendiary devices.
• Cladding materials for internal or external walls.
• Switch Boxes or Barriers for recessed lighting.
• Marine, mass transit, automotive, aircraft and defence industries.

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The markets for fire protection show high growth rates worldwide with  6 to 15 percent per year depending on the segment. The fire protection markets are more and more global markets for the key application and technologies or materials. This market is developing to an important market to secure health, life, assets, create millions of new jobs and new value.

The market increase is driven through more damage of assets, more fire events around the world, climate change but also new technologies and companies. The market is global for key technologies and local for most of the service and installations.

Ceram Polymerik is the world first and only company with this innovative technology
Helmut Kaiser, since 20 years a leading researcher and strategist for companies and ministries in fire protection markets worldwide will give a business briefing for 2007 together with Ceram Polymerik

Audience invited are all companies, ministries and media/press, testing institutes and associations

The briefing presentation will take 4 hours from 10 am to 2 pm in Berlin, London, New York. We give out a summary of the presentation.

Contents of the presentation and documents

1.What are Ceram Polymerik Fire Barriers?
   Introduction to Ceram Polymerik FBs
   Why use FBs?
   Slide show of Scientific developments and result
   How do they work?
   Health & Environment 
   Recycling & Disposal

2. The worldwide markets for fire protection   expected in 2007 and development to     2010 by regions and countries ( passive and active fire protection)

  1. The key technologies and materials 2007 and developments expected
  2. The leading companies by technologies, sizes and brands
  3. New technologies and materials, new jobs and implications
  4. Statistic on damage and death
  5. Impact of climate change and fire events to expect in the future
  6. State of best practice for fire protection in hotels, private houses and structural buildings in 2005 and new developments to 2010
  7. The standards and codes in fire protection worldwide and the compliance rates
  8. The way ahead for fire protection and business “a road map 2010” how to be successful in this market globally and local            
  9. The impact of Nanotechnology on Fire Protection markets and technologies and the expected development in the next years...  to 2010                     
  10. Special focus on  Fire Barrier Materials, Flame Retardants and Halogen free FR

More information

How to register for this conference:
just send a email or fax with the number of people you want to attend we will send you
the location and more information

Responsible for this:
Helmut Kaiser consultancy,, Sigwartstr 20, 72076 Tuebingen, Germany;
fax 0049 7071 68086 and the telefon 0049 7071 67001 and email

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