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Bioplastics Market Worldwide 2017-2018-19-2020-2025
State 2019 new
Applications, methods, competition, materials, technologies, development
Recycling, renewable energy, Production, Consumption.

I. Initial Position

Biodegradable Plastic Markets with high growths in 2015 over 6 Billion US Dollar and 12.5 bn 2025

65 Percent of Bioplastics  is Packaging and Food related and in 2025 still 40 Percent but Automotive and Electronics reach over 25 Percent by 2025 with higher Profit potential. Innovations, Consumer demand and Legislation drive the markets.

Bioplastics are biodegradable and can be made from a wide range of different plants. In the future genetically modified plants will need less water and reduce the costs. Bioplastics has the potential to reduce the petroleum consumption for plastic by 15 to 20 percent in 2025. Improved technical properties and innovations open new markets and applications with higher profit potentials in automotive, medicine and electronics.

When bioplastic companies change there strategy from just replacing today's products to new applications, product conceptions and production processes with the advantage of bioplastics the profitability and saleability increase dramatically.

In 2025 Europe will count for 31 percent, USA 28 percent and Asian for 32 percent of the total markets. Asian has the advantage that genetically modified plants are easier to realize and new outlets for agriculture are faster to build up.

Bioplastics fast market growth of more than 8-10% per year. Bioplastics cover approximately 10-15% of the total plastics market and will increase its market share to 25-30% by 2020. The market itself is huge, it reached over 1bn US$ in 2007 and will be over 10 billion by 2020. More and more companies are entering and investing in this market. New applications and innovations in the Automotive and Electronics Industry lead to market boom. Over 500 bioplastics processing companies are already available, more than 5000 is expected by 2020.

Bioplastics Market Worldwide with high growth through Consumer Demands for Nontoxic Products. Nontoxic is the key image, sustainable and environmentally friendly products is the driving force. Less than 3 percent of all waste plastic worldwide gets recycled, compared with recycling rates of 30 percent for paper, 35 percent for metals and 18 percent for glass, according to a study by helmut kaiser consultancy 2006.  The world’s resources are depleting at an amazing speed. Fossil fuels are exhaustible and due to the increasing population, these will not be sustainable in the future. Plastics are produced from by products of the fossil fuel processing. Fossil fuels are limited and are non renewable, bioplastics on the other hand could be a solution for the future.

Bioplastics are plastics produced from biomass sources. Biomass sources are renewable and are more environmental friendly than the current sources for plastic production. Bioplastics and normal plastics have many thing in common, the only difference is that, bioplastics use renewable resources in their manufacturing and are mostly biodegradable and recyclable.

The advantages of bioplastics are the uses of plant sources as renewable materials and the products could be further recycled as ‚new’ biomass sources, for thermal, organic or chemical recycling. The production of bioplastics are more environmental friendly, as less CO2 are produced, thus not contributing much to the global warming.

The currently available bioplastics cover approximately 10-15% of the plastics market and is expected to grow between 8-10% annually. Europe is one of the most important markets, due to the limited amount of crude oil reserves. In recent years, bioplastics have been used in the food and packaging industry, medical, toys and textile industries. With new innovations expected in the near future, there would be more and more applications for bioplastics, such as the automobile industry and electronics industry, where plastics play a major role.
Car companies know that plastic parts made from plants will appeal to 'green' customers and customers who care. Toyota is one of the leading companies in research and usage.

Bioplastics production companies are relatively small plants and are still in the early stages of the development and surely, with new developments in the future, the production will be more and more effective and will open new applications, and new opportunities.

The new study discusses the market structure of bioplastics, its development worldwide by regions, applications and technologies. The markets that are covered include, bioplastic manufacturing, bioplastics processing, bioplasting distribution, recycling and renewable raw materials. It states the markets in 2007 and shows the worldwide developments to 2015 and 2025 in details.
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II. Table of Contents

Bioplastics market worldwide 2017-18-19-2020-2025

World market for renewable energy
World market for Biomass
Biomass market overview

Renewable Raw Materials
Forest industries
Food waste
Industrial waste and co products

Bioplastics products
Starch based Polymers
Polyactic acid (PLA)
Cellulose (-acetate)
Polyhydroxi alkanoates
Poly-3-hydroxybutyrate (PHB)
Polyamide 11 (PA 11)

Fast food catering
Automotive Industries
Sports goods

Special applications
Bioplastic for children's toys worldwide by countries and plastic types *)
Plastic bags and packaging worldwide

*). The total toys market worldwide is 60 bn Euro, plastics make up  about 5% of this market in 2007. There is a strong trend to bioplastics because of the poisonous and hazardous materials found within the last two years. Consumer asked for poison free materials, plastics and paintings, even if they have to pay more. This development is increasing worldwide. This section alone has 150 pages and can be purchased separately, if asked for.

consumption worldwide
consumption by regions
consumption by leading countries

Total production capacity worldwide
Plant production capacity
o<10000 tonnes (small)
o10000-50000 tonnes (medium)
o>50000 tonnes (large)
By leading countries

Market structures:
Cultivation of raw materials
bioplastics manufacturers / producers
bioplastic converters / processing
retail/distribution (food, non-food)
sales and marketing

Value chain
Market overview for bioplastics worldwide
Market for bioplastics by regions worldwide
Market for bioplastics by leading countries worldwide
Market for bioplastics by sectors worldwide
Market for bioplastics by technology worldwide
Market for bioplastics by application worldwide
Market for renewable raw materials worldwide

Thermal recovery
Organic recycling
Chemical recycling
Plastics productions

Handling and Storing
Drying biomass material
Storing biomass
Transporting biomass
Energy consumption for the production
Benefits and disadvantages

EN 13432
European Guidelines
Laws and Legislation (worldwide and countries)

Future developments
Projects and Plants

Competition and Companies
Market Situation
Leading Companies
Other companies in the bioplastic industry
Raw materials production
Bioplastics manufacturing
Bioplastics processing
Bioplastics retail and distribution

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III. Methods of Investigation
The study is based on the following methods: Desk and Field Research. Market potentials and prospects are gathered by the Delphi-Method. Here specialists in the market are questioned about their future expectations which are then narrowed through repeated coordination with the specialists.

IV. Qualification
Our company has been active in the field of water industry, environmental and energy technology for over than 20 years. We prepare exclusive international strategies, concepts and special studies for company groups, small and midsized businesses and Western European government agencies. Until today we have prepared more than 700 studies

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