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II. Goal of the Study and Conferences

The study provides a foundation to gain information about trends, opportunities and risks and to evaluate initial situation and further development as well as to identify and evaluate the growth and profit opportunities within the segments of technologies/markets, the industries and value chain. It will deal with the current state of biogas plant market and future developments .It is the new study in 2017 from Helmut Kaiser Consultancy since 1991 in the biogas business. There are also workshops and business conferences in New York, Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore. “How to participate in the booming biogas markets worldwide” is the title of the biogas market book 2017 and basis of the conferences.

III. Contents of the Study

Chapter 0. Management Summary

The management summary is an overview over the whole study with all relevant parts and chapters, over 150 pages and can be ordered separate.

Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1 Initial Position
1.2. Goals of the Study
1.3. Methodology
1.4. Qualification of the Author and Publisher 

Chapter 2. Clean & Renewable Energy Market Worldwide 2015-2030 in US $
Chapter 2. is only a part to determine the biogas markets in the whole markets of renewable energies
2.1 The Markets of Renewable Energy Development to 2030
  2.1.1 Overview of Renewable Energy Markets Worldwide
  2.1.2 The Structure of the Energy Markets 2030
  2.1.3 Energy Production 2015-2020-2030
  2.1.4 Market of Regenerative Energies Worldwide by Sectors in billion US $
    -  Wind Power
    -  Photovoltaics
    -  Solarthermal
    -  Geothermal
    -  Biomass/Biofuel
    -  Biogas
    -  Service and Maintenance
    -  Others
  2.1.5 Market of Regenerative Energies Worldwide 2015-2020-2030 by Regions, in US$ bn.
    -  West Europe
    -  East Europe
    -  North America/NAFTA
    -  Middle & South America
    -  Asia with China
    -  Others
  2.1.6 Employment Potential in Renewable Energy and Clean Energy Worldwide 2015 to 2030
    -  Hydropower
    -  Wind Power
    -  Photovoltaics
    -  Solarthermal
    -  Geothermal
    -  Biomass/Biofuels
    -  Biogas
    -  Service and Maintenance
    -  Others
2.2 Overview of Clean Energy
  2.2.1 Overview of Clean Energy Markets
  2.2.2 Development of the Environmental Technology
  2.2.3 Strategic Development
  2.2.4 Clean Energy Stock market Analysis and Prediction 2015 to 2020-2030
        listed Companies in a Portfolio in US $
  2.2.5 Structure of Clean Energy Markets
  2.2.6 A New Market: Multi-Utility
2.3 Clean Energy & Renewable Energy Market Drivers
2.4 Clean Energy and Renewable Energy Barriers
2.5 Market Overview by Regions
  2.5.1 Market Overview of Selected Regions: North America
  2.5.2 Market Overview of Selected Regions: West Europe
  2.5.3 Market Overview of Selected Regions: Germany
  2.5.4 Market Overview of Selected Regions: China and Asia
  2.5.5 Influencing Factors of the Development of Renewable Energy in Different Countries
2.6 Market of Renewable Energies by Countries
  2.6.1 Market of Regenerative Energies in West Europe 2015-2030 by Country
  2.6.2 Market of Regenerative Energies in East Europe 2015-2030 by Country
  2.6.3 Market of Regenerative Energies in Asia 2015-2030 by Country
  2.6.4 Market of Regenerative Energies in North America 2015-2030 by Country
  2.6.5 Market of Regenerative Energies in Middle and South America 2015- 2030 by Country
2.7 The Situation of Global Energy Markets and Development to 2030
2.8 Natural Gas Resources Worldwide
2.9 Technology Trends of Clean and Renewable Energy
  2.9.1 Key Technologies and Markets until 2030 in Energy Industries
  2.9.2 Stages of Technology Development in Renewable Energy Industry

Chapter 3. Market of Biogas Worldwide 2015-2020 by year and 2030 in US $ and GWh
Chapter 3. This is the main part of this study.
3.1 Summary
3.2 The Overview of Biogas Market 2015
3.3 Basic Technologies in Biogas
  3.3.1 Biogas Process Flow Chart
  3.3.2 Anaerobic Digestion Technology in Biogas
  3.3.3 Industries Using Anaerobic Digestion for Waste Water Pre-treatment
  3.3.4 Types of Anaerobic Digestion System Used for Industrial Waste Water Pre-treatment Plants
3.4 Benefits of Anerobic Digestion Technology
3.5 Biogas Utilization
3.6 Biogas Composition in Comparison with Natural Gas
3.7 Production of Biogas in Worldwide, in ktoe
3.8 The Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide by Regions, in US$ bn
  3.8.1 Europe with all 25 Countries, EU plus CH, N,
  3.8.2 Eastern Europe with Russia, and all countries
  3.8.3 USA/Canada/Mexico (USA is devided into 45 states and others)
  3.8.4 Asian with 32 Countries including China and Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia
  3.8.5 South America
  3.8.6 North Africa/Middle East Countries
  3.8.7 Africa
  3.8.8 Australia/New Zealand
  3.8.9 Special Leading Countries
    -  UK
    -  France
    -  Sweden
    -  Finland
    -  Norway
    -  Danmark
    -  Benelux
    -  Switzerland
    -  Austria
    -  Spain
    -  Germany
    -  USA        USA has a new development since some years and we show the incentive of over 30 Staates too
    -  Canada
    -  China
    -  India
    -  Japan
    -  Malaysia
    -  Indonesia
    -  Mexico
    -  Others ( we can detail them )
3.9 The Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020 by Year and 2030, by Applications, in %
    -  Municipal Wastewaters / Sludge
    -  Industrial Wastewaters / Sludge
    -  Animal Manure
    -  Agriculture
    -  Municipal  Wastes
    -  Industrial Wastes
    -  Energy Crops / Crop Residues / Biomass/ Nawaro
    -  Landfill Gas
    -  Others
3.10 The Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020 by Year 2030, by Capacity / Size, in GWh
    -  Up to 100KW
    -  250 KW
    -  400KW
    -  750KW
    -  1000KW
    -  5MW
    -  10MW
    -  20MW
    -  >20MW
3.11 The Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020-2030 By Leading Countries and Regions, In Quantity of New Plants in the Countries Expected
3.12 The Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020-2030, by New Investment and Operation, in US$ bn.
3.13 Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020-2030 by Plant/Capacity/Size, in US$ bn.
    -  Up to 100KW
    -  250 KW
    -  400KW
    -  750KW
    -  1000KW
    -  5MW
    -  10MW
    -  20MW
    -  >20MW
3.14 Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020-2030 by Countries and Regions, in US$ bn.
3.15 Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020-2030 by Countries and Regions in Quantity of New Plants
3.16 Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020-2030 by Countries and Regions in Quantity of Existing Plants in 2015 and  Expected 2020
3.17 Value Chain of Biogas Plants in Average by Regions 2015 and 2020
3.18 Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020-2030 by Parts of the Value Chain, in US$ bn.
3.19 Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020-2030 by New Investment and Operation, in US$ bn.
3.20 Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020-2030 by Applications, in US$ bn.
    -  Municipal Wastewaters / Sludge
    -  Industrial Wastewaters / Sludge
    -  Animal Manure
    -  Agriculture
    -  Municipal Solid Wastes
    -  Industrial Solid Wastes
    -  Energy Crops / Crop Residues / Biomass/Nawaro
    -  Landfill gas
    -  Others
3.21 The Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020 by Year and 2030, by
    - Electricity-only Plants
    - CHP Plants
    - Heat Plants only
    - Mixed
    - Combined CHP and Fertilizers
3.22 The Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020 by Year and 2030 for Waste Water Treatment Plants/Sewage Plants
      -Quantity/number of wastewater treatment plants worldwide selected by sizes
      - Sludge from wastewater treatment plants in tons
      -Waste water treatment plants with biogas 2015 and developments 2020
      - Growth and costs/investments
3.23 The Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020 by Year and 2030 Optimization
      - optimization of existing biogas plants to higher efficiency and profit by countries
      - smart biogas plants, automated and optimised to reach over 80 percent effiency
3.24 Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020 by Year and 2030 by Converting   in %
      - Gas Engine’s
      - Turbine’s
      - Fuel Cell ‘s
      - Others
3.25 Market of Biogas Plants Worldwide 2015-2020 by Year and 2030 by process automation
      - process sensing and control
      - instrumentation
      - automation
      - others
3.26 100 Best Practice Biogas Plants in Europe, USA, China, Japan, India
      - Name and Type of Plant, Country
      - Operation and Operator
      - Feedstock/Substrate
      - Quantity tons per year
      - Capacity of Cogeneration
      - Thermal Energy Use
      - Electricity Use
      - Others like Fertilizer, or Other Concepts
      - smart biogas plants with highest efficiency
3.27  Economics of Biogas in US$
      - Investment Costs by Regions and Selected Countries
      - Operations and Value Chain
      - Revenues by Regions and Developments to 2020
      - Costs, Promotions and Benefits

Chapter 4. Biogas Plants Worldwide by Legislation and Promotion/Costs
By regions and countries 2015 and 2020 expected
- Aims and goals in the countries
- Current Situations
- Policies in the countries
- Legal regulations
- Promotions and benefits
- Costs and subsid.
- Market driver and barriers
- USA with 29 Staates with the incentives

Countries and Regions covered in this study
Western Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Rest WE
Eastern Europe:   Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Rest OEU/MEU, Russia, Rest
Nafta: USA (USA is devided into 45 states and others), Canada, Mexico
South and Middle America: Brazil, Venezuela, Argentinia, Chile, Columbia
Japan. China, Korea, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand
Middle East: Israel, UEA, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Rest
Africa: South Africa, Algeria, Marocco, Tunisia, Libia , Rest
Rest world.

Chapter 5. The Market of Biomass Worldwide
Chapter 5. is only a part to determine the biogas markets in the whole markets of  biomass
5.1 Overview of Biomass
5.2 EU 25 Biomass Productions / Consumption
5.3 Biomass & Renewable Energy Europe
5.4 Thermo Chemical Processing
5.5 Hydrolysis Processing
5.6 The Challenges in Hydrolysis Engineering
5.7 Process Integration for Biomass Hydrolysis Commercialization
5.8 Market of Biomass Energy Worldwide by Sectors 2015-2030 in US$ bn
    -  Combustion
    -  Gasification
    -  Pyrolysis
    -  Anaerobic Digestion
    -  Hydrolysis
    -  Others
5.9 Market of Biomass Energy Market Worldwide 2015-2030 by Region
    -  West Europe
    -  East Europe
    -  North America
    -  Middle & South America
    -  Asia
    -  Others
5.10 Market Overview:  Biomass Energy
5.11 Biofuel
5.12 Applications of Biofuel
5.13 Application of Biofuel worldwide
5.14 Comparison of the development state of different energy sources to their relevant applications, in %
5.15 Bioenergy projects require consideration of environmental and social issues
5.16 Biomass feedstocks arising from residues and energy crops
5.17 Biomass feedstocks converted to bioenergy carriers
5.18 R&D Trends in Biomass Energy Industries
5.19 Foci of Biomass Energy R&D
5.20 Large Scale Biomass Power Facility
5.21 Small-Modular Gasification
5.22 Biomass Feedstocks Development

Chapter 6. Leading Companies in Biogas Worldwide
6.1 Leading Companies in Biogas Worldwide
6.2 Biogas Leading Companies in Germany
6.3 Leading Operator and expected Operator
6.4 Leading Companies for automating and optimising
6.5 Leading Companies on the way to make and/or operate “smart biogas plants”

Appendix II: Micro Turbine for Biogas Plants Key Suppliers Worldwide

IV. Time Schedule
The study is completed and can be delivered immediately.

V. Methods of Investigation
The study is based on the following methods: Desk and Field Research. Market potentials and prospects are gathered by the Delphi-Method. Here specialists in the market are questioned about their future expectations which are then narrowed through repeated coordination with the specialists. Helmut Kaiser Consultancy has experience in the biogas markets since 1991,
with studies, consulting, strategies for companies to enter markets or technologies, communities and ministries worldwide.

VI. Qualification
Our company has been active in the field of water industry, environmental and energy technology for over than 30 years. We prepare exclusive international strategies, concepts and special studies for company groups, small- and middle-sized businesses and western european government agencies. Until today we have prepared more than 5000 studies
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VII. Price and How to Order

The price of the Total study is 4900 Euro.  (VAT if needed.)
Region: 3900 Euro
Summary 3.900 Euro (150 pages)
Workshop to develop new technologies and concepts by inquiry
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The total study has more than 400 pages

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I. Initial Position

The world markets for biogas is booming, gets more professional,Trends in 2017: France and USA now booming,,Optimization,Uppgrating,Energy storage and small systems. 80 percent plant efficiency. today most plants are under 38 percent. “Smart biogas plants” will be  “best practice” soon. For this the process control, sensing, instrumentation and automation is a importend part with high growth and innovations.
A smart biogas plant today is a plant without CO2
emissions, with solar power, wind power, with various input materials, separat CO2 and methane,
get two gases in high purity and a energy storage at the plant. The cost's by sizes in the study also the explanation of the technology and processes, the very few companies who can do that worldwide.

From several companies in 1991 there are now over 6000 companies, plant builders and operators worldwide and still growing. But only some companies hold the knowledge for “smart biogas plants” today. The leading countries in Europe are loosing their position in this fast growing market to Asian soon. Other regions develop slow compared to China for example, where the market increases with over 12 percent per year. Also Germany slows down in there development. Some plant builder is on the way to be a world player, new operators enter the markets and the optimization of today’s and older plants is a fast growing business too.
Energy Battery Storage for Biogas Plants is on the way to boom in several countries. For this we have a extra study.. 100 of the best biogas plants worldwide is a study you can get separat too.
20 years is a short time in this business so one should plan and have a strategy to 2030.
This study provides data by year and technology developments to 2030 worldwide. Energy production from biogas worldwide increased last years and will grow faster the next years in Asian, USA and Brazil to name some. Especially plants for the fermentation of household waste, agricultural, industrial and waste water/sludge will demand more plants.

Most countries have or develop regulatory framework for biogas. The market worldwide will reach over 50 billion US $ by 2030 for plant builder, operator and supplier. Further more there is development for the cities and rural areas to have a new source of income, new jobs, new industries and profit. In the future local energy distribution concepts, for electricity, heat, cooling; and fuel biogas will play an important and efficient role.

Biogas can be produced from a wide variety of available organic materials and wastes, including sewage sludge, animal manure, municipal/industrial organic waste, parts from ethanol production, crop residues, and specially grown energy crops and more.
This study is the only research worldwide for biogas plants in 50 countries with the potentials and developments to 2030, with the markets, technologies and competition worldwide. (Second Edition)

There are business conferences and presentations about this study in New York, London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore and Tokyo.
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