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State of Science Worldwide 2003
The Kaiser
Summary Regarding China's Growth Markets.
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New May 2017
Ballast Water Treatment Technologies Development. to 2025 Report 2017
A Study made by personal interviews with the leading over 20 ship owner.

Over 130 Approval of Ballast Water Management Systems and companies by 2017.and will ne more the next years
Today 35% of the world’s represented tonnage,over 70.000 ships, Convention come into force September 8, 2017.
The Potentials expected up to 30 bn US$ . Strong Competition for new build and retro fit solutions
over 3500 WBS are build over XXX value.

The study with personal Interviews
Technology Survey with shipowners
Ballast Water Treatment Systems Markets by Ship Owner is a future market but what will be the Compliance and
governance and in what time will be the investments made. which preferences for what company and nationality.
Potentials and Technology Preferences and expectations for the supplier. Report made by personal Interviews.2017
We have been in water and environmental business since 1980. After the euphoria always came the disillusionment
about the speed of realization, And often exceptions and delays. Therefore we offer this study with Inerviews and
assessments. Qualitative and in part two Quantitative for the investments after years and $.

Following companies on Interviews in the Report.
- A.P. MollerMaersk A/S
- Algoma Central Corporation
- American President Line
- BG Group Bibby Subsea
- Carnival Cruise Line
- China Shipping Container Lines
- Crowley
- CSL International Ltd
- COSCO Container Lines
- Disney Cruise Lines
- Evergreen Line
- Genco Shipping and Trading Limited
- Groupe Desgagnes
- Harvey Gulf International
- Hapag Lioyd
- Hanjin Shipping Company
- Mediterranean Shipping Company
- Marine Keystone Shipping Company
- Mitsui O.S.K. Lines
- North Star Maritime, Inc
- OSG Ship Management Inc
- Princess Cruises
- Wilhelmsen Holding ASA
- Fednav
- Eagle Shipping International (USA) LLC
- Tropical Shipping
- Stevens Towing Company
Seacor Ocean Transport
- Royal Caribbean International

Market for new and retro fit ships and after sales service.
Competitive Technology and Company Analysis of Investments. What kind of  budge tis
anticipate for the fiscal year? What are their key priorities as they consider their immediate
and long-term investments?  what preferences should you focus your own activities and spend to
support product R&D and marketing to whom.
Technologies overview and approved as basis for interviews.
1. Cyclonic separation (hydrocyclone)
2. Filtration
Chemical treament and biocides
1. Clorination
2. Chlorine dioxide
3. Advanced oxidation
4. Residual control (sulphite/bisulphate)
5. Peraclean Ocean
Physical disinfection
1. Coagulation/flocculation
2. Ultrasound
3. Ultraviolet
4. Heat
5. Cavitation
6. Deoxygenation
7. Electro-chlorination/electrolysis
8. Electro-catalysis
9. Ozonation
Combination and Innovation
1. 4. systems and innovations
1.5   Systems and Combinations

Participation and costs
1, you can just buy the finished Report with over 300 pages for 4,900.- Euro,
payment 70 % ordering and 30% after supply
2. you can bring own questions until middle of april 2017.Each question cost 500,- Euro to add extra
3. We can supply more after request

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