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Automation, Measurement and Control Systems in Water and Wastewater Treatment Worldwide
2008 - 2015 – 2020

• State 2008 and Developments up to 2020
• Markets, Technologies, Applications, Systems, Companies and Countries
• Water Markets and High Increasing E-technique, Automation and Information

With Focus on 57 Countries in Detail and Driving Technologies.

I. Initial Position

Automation technologies drive water and waste water markets to more efficiency and secured quality. High growth rates to 2015.
A new study shows a growth from 40 billion Euro in 2006 to over 100 billion in 2015 worldwide.

The world market for automation and control solutions in the water and wastewater markets shows high growth in the last years and it is expected to grow faster in the coming years, according to a recent report from Helmut Kaiser Consultancy. The world market in 2006 had a value of 40 billion Euro in the whole value chain, while in 2015 the market is expected to reach over 100 billion Euro. Europe represents the largest markets, closely followed by NAFTA. Yet the highest growth rates lie in Asian countries, mainly in China. Although drinking water accounts for nearly 45 percent of the total market,  "total concepts" in water plants increase even faster.

The market is driven by some global players and thousands of smaller and middle sized companies. Key to profitability is to provide total solutions, not only single products.
Innovations in convergence and more companies will increase the competition and consequently the pressure on profitability in the future. The implementation of automation and control systems is the key for efficiency, cost reduction, secured quality and optimization.
Legislation is also driving the growth in the future, for end users are forced to upgrade their existing automation systems to comply with more stringent norms worldwide. A key challenge for manufacturers and providers is to offer systems that converge with existing plant infrastructure and can be integrated easily.

This report includes the whole value chain in water and wastewater, as well as instrumentation, for 57 countries in detail. A similar development can be observed in the areas of incineration and power plants, building automation, air cleaning and others.

II. Goals of the Study

The study provides information about trends, opportunities and risks, and evaluates initial situation and further development as well, identifies and evaluates the growth and profit opportunities within the segments of technologies/markets and value chain. 

It deals with automation, measurement and control systems in water and wastewater treatment worldwide based on data in 2008 and its developments up to 2020.  It contains in-depth analysis on
-systems and products
-companies ,
-57 countries

The study is arranged by sectors and can be obtained either completely, or each sector separately. The markets are presented by countries and regions, as well as by market segments.

The study provides an analysis and profiles, as well as presentation of the leading companies ( more than 500 ) that are quoted on the stock exchange and their factors of success and technology portfolio. This part of the study can be obtained extra .

III. Contents of the Study

0. Explanations and Analyses on
-industry structure
-Value Chain
-Key applications
-Demand and supply equilibrium and structure
-Customer requirements and expectations
-Operating profit margin of each part of the value chain
-Major competition
-Key success factors
-Chances and risks

1. Summary: automation, measurement and control systems (AMC) in water and wastewater treatment worldwide
  (The summary contains about 120 pages)
  * AMC: The abbreviation for automation, measurement and control systems

the markets in US dollar from 2008 to 2015 year by year, and then 2020
Value Chain for water plants
Value Chain for AMC
AMC in Water Worldwide
AMC in Water Western Europe
AMC in Water Eastern Europe/CIS
AMC in Water NAFTA
AMC in Water Asia
AMC in Water South America
AMC in Water Middle East
AMC in Water Africa
AMC in Water Industry Markets Total
AMC in Water Industry Markets Community
AMC in Water Industry Markets Private
AMC in Water Industry Markets Industry
AMC in Networks Total
AMC in Networks Community
AMC in Networks Private
AMC in Networks Industry
AMC in Drinking Water Total
AMC in Drinking Water Community
AMC in Drinking Water Private
AMC in Drinking Water Industry
AMC in Sewage Plants Total
AMC in Sewage Plants Community
AMC in Sewage Plants Private
AMC in Sewage Plants Industry
AMC in Membrane Technology Total
AMC in Membrane Technology Community
AMC in Membrane Technology Private
AMC in Membrane Technology Industry

2.  AMC by sectors & applications ( worldwide as total, and also separately for 57 countries) 
the markets in US dollar from 2008 to 2015 year by year, and then 2020
AMC in Worldwide Total
Plant investments
AMC in New Plants
Plant investments
Basic/detailed Engineering
AMC in Plants Modernization
Plant investments
Basic/detailed Engineering
AMC in Operation
Operation Total
Operation  External
Services & Maintenance Total
Services & Maintenance External
Down Closing
AMC in New Services
Decentral Systems

3. Products and Systems ( worldwide as total, and also separately for 57 countries) 
the markets in US dollar from 2008 to 2015 year by year, and then 2020
Each segment is subdivided according to sectors and applications.
AMC in Company and Production Managment
AMC in Operation
AMC in Management and Control
AMC in Sensoric
AMC in Actoric
AMC in Drive/Actuator
AMC in Power Distribution
AMC in Cable Systems
AMC in Security/ Emergency
AMC in Communication
AMC in Electrical Installation
AMC in Laboratory Equipment
SCADA Systems
DCS Systems
HMI Systems
PLC Systems
MES Systems
IAM Systems

4. Countries and Regions

57 Countries, grouped by regions. Markets are presented in groups in US dollar, totally more than 1000 pages.

Market volumes and developments are presented for the following markets, segments and countries up to year 2020:

- Plant Investment Total
- Plant Investment New Construction
- Plant Investment Modernization
- Plant Operation
- New Services and Technologies

*)Regions and Countries

Western Europe
Germany                France                    Italy                        Great Britain            Ireland                    Spain                   
Portugal                 Netherlands             Norway                   Sweden                   Finland                   Denmark   
Austria                   Switzerland             Turkey                    Rest WE                                         

Eastern Europe / CIS     
Czech Republic      Poland                    Hungary                  Rest OEU / MEU     Russia                    Turk-Countries         Rest CIS                                               

USA                      Canada                   Mexico

South and Middle America
Venezuela              Argentina                Brazil                      Columbia                Chile                       Rest SE America

Japan                    China                      Korea                      Rest NE Asia          India                       Pakistan
Singapore              Vietnam                  Thailand                   Rest South Asia      Australia                 New Zealand

South Africa           Morocco                  Algeria                    Tunisia                   Lybia                       Rest Africa

Middle East
Saudi Arabia          Israel                       UAE                       Iran                         Iraq                        Egypt
Rest Middle East

5. Company information

Leading Companies in Global Water Market
Leading Companies in AMC Technology Market Worldwide
Leading Companies in Scada, DCS, HMI, PLC, MES, IAM
Company Profiles: Leading Companies in Technology Market
Leading Companies in AMC on Stock Market
Potential Companies of Interest
Company Profiles: Potential Companies of Interest
Companies in Automation / Service regional leaders

IV. Time Schedule

The study is completed and can be delivered immediately.

V. Methods of Investigation

The study is based on the following methods: Desk and Field Research. Market potentials and prospects are gathered by the Delphi-Method. Here specialists in the market are questioned about their future expectations which are then narrowed through repeated coordination with the specialists.

VI. Qualification

Our company has been active in the field of water industry, environmental and energy technology for over than 20 years. We prepare exclusive international stragies, concepts and special studies for company groups, small- and middle-sized businesses and Western European government agencies. Until today we have prepared more than 700 studies
For an overview please see

or “about us”

VII.  Price and How to Order

The price of the Total study is 4,900 Euro.  (VAT  if needed.)
The price for the summary is 2,900 Euro.
The price for one regions and countries is 1,900 Euro.

We also work out exclusive research or strategies for specific companies and specific requirements,
Since 1980 we have been making strategies for today’s leading companies.
Please send your inquiry.

You can order by email to 

You can also send the order by post.  The ordering address is

8004 Zurich  Switzerland

After we have your order and invoice addresses, we send you an invoice with payment transfer data with our bank account.

After we receive the payment, we send the study by email attachment or CD-rom .

The study contains more than 1000 pages in PPT.

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