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State of Science Worldwide 2003
The Kaiser
Summary Regarding China's Growth Markets.
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                                                                 Study and Road Map:

Hydrogen Energy and  Systems 2015 Worldwide
Chances and Risks
Hydrogen Energy and -Systems, Fuel Cells, Powersystems and the converging
technologies micro, nanotechnologies, molecular and info 2008,2010,2015,2025  
State of Science, technologies 2008 and expectations up to 2015 and prospects up to 2025. Markets and Market development 2006-2010-2015 and Prospects, Companies, Competition, Branches, Applications, Regions, Countries, Worldwide Opportunities and Risks and Strategies.
1.Initial Position

The hydrogen energy industry is developing worldwide. The hydrogen economy is developing through higher
efficiencies of technologies and converging technologies like micro-, nano-, molecular technologies. Fuel Cell
Systems will lead to a fast increase of the  hydrogen markets worldwide. The costs of production, storage,
distribution and usage will dicrease. On the other side global warming, air quality and local emissions but also
political reason will be powerful drivers for the increase. The energy markets worldwide are the biggest markets
with ongoing demand. But the markets will change dramaticly within the next 20 years because of molecular
technologies and the change of energy technologies, storage, distribution and usage.
Hydrogen is today produced worldwide with about 700 to 900 billion cubic metres per year mainly for chemical
and petrochemical industry. The primary drivers for the countries to move and move faster now are: energy security,
economic prosperity, converging technologies and environmental problems. The R & D spending arround the
world are 12 billion US $ last year with a growth of 15 percent for the next 10 years. The markets are growing
with more than 18  percent p.y.  from a low level in 2003. Zero emission impact and non-toxic are properties too.
Structure and infrastructure of the energy industry change the global business to new companies, utilities,
usage and profitable future segments. Energy and Water converge. Today worldwide more than 4000 companies
and research institutes are direct and indirect on the road to this hydrogen business. We expect more than
20 000 companies by the year 2010.This study shows the markets, the competition, the technologies and
the developments to 2015 and a vision to 2025.

2. Experiences of helmut kaiser consultancy/

Since 1980 we develop technology studies and strategies worldwide. Energy is a key-market and energy related
technologies are converging fast since several years with a dramatic impact on all industries and societies.This
Century will reach the time to shape molecules and atoms and build another world. The key technologies and
developments are on our homepage.

3. Structure of the study

The total study is divided into following segments:

                - State of Science 2008 and deveolpments 2010,2015,2025 worldwide
                - Projects and applications 2008 and to expect the next years worldwide
                - Technologies and converging technologies 2008 up to 2015 and 2025
                - markets, companies, regions, countries and developments 2008 up to 2015

4. Aims and benefit of the study

This study will show the markets, science and developments worldwide. The study helps to build a sustainable,
zero emission, profitable business for the global activities in hydrogen and fuel cells in order to extract
value, develop leadership, change existing business or participate on this new and exciting business in the future.
The study is the basic for a strategic planning, commercialization and decision making. Implementation and
strategies are the main part of our business, if you like more.

5. Contents of the study/studies

5.1 Management - Summary
5.2 State of Science, technologies, converging technologies, research expenditures and investments
5.3 Relevant laws, regulations, standards, barriers and chances and risks
5.4 Cost function and cost analysis for all relevant technologies, systems and medias like water, biomass, ASO.
5.5 Projects and applications worldwide in all market sectors and applications
5.6. Market sectors and applications:
                              transportation systems ,cars, buses , aerospace, marine, others
                              power plants, fixed power plant,  stationary , mobile, portable, others
                              space , military and security
                              experimental fields
5.7 Hydrogen-production
                               water, fossil fuels,coal, renewables, biomass,
                               chemical, electrolysis, biological
5.8 Hydrogen-storage
                               pressure storage, liquid storage, transportation,  distribution., others
5.9 Hydrogen safety
5.10 Information, measurement and control technologies
5.11 Fuel Cell  technologies and markets, applications and developments 200 pages extra in this study
5.12 Construction, components, service
5.13 Countries and regions
                              USA,Europe ( all countries) ASIA: china, Japan, Singapure, S.Korea, others
5.14 Competition/Benchmarking
                               Companies and leading Companies
                                new companies from other markets like water companies for example
                               stockmarket listed companies
                               countries..and regions
5.15 Nanotechnology and the impact for hydrogen technologies and markets/ extra 60 pages nanotechnology
5.16 Watermarkets and companies worldwide and the impact for the hydrogen markets
5.17 Chances and risks and the value chain for the future hydrogen markets

6.Criteria for the analysis and evaluations

                                turnover, volume, potentials, growth
                                country, company, R&D institute, R&D spending
                                developments per year to 2006 and up 2010,2015,2025
                                company and project listing

7. Time schedule and costs

                                summary available June 2008 /95 pages            price  Euro      1900.-
                                 total study July 2008/300 pages                       price  Euro      4900.-
                                 projects and application lists, worldwide            price  Euro      4900.-
                                 company directory with 3000 comp/instit.          prce  Euro      1200.-
                                 company portfolio for stockmarket                    after request
                                 implementation and strategies                          after request
                                 nanotechnology markets  and impact                price Euro      2.500.-
                                 watermarkets and comp. and impact                 price Euro      6.500.-              

This study is available for purchase. The newest version is 2008. Please contact us for further details. or

8. Exclusive Questions and Tasks Raised by You!
If you would like to bring your own questions and tasks into the study, please write us. We will make an offer.
If you need or wish a special study, please make an inquiry.

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