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Study 2015

UAV's - Drones 2030
UAV's - Drones, civil and military applications world markets 2014 to 2030

Technologies, Applications, Research, Markets, Developments, Companies, Countries, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Civil and Military Applications
 Worldwide to 2030

I. Initial Situation

This is a new and fast developing business over 70 billion US $ by 2020 
worldwide in the whole value chain and not too many competitions today, 
from evironmental protection, fire protection to weapons. 

The Markets for drones increase fast with high growth rates in civil and 
military applications worldwide. Drones are relatively cheap civil instruments 
and military weapons and highly effective tools in both areas. 

​In 2015 over 20 countries develop and produce drones. Some in joint
venture like Germany, France, China. Some just buy drones from others,
like UK is the biggest importer in the world,
but will produce in the future. Military application lead but applications for
security, fire fighter, fire protection, pipeline control and inspection are on
th markets. 

The total markets in 2010 are 7.2 billion US $ with 85% in military 
applications and 15% in civil. The total markets by 2020 will be 18.0 billion 
with 35% in civil applications. Including engineering, service and operation 
the markets are 4 times higher. USA will hold 39% on the total markets, 
Europe 28% and Asian mainly China 20%, others the rest. The increase will be over 10 percent through 2020. This is a new market and industry. From small companies and start ups soon multinationals will enter the markets specially in civil applications. The markets are highly profitable, there is a pre-business and a after sales business. The after sales business is extremly profitable. The wide range of civil applications will lead to a large number of companies and competitions in the future and a limited number of research and development companies. China and India will play a leading consumer role, USA and Isreal in military and Germany in research and developments. All bigger electric/electronic companies, aircraft, security and mixed companies will be in this markets.

The main application are military, inspections, assessments and surveying, monitoring, search and surveillance, research activities such as aerial imaging, geological surveys, mapping and exploration, wildlife monitoring and spectroscopic measurements. Today there is no clear role and law and regulation in the most countries for the civil applications and they increase without control. New materials, new technologies and nano technologies make this market grow. Helmut Kaiser Consultancy is the only consultancy worldwide in this business since 1980 and more ...please see  

II. Goal of the Study and Benefits

Aim of the study is the analysis of the global markets and developments, research and development, the companies, organizations, branches and products. The years 2010 and 2011 are the basis, as well as the futher development to 2020 by year and prospects for 2030.

The study shows turnover, volume, potentials, product fields and products, applications, competitions, companies, countries, regions worldwide, profit potentials, value chains, reseach expenditures, investments, factors of success, stratagies and opportunities and risks. Including an evaluation of companies and prognosis for the markets in the US, Japan, Russia, China, India , Germany and 40 more Countries worldwide. 

The strategies of countries are evaluated with expenditures, markets and potential of employment and their opportunities and risks for the next years and decades. 

The study is suitable to check the state of research and development, drive innovations, check and compare the state of competitors and adjust and define the own strategies. This applies to companies, institutes, organizations, investors and countries or states, respectively.

III. Contents of the Study 

1. Management - Summary

2. State of technologies, R&D, research expenditures and investments
   by countries, Organisations, Companies, Authorities

3. Relevant laws, regulations, standards their barriers in countries and states

4. Fields of technologies

5. Branches and fields/Applications 

5.1 Civil Applications

         Inspection, Maintenance, monitoring and supervision of buildings, installations, infrastructure and properties.
Assessment and Surveying
         Traffic monitoring, enviromental and agricultural assessment and monitoring, surveying and mapping.
         Monitoring and coordination of operations carried out by police, firefighters, homeland security and relief organisations.
Search and Surveillance
         Search and rescue, customs and border patrol, radar contact identification, 
         Transport and new applications through civil aviation, airlines and logistic companies

5.2 Military Applications 
        Research, Scientific Research
        Monitoring, Border Control and Patrol
        Radar Contact Identification
        Defense systems
        Armed Attack Systems
        Search and Rescue 

5.3 Other Applications 
        Home security monitoring

6. Components and products and services in the branches/fields/applications

6.1.In this chapter, turnover and development of 

- today's products 2014
- products expected up to 2020
- products expected up to 2030

6.2. Value Chain
In this chapter, turnover and developments by 
unmanned aircraft (UA)
control systems (GCS)
control link, a specialized datalink
other related support equipment.

7. Countries and regions. 

- Also CN/Singapore/Korea/Australia/Switzerland/
- 40 more countries worldwide
- Worldwide representation and comparisons/Benchmarking

8. Competition/Benchmarking

Analysis of competition for
Countries/Branches/Technologies/Research/Companies/Applications/Investments etc., 
400 worldwide Companies and organizations and profiles. Projects and Products.

9. Market fields and criteria

- Turnover, volume, potentials, market growth, attractive market sectors,
market participation/opportunities, profit potentials
- Country preferences and Substitutions
- Innovations and innovation potentials
- Life cycle and portfolios
- Structure of competitors/Competition and increase of intensity
- Demand on research/Companies/Branches/States 
- Environmental protection/Occupational safety/Health protection
- Key factors and synergy/Convergences according to technologies/markets/application.

10. Leading Companies/States

- 400 Companies and organizations, 90 of them in detail
- 120 leading and fast growing companies
- Extension (by request)

11. Chances and risks

This part includes a summary of chances and risks, seen in relation to all fields and sections.

12. Projects Worldwide

Detail List of 500 Projects worldwide with extra costs of 6,500.- Euro
This is not includet in the study and the study costs.

IV. Methods of Investigation

The study is based on the following methods: Desk and Field Research. Market potentials and prospects are gathered by the Delphi-Method. Here specialists in the market are questioned about their future expectations which are then narrowed through repeated coordination with the specialists.

V. Qualification

Our company has been active in the field of new technologies , environmental and energy technology since 1980. We prepare exclusive international stragies, concepts and special studies for company groups, small and midsized businesses and government agencies. Until today we have prepared more than 7000 studies

VI. Cost of theStudy 

Cost of the study:
You can order a                                  Management Summary with 150Pages    for 3,900 .- Euro
                                                           Technology or country                             for 3,900.-  Euro
                                                           Total study with 390 pages                      for 4,900.-  Euro

                                                            Detail List of 500 Projects worldwide      for 6,500.- Euro
                                                            Exclusive research after inquiry 

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