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New Market Study 2013
3D Printers, Materials and Scanning Technology  
                     Markets Worldwide to 2030  
     Technologies, Applications, Research, Markets, Developments, Companies, Countries, industrial and Consumer Applications and Impacts
Worldwide to 2030

I. Initial Situation

This study analyse the industry, the developments and impacts.
This is now a  fast developing business over 31 billion US $ by
2030 worldwide in the whole value chain 3D printer, materials,
scanning, operation and services, industrial and consumer,
producer and operator, from 3.9 bn US $ 2012/Value Chain and
2.1 bn US $.

From small companies and start ups soon multinationals will
enter the markets. The markets are highly profitable; there is a
pre-business and an after sales business. The after sales
business is extremely profitable. The wide range of applications
will lead to a large number of companies and competitions in the
future and a limited number of research and development
companies. The growth in patents was 70 percent the last years.
3 D printers producing prototypes, small productions and highly
customized products today and develop to a broad application market with quantities over the range today. More than 20 percent of the machines being used for finished products rather than Prototypes. That will rise to 80 percent by 2030.
In the year 2030 every company and household will have a 3D printer system or work with a center. Key and driver is the
feedstock offered and can be used. Today mainly various plastic materials used, also bio plastics, but ceramic, sterling silver,
stainless steel, alumide, titanium, gypsum and more.

In some industries for example the system  have delivered up to 20 % stronger parts  with the same mass, lighter parts (up to 65%) with the same strength, quicker design to finished component (days or weeks, not months)
- 26 times more efficient extraction of raw materials
- Only 5% SWARF, 95% of raw material is used in final part and the remaining 5% is fed back into the process
- Laser and electron beam melting technology enables the fusion of raw materials into the final part (no assembly of parts, from   CAD to finished part in one step, can manufacture parts with moving segments, instead of making independent parts and
  putting them together).
- Process can take up to a 1/4 of the time of traditional manufacturing methods
- Weight reduction and optimized design delivers greatly improved life cycle costs
- Manufacturing process uses up to 93% less energy than traditional manufacturing methods (EADS)
  In consumer business for shoes, toys and other consumer products a cost reduction of 20 to 50 percent is expected.
  Some countries see priorities to develop this new industry like the US, Japan, Russia, China, South Korea, UK, France,
  Germany, Israel and other European countries. The Governments of USA, China and Russia anounced to promote research
  and development.

II. Goal of the Study and Benefits

Aim of the study is the analysis of the global markets and developments, research and development, the companies, organizations, branches and products. The years 2012 and 2013 are the basis, as well as the further development to 2020 by year and prospects for2025 and 2030.

The study shows turnover, volume, potentials, product fields and products, applications, competitions, companies, countries, regions worldwide, profit potentials, value chains, research expenditures, investments, factors of success, strategies and opportunities and risks. It includes an evaluation of companies and prognosis for the markets in the US, Japan, Russia, China, India, Germany and 40 more countries worldwide.

The strategies of countries are evaluated with expenditures, markets and potential of employment and their opportunities and risks for the next years and decades.

The study is suitable to check the state of markets and market developments, research and development, drive innovations, check and compare the state of competitors and adjust and define the own strategies. This applies to companies, institutes, organizations, investors and countries or states, respectively.

III. Contents of the Study

1. Management - Summary

2. State of technologies, R&D, research expenditures and investments
   by countries, Organisations, Companies, Authorities, patents developments

3. Relevant laws, regulations, standards their barriers in countries and states

4. Technologies
   State 2013 markets in $, quantity, world, region, Country, development to 2020 by year and 2025, 2030
- Fused deposition modeling (FDM)
- Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication (EBF)
- Direct metal laser sintering
- Electron beam melting
- Selective heat sintering
- Selective laser sintering
- Powder bed and inkjet head 3d printing,
- Laminated object manufacturing
- Stereolithography
- Digital Light Processing
- Others

5. Materials
State 2013 markets in $ and tons world, region, Country, development to 2020 by year and 2025, 2030

- Thermoplastics (e.g. PLA, ABS), HDPE, eutectic metals, edible materials
- Bio plastics
- Metal alloy
- Titanium alloys
- Ceramic
- Plaster
- Paper
- Others

6. Branches and fields/Applications
State 2013 markets in $ and quantity.  world, region, Country, development to 2020 by year and 2025, 2030
- Automotive industry and spare parts industry
- Aerospace and spareparts
- Military
- Toolmaking industry
- Medical industry
- Biomedicals
- Dentists
- Business machines
- Consumer markets
- Research institutes

6.1. the Impact on the above mentioned Branches and Application
- in percentage
-in US Dollar
- in quantity or ton
- by countries and technologies

7. Value Chain
State 2013 markets in $ world, region, Country, development to 2020 by year and 2025, 2030
- 3D printer
- Materials
- Scanning technologies
- Operation
- Services

8. Companies and dealers and service
State 2013 markets in $, quantity,  world, region, Country, development to 2020 by year and 2025, 2030
- Industrial 3D
- Personal 3D
- Design software
- Resellers
- Printing shops, small business, service, Fablabs
This section can be ordered as a directory with adresses, homepage aso, with over 600 adresses
for 650.- Euro.

9. Countries and regions.
State 2013 markets in $ world, development to 2020 by year and 2025, 2030
- Main focus is on USA, Japan, China, UK, France, Russia, and Germany
- Also CN/Singapore/Korea/Australia/Switzerland/
- 40 more countries worldwide and total world
- Worldwide representation and comparisons/Benchmarking

10. Competition/Benchmarking, leading Companies

Analysis of competition for
Countries/Branches/Technologies/Research/Companies/Applications/Investments etc.
400 worldwide companies and organizations and profiles, projects and products.

11. Chances and risks

This part includes a summary of chances and risks, seen in relation to all fields and sections.

IV. Methods of Investigation

The study is based on the following methods: Desk and Field Research. Market potentials and prospects are gathered by the Delphi-Method. Here specialists in the market are questioned about their future expectations which are then narrowed through repeated coordination with the specialists.

V. Qualification

Our company has been active in the field of new technologies, environmental and energy technology since 1980. We prepare exclusive international strategies, concepts and special studies for company groups, small and midsized businesses and government agencies. Until today we have prepared more than 7000 studies

VI. Cost of the Study

Cost of the study:
You can order a Management Summary with 150Pages for 2,900. - Euro
Technology or country for 3,900. - Euro
Total study with 390 pages for 4,900.- Euro
a guide with over 680 companies worldwide 650.- Euro
The Impact of 3 D Printing markets over the value chain 150 pages 950.- Euro

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